Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2026: Chanlong Breaks Through
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2026: Chanlong Breaks Through

In the dark, icy boundless cosmos, a streak of silver-white light flashed by, moving through space at a speed several times greater than lightning.

It was a spaceship several hundred meters in length. Right now, Jian Chen was dressed in robes as he sat on a soft, comfortable bed within one of the quiet cabins. He tidied through the items he obtained from killing space beasts in the past few days.

“There are over thirty Overgod level energy crystals and eight Godking level energy crystals…” Jian Chen murmured inside. He had obtained all these after he set foot in outer space.

Of course, he had killed far more Overgod and Godking space beasts, but not all of them went to him. Kai Ya and master Chanlong both got a share each. Moreover, many special species of space beasts did not produce energy crystals, so even though the group had killed many space beasts during their time in outer space, they only possessed so little after dividing them up amongst themselves.

The Soul-devouring Beasts they recently encountered were also a species that did not produce any energy crystals.

“Although the energy crystals from the space beasts are condensed from pure energy, they’re clearly different from monster cores. The energy in the energy crystals is much more chaotic and unstable, so refining them will be more difficult than refining monster cores.”

“However, the Chaotic Body I cultivate does not fear this at all. The side effects of absorbing these energy crystals pose absolutely no harm to me…” Jian Chen thought. At the same time, he felt rather helpless.

In the past, his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword far exceeded his personal cultivation. He only lacked large amounts of resources.

But now, he had already prepared all the resources for breaking through to the next layer, but he still had not broken through with his comprehension; this limited his cultivation such that he was unable to break through with the Chaotic Body.

“I hope I can reach the major achievement of sword spirit in the Neptunean Divine Palace. On a battlefield for Godkings, I can’t last for long at all with my current cultivation at late Overgod. Mid Godkings are my limit if I were to fight alone, and they have to be regular mid Godkings.”

“Only when I reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit and reach the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body will I be able to put up a fight against late Godkings…” Jian Chen peered through his small window to looked out at the space outside as he felt eager.

He was eager for the Neptunean Divine Palace.

At this moment, a powerful presence appeared in one of Jian Chen’s neighboring cabins. Jian Chen was slightly surprised when he sensed the presence, but he soon smiled faintly and stood up.

The cabins to Jian Chen’s left and right housed Kai Ya and Chanlong. The presence originated from Chanlong’s room.

The presence had already surpassed Overgod and reached Godking.

Master Chanlong had actually broken through at this moment, formally becoming a Godking.

Very soon, Yun Lianqing arrived. He went to congratulate Chanlong on his breakthrough with Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

“Yun Lianqing, who’re they?” At this moment, a rather cold voice rang out. A young man in luxurious robes with golden lining walked over from afar. He seemed to be in his twenties.

Behind the young man were six other people of various ages.

Without any exception, all of them were Godkings.

They were the peak power of the Yun family. Now that the Yun family had obtained a Neptunean Medallion this time, they basically sent the peak force of the entire clan in search of fortunes so that they could forge a brand new future for the Yun family. There were over ten Godkings.

If it were not for the fact that the Yun family had no more Godkings, they would be tempted to fill up all twenty spots of their Neptunean Medallion with Godkings.

The presence from Chanlong’s breakthrough to Godking had clearly alerted the experts of the Yun family who also cultivated in the spaceship.

Yun Lianqing immediately introduced Jian Chen and the others, and he stressed that Jian Chen and Kai Ya were supreme Overgods on the Overgods’ Plaque.

“Jian Chen? Kai Ya?” The young man, Yun Weifeng, frowned. He studied Jian Chen and Kai Ya with a glare and growled, “I remember all the names of the supreme Overgods on the Overgods’ Plaque. However, your names don’t seem to be on there.”

Before Jian Chen could say anything, Yun Weifeng looked at Yun Lianqing and frowned. He said with quite some displeasure, “Yun Lianqing, since our clan still has a few spots to spare, and we’ve decided to send in some Overgods, they must all come from our Yun family. How can you just give these spots to outsiders? Moreover, your reasoning is hilarious. Do you seriously believe that any person you come across who claims to be a supreme Overgod on the Overgods’ Plaque is actually a supreme Overgod? Hmph, their names aren’t on the Overgods’ Plaque at all.”

Yun Lianqing’s face suddenly sank. He called out, “Yun Weifeng. Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong are our esteemed guests. How can you speak to them like that? Moreover, I didn’t make the decision. The great elder approved this personally. If you have any problems with it, you are more than welcome to find the great elder.”

Yun Weifeng immediately showed respect on his face when the great elder was mentioned. He looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya deeply without saying anything else. He turned around and left.

After Yun Weifeng had left with his people, Yun Lianqing immediately smiled and apologised, “Jian Chen, Kai Ya, I hope you don’t take offence for what has just happened.”

Jian Chen smiled freely. He did not take it to heart at all. After conversing with Yun Lianqing a little more, they went their separate ways.

The next part of the journey was quiet. Although there were quite a few people on the spaceship, basically everyone was in secluded cultivation during the journey, conditioning themselves to their peak for the upcoming battle. As a result, Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong passed that period of time peacefully. No one came to disturb them.

“We’re here!”

At this moment, the great elder of the Yun family’s voice rang through the entire spaceship.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and emerged from his room. He arrived on the deck with Kai Ya and Chanlong.

When they arrived on the deck, over twenty people had already gathered there. Jian Chen’s group was the last to arrive.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》