Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2006: Trading the God Artifact Armor
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2006: Trading the God Artifact Armor

The appearance of the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind had completely upset the natural procession of the convention. All the cultivators who still discussed their personal insights on cultivation in the first area stopped at that moment. They bid farewell to each other politely before immediately gathering in the direction of the old woman. Many of their eyes burned with desire, while some other people had their doubts.

Even the Godkings at the convention were drawn over by the comprehensions the Primordial realm expert left behind.

“Excuse me. Do you really have the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword from a Primordial realm expert?”

“Chi Ruo, you don’t comprehend the Laws of the Sword. Why’re you interested as well?”

“The comprehension of laws from a Primordial realm expert is just too valuable. Since I’ve come across it, I obviously can’t miss it. Even if it doesn’t help me, I can still use it to trade for what I want.”

“Ma’am, do you really have the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword from a Primordial realm expert? You’re not using some comprehensions Godkings left behind to mess with us, right?”

“Surely the comprehensions are real, right?”

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings of the old woman had already become crowded. Many people wished to see it personally while some people even directly doubted the old woman.

Jian Chen stood in the crowd and witnessed what was happening before him. He could not help but furrow his brows. With so many people expressing interest in the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword from a Primordial realm expert, it would not be easy for him to obtain it. He might miss out on it altogether.

The old woman’s face did not change as she listened to the various doubts of the people around her. She sat on the ground and took things easy. She picked up the stone tablet, and she said with an old and feeble voice, “This is what I was talking about. A Primordial realm expert who comprehended the Laws of the Sword left behind this slash. It contained slivers of his comprehension.”

Everyone stared at the stone tablet. It was not large, only a foot wide and two feet tall. Indeed, there was a slash on it.

Everyone could not help but send the senses of their souls in there. In just a short while, their faces changed suddenly.

“What a powerful sword intent. That’s right, it is indeed from a Primordial realm expert. It can’t be wrong.”

‘Senior, what do you want for the stone tablet?”

Everyone cried out. No wonder doubted whether the stone tablet was the real thing or not anymore.

At this moment, the old woman slowly took out over a hundred jade slips from her Space Ring. She placed them all on the ground, and she said, “I am willing to trade this for anything I need. It can be supreme grade divine crystals, heavenly resources, or healing pills. Of course, it would be best if they are God Tier healing pills. If you don’t wish to reveal your treasures before all these people, you can take a jade slip and detail what you can trade on there.”

“This king is willing to use supreme grade divine crystals to trade for the Primordial realm comprehensions. May I ask how many supreme grade divine crystals you are looking for?” A Godking asked as desire burned in his eyes.

Jian Chen’s expression changed when he heard that. Although he had spent quite a few supreme grade divine crystals on Soul Recovery Pills, he still had over thirty blocks on him. If it were possible, he would naturally hope he could use supreme grade divine crystals to trade for the comprehension.

The ears of many other people present pricked up as well aside from Jian Chen. Clearly, they were all like Jian Chen, hoping to trade for it using supreme grade divine crystals.

The old woman glanced past the Godkings calmly and said, “No less than a hundred blocks of supreme grade divine crystal. Of course, the more the better. We can decide through bidding.”

“What? A hundred blocks of supreme grade divine crystals? Are you pulling my leg?” The Godking’s eyes widened, and he could not help but cry out. Even a few Godkings would not be able to pay such a great price even after they had taken out everything they possessed.

Jian Chen also gasped. The supreme grade divine crystals he had obtained from Yaxi Lian were far greater than the wealth of many Godkings, but there was not even a hundred blocks of supreme grade divine crystal.

“I have a supreme grade defensive treasure and a supreme grade offensive treasure. Are you willing to trade?” Another Godking said.

“I’ll trade if they’re god artifacts,” said the old woman.

The Godking’s eyes widened, and he left with a sneer. The old woman’s appetite was extraordinary. A Primordial realm expert’s comprehensions were very precious, but it was nowhere close to a god artifact.

“I have a God Tier heavenly resource here.”

“I have a bottle of ninth grade Truth Tier healing pills.”

Afterwards, quite a few more people stated what they could offer. Many of these items were extremely precious. Of course, the people who dared to state what they could offer so fearlessly possessed impressive cultivations as well. They were basically all Godkings.

