Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2100: Fatesigh
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2100: Fatesigh


“I’ve definitely seen these two people when they were still alive, but the impression they gave me was not particularly deep. Coupled with the fact that most of these heads have been melted away by the lava, I can’t even tell whether they were male or female when they were still alive, let alone recognise them,” Jian Chen frowned as he held the two heads.

The souls in the two heads had already been dispersed, and lava had flooded the heads through every cavity as well. Lava constantly dripped from them right now, covering Jian Chen’s hand.

A while later, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He finally remembered who they were. Due to the fact that a powerful screen of light condensed from laws protected all eight supreme Godkings who fought against him, Jian Chen had not personally seen their appearances. However, he clearly remembered their presences when he fought them.

The residual presences from the two heads in his hands completely matched two of them.

“I never thought two would have already died, and to think that I wanted to take revenge personally. It looks like they have died to the hands of someone else in the end,” Jian Chen sighed gently as his expression became rather mixed.

With a flash, Kai Ya suddenly appeared before Jian Chen. She stared at the two heads that had been melted beyond recognition and said, “Two supreme Godkings have died all of a sudden. It looks like the fights in the Neptunean Divine Palace are becoming more and more intense, where even Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne are gradually losing their advantage.”

Jian Chen nodded in agreement, “The Neptunean Divine Palace this time is different from the past. The appearance of the Neptunean Moon means that something big will happen in the Neptunean Divine Palace. It’s impossible to keep this matter a secret, so it has probably spread to the outside world already. If I’ve guessed correctly, the large clans and organisations in the Saints’ World should have sent many Godkings into the Neptunean Divine Palace. That should include a few extremely powerful Godkings.”

Kai Ya became extremely stern and said, “If the Neptunean Divine Palace really has gained even more experts, it’ll be even worse for us. Unless we remain beneath the lava for the entire time, we’ll probably become everyone’s target as soon as we show ourselves with how special Xiao Man is. Jian Chen, what do you plan on doing next?”

Jian Chen thought for a while and responded, “There’s still some time before the Neptunean Divine Palace closes. Before that, I want to collect some more fire divine crystals before investigating the matter with Xiao Man. I’ll decide what we should do after all that.”

Time passed silently. In the blink of an eye, it had already been a few days since Ming Dong killed the two supreme Godkings.

During that time, Ming Dong had always been investigating the whereabouts of the six other people. His astronomical bounty had already spread across the entire Neptunean Divine Palace. The god artifacts turned countless people green with greed.

Although Ming Dong’s reckless exhibition of his wealth had motivated many Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace to find where the six of supreme Godkings were, it had also drawn over a few people who wanted to kill him and take his treasures.

As a result, Ming Dong encountered ambushes, traps, assassins, and so on. They all wanted to kill him and take his things.

However, any person who eyed Ming Dong’s items did not return. Not only did they fail to take anything from Ming Dong, but it even consolidated Ming Dong’s name instead, making him even more renowned in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

In the past few days, Ming Dong had learnt about the remaining six people completely, understanding their backgrounds.

However, due to the fact that the six of them had witnessed Ming Dong’s strength during the fight at Moon’s View Peak, Ming Dong failed to find their traces in all these days.

“These six people sure are hidden well. It won’t work if we continue like this, but I do know their identities now, so for them to escape from me is basically impossible.” Ming Dong ordered the five divine generals coldly with a sunken face as he brimmed with killing intent, “Watch over me. I want to cast Fatesight to find them.”

The expressions of the five divine generals changed when they heard that. One of them immediately replied, “You must not, ninth majesty. Fatesight is a forbidden technique. You can’t use it without the corresponding strength, or you’ll be injured by the power of the universe. It’ll be very difficult to recover from. The price is just too great.”

Fatesight was created by Ming Dong’s master. Once the technique was cast, the caster could peer into the heavenly secrets and the mysteries of the universe. The caster could peer into his personal samsaric journey—his past, present, and future lives—and the fates of all living organisms. It was extremely wondrous and profound.

Ming Dong was not powerful enough to peer into the heavenly secrets or the mysteries of the universe, and he would struggle to see his personal samsaric journey or the fates of all living organisms. However, with the information he possessed, it would not be too difficult for him to use the technique to see the lines of fate, the threads of karma, and find traces of the people he was looking for.

“As long as I can avenge my brother, so what if I am injured by the power of the universe?” Ming Dong spoke firmly, possessing a sense of irrefutable forcefulness.

He did what he said. Without hesitating at all, he began casting Fatesight.

At the same time, the news that the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened and that the divine hall would soon gain a new owner spread through the Neptunean Divine Palace completely, creating a huge disturbance.

For a time, cultivators from various places and of varying cultivation levels moved about everywhere in the Neptunean Divine Palace. They scoured every corner in search of the artifact spirit.

In the eyes of regular Godkings, the twelfth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace was no longer a forbidden place that they could not set foot in. They surged onto the twelfth floor, searching every inch of the land there eagerly with burning desire. They refused to miss any area at all.

The Neptunean Divine Palace by itself was a high quality god artifact, and there was an unimaginable amount of resources within it. All of them understood that as long as they were recognised by the artifact spirit and became the master of this place, all of that would belong to them.

However, even when they basically flipped the entire Neptunean Divine Palace upside down, they did not find any traces of the artifact spirit at all.

Currently, a slender woman in a white dress sat on a boulder. A veil covered her face. Although her appearance was obscured, it was possible to determine that she was definitely a beauty from her pretty eyes that were limpid like Autumn water.

Over a dozen Godkings guarded her side with great loyalty as they constantly paid attention to the surroundings.

“As long as the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace remains hidden, finding it is almost impossible. Your highness, should we keep searching?” A guard asked politely.

The woman on the boulder sank into her thoughts and said, “I finally understand why that girl with a cultivation that was nothing special received the protection of the world now. If I’ve guessed correctly, that girl has probably been chosen by the artifact spirit. The artifact spirit still hasn’t come out maybe because it’s waiting for that girl to appear.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》