Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2094: Jian Chen’s Death One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2094: Jian Chen’s Death One

Chapter 2094: Jian Chen’s Death (One)

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen began to collect the fire divine crystals. He plunged his hands into the fire divine crystals and returned to the Anatta Tower in a flash with them.

Jian Chen appeared out of nowhere in the Anatta Tower. He tossed the fire divine crystals on the ground before immediately sitting down to heal his wounds by circulating Chaotic Force.

He had only spent fifteen seconds outside this time, yet his body had become quite injured from the terrifying heat despite the short amount of time. His skin had cracked, and it had become as red as a lobster.

The clothes on him had naturally disintegrated as soon as he went out, so he was completely naked right now.

Kai Ya stood beside him and looked at the naked Jian Chen. Her expression became somewhat unnatural, and after producing a slight interjection of annoyance, she took out a set of clothes from her Space Ring and laid them on Jian Chen before looking at the fire divine crystals Jian Chen had taken in here.

There was not a lot of them, only eight. However, every single one of them was the size of a fist, and they gave off a hot presence as extremely pure and tremendous energy circulated within them.

“It looks like there really are a lot of fire divine crystals below the lava,” thought Kai Ya. Her eyes also lit up as she became rather excited.

Jian Chen healed especially quickly because he circulated his Chaotic Force to focus on healing, so he made a full recovery in just six hours.

“Jian Chen, how’s the situation outside?” Kai Ya immediately asked after Jian Chen had finished healing. Although she was no weaker than Jian Chen, she did not possess a body as tough as Jian Chen’s, so she did not dare to go out without reason. As a result, she had no idea about the situation outside.

“It really has lived up to my expectations. There are indeed many fire divine crystals below the lava, but I need to find a way to collect them. I won’t be able to get much if I just use my hands,” Jian Chen smiled. The lava was just too hot, so he did not dare to take a Space Ring out with him. As a result, he needed another method to collect the fire divine crystals.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen took out the Primordial Godsilk from his Space Ring. The Primordial Godsilk had already snapped into two when it was fending off the crisis of the world, but it Jian Chen had refined it after all. As a result, he could control its length as he wished.

With a thought, Jian Chen immediately controlled one segment of the Primordial Godsilk to knit itself into armor around him, while the other segment turned into a huge, golden net.

“The sword spirits have said that the Primordial Godsilk can be refined into a supreme treasure of the world with extraordinary power. But refining a treasure like that naturally requires many high grade materials, and there are harsh requirements on the person who refines it as well.”

“As such, with my current strength, I can’t refine it into a treasure. However, its quality is still there after all, so it shouldn’t melt so easily in the lava,” thought Jian Chen. He equipped the golden silkmail as he held a golden net in one hand before leaving the Anatta Tower in a flash once again.

Outside, as soon as Jian Chen arrived in the lava, he paid close attention to any changes to the Primordial Godsilk. He did not want to damage something as precious as it again here.

However, Jian Chen stopped worrying very soon. As soon as the Primordial Godsilk appeared in the lava, it shone with a faint, golden light as a wondrous power circulated within it, preventing the heat of the lava from causing any harm to the Primordial Godsilk.

“The Primordial Godsilk really is tough. It can remain fine easily in a place where even god artifacts can be melted. Probably only the evil power of the crisis of the world that can devour all things can damage the Primordial Godsilk,” Jian Chen made up his mind. With a wave of his hand, he immediately cast out the net and engulfed a region of fire divine crystals. Afterwards, he suddenly tugged with his hands and pulled a great pile of fire divine crystals over.

At the same time, fifteen seconds had passed. Jian Chen’s body had reached its limits. He did not hesitate at all, taking the huge pile of fire divine crystals in the golden net and returning to the Anatta Tower as quickly as he could.

The armor knit from the Primordial Godsilk could not be regarded as a defensive treasure. The scorching lava was still able to seep through the cracks and injure Jian Chen.

As a result, even when Jian Chen had it equipped, he could only last for fifteen seconds outside. Once he stayed for any longer than that, his life would be in danger.

With a shake of his hand, Jian Chen removed the net, and immediately, a great pile of shimmering fire divine crystals scattered on the ground. There were several hundred of them, where they could be as large as fists or as small as thumbs.

His harvest this time was over a hundred times more than last time.

Kai Ya became stunned as well when she saw so many fire divine crystals. Although she had heard from Jian Chen that there were many fire divine crystals outside, she had not thought there would be this many, where Jian Chen could collect so much in just fifteen seconds.

Afterwards, Jian Chen began to collect the fire divine crystals at the bottom of the lava en masse, without any consideration for exhaustion at all. He could only stay for fifteen seconds each time he went out, and he would spend several hours to heal every time he returned. He repeated this time and time again, so he would harvest a great amount of fire divine crystals every single day.

Jian Chen basically forgot about Zi Yun and Xiao Man, who were still in the Anatta Tower. He was especially busy during this period of time, and he was completely focused on collecting the fire divine crystals. He did not even have time to talk to Kai Ya, who watched over him.

In the days when Jian Chen busied himself, the Neptunean Divine Palace was not peaceful. The news that the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened had already spread to various peak organisations, causing many supreme Godkings who did not care for the legacies at all to take teleportations formations and head over from all parts of the Saints’ World, gathering in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

The sudden increase in unfamiliar faces in the Neptunean Divine Palace made the cultivators who had arrived first feel like a storm was brewing. They could already smell blood, causing all the cultivators to grow cautious. They felt insecure.

“Strange. Why have so many people suddenly appeared in the Neptunean Divine Palace? I feel like there is more than ten times the number of people compared to before. Where did all these Neptunean Medallions come from?”

“The arrival of these people is probably related to the Neptunean Moon. As for the Neptunean Medallions, some peak organisations have already managed to make copies. After all, they haven’t changed at all over several million years.”

Discussions like that could be heard everywhere in the Neptunean Divine Palace. However, whenever people mentioned this, they were grim.

None of the people who had suddenly appeared in the Neptunean Divine Palace were simple. There were plenty of supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne, causing many Overgods and some ordinary Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace to experience tremendous mental pressure.

At that moment, a white-robed young man with a striking appearance looked around the surroundings with some excitement on the first floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace. There was even a clear sense of eagerness in his gaze.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》