A few people had recorded their treasures on the jade slips and passed it to the old woman as well. They were unwilling to publicly reveal their treasures.

Hesitation flickered through the eyes of the old woman from time to time. Clearly, she had already found some treasures that interested her.

As the priceless treasures were stated around him, Jian Chen’s heart sank completely. He did not have enough supreme grade divine crystals at all, and he had nothing that could match the value of the others apart from supreme grade divine crystals.

He did not even possess ninth grade Truth Tier heavenly resources, let alone God Tier heavenly resources. That was the same case with healing pills.

Although he possessed a few Godking level monster cores, he gave up on that thought when he considered that it was extremely likely for the old woman to be a Primordial realm expert.

Aside from all that, he only had the damaged Anatta Tower and the damaged piece of armor.

“I have a God Tier healing pill here. I want your comprehension tablet,” at this moment, a young man in gold and violet robes walked over. Even though he was just an Overgod, a Godking followed him.

“It’s young master Chi of the Chi family.”

“The Chi family is a large clan in the Blood Sun Empire of the Cloud Plane. It’s said that they have several Primordial realm experts.”

Quite a number of discussions immediately sprang up in the surroundings with the appearance of the young man. Their gazes at him were all filled with some angst.

The old woman’s eyes also lit up when she heard about the God Tier healing pill. She was heavily injured and in desperate need of God Tier healing pills.

“Senior, I have a defensive god artifact. I want to trade it for your comprehension tablet.”

Just when the old woman was about to make up her mind, Jian Chen’s voice rang out. To no surprise, he held the damaged armor in his hand.

Even though the mysterious liquid from the ancestor of the Mo family had repaired the god artifact, only the surface was fixed. In reality, the engravings and powers inside were completely damaged. Repairing it was extremely difficult.

Jian Chen had taken out the god artifact because he was out of choices. He did not want to miss out on the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind. Moreover, he knew that it was impossible for him to pay the price required to completely repair the god artifact. In addition, the assistance that the god artifact provided him was diminishing.

Although he could avoid piercing attacks when he wore it, the great force would still pass through to his body completely. It would still make him injured, so he was naturally willing to give up on it at such a crucial time.

The people in the surroundings were stunned when they heard him mention defensive god artifact. However, when they looked at it, they were all disappointed.

Clearly, they could tell that the god artifact was damaged, so its value was greatly decreased.

The old woman looked over as well. Pity appeared on her face, and she shook her head while sighing gently, “If your defensive god artifact was in perfect condition, I’d be willing to trade with it. It’s just a pity…” However, when she reached there, the old woman suddenly paused. Her dull eyes immediately lit up as she stared at the god artifact. She studied every inch of it carefully, and her emotions gradually became mixed. She became slightly absent-minded.

Only a while later did the old woman return to her senses. She sucked in a deep breath, and she looked at Jian Chen with her old eyes. She asked, “Little brother, may I ask where you obtained this defensive god artifact?”

“I obtained it after I killed an enemy,” Jian Chen responded. At the same time, he secretly tightened his guard. From how the old woman had reacted when she saw the god artifact, she seemed to recognise it.

The old woman nodded slowly. She said nothing as her gaze became rather mixed. She also seemed to think back to the past. Afterwards, she looked at the young master of the Chi family and began to hesitate.

But in the end, the old woman passed the tablet to Jian Chen. She said, “I’ll trade with you.”

After the successful trade, Jian Chen had managed to obtain the stone tablet with the Primordial realm comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword just as he had wished. However, he did not feel happy at all.

This was because he knew that the damaged god artifact he had taken out was worth far more than the stone tablet. It was just that he urgently needed to increase his strength, eagerly hoping he could reach the next level with his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword and formally become a Godking. As a result, he could only trade the damaged god artifact away.

Jian Chen sighed inside. He ignored the envious gazes in the surroundings and stowed the stone tablet away in his Space Ring with a flip of his hand.

At this moment, the young master of the Chi family arrived before Jian Chen. Although he had failed to obtain the stone tablet, he was not displeased at all. Instead, he smiled and clasped his fist at Jian Chen extremely politely, “You must be the supreme Overgod who defeated the captain of the Swordswolf adventurers in the arena of death and also shook up the southern and northern region, Jian Chen. I am Chi Xiang, and I’ve always admired you. I never thought I’d be able to meet you here today on the spatial battleship. It truly is an honor.”
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