Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2113: A Second Law One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2113: A Second Law One

Chapter 2113: A Second Law (One)

“The space here is so vast. Since there’s a gigantic lizard here, I’ll go somewhere else,” said Jian Chen before immediately backing off with the Anatta Tower. He moved far away from the region to avoid the lizard.

The damaged Anatta Tower was like a ghost, moving through the bottom of the lava silently. Under Jian Chen’s control, they only stopped after travelling millions of kilometres, seemingly reaching the other end of the eighth floor.

“It should be safe here,” Jian Chen murmured to himself. He quietly sensed the situation outside through his connection with the Anatta Tower before leaving with a flash.

“Be careful, just in case the lizard has followed us here,” Kai Ya said from behind. She seemed rather worried and concerned.

However, this time, Jian Chen returned to the tower with a sunken face in just a few seconds. He said grimly, “The lizard is still outside. It followed us. The resistance is just too great here, so I can’t sense its existence at all from the tower.”

Jian Chen was in a horrible mood. The gigantic lizard was hostile, where it would attack him as soon as it saw him. Moreover, all of its attacks were devastating. It was so powerful that even ordinary Infinite Primes could probably be slain from a single strike, let alone Godkings. He could not collect anymore fire divine crystals now.

He could see how the ground outside was littered with fire divine crystals, but he just happened to be unable to collect them. It would be a painful torture to anyone in his position.

Jian Chen did not give in. He continued to move through the lava, switching to many different places. However, the part that made him furious was that no matter where he went, the lizard would follow him, or more accurately, it would follow the tower. It would move with the tower and strike the tower a few times from time to time, causing it to shake.

“It looks like I can’t go outside for now with that gigantic lizard around. Whatever, since I can’t go outside, I’ll cultivate here for a while,” Jian Chen sighed inside. After handing some matters over to Kai Ya, he visited Zi Yun and Xiao Man before going to the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower by himself. He entered secluded cultivation.

His comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had already reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit. He could condense a third strand of Profound Sword Qi now. He had been busy with collecting fire divine crystals before, and he treated that with more importance than anything else. As a result, he naturally did not have the time to condense the third strand back then.

Now that a terrifying lizard was waiting outside, he was trapped in the Anatta Tower, so he could only spend the time cultivating.

Jian Chen had already condensed the Profound Sword Qi twice in the past, so he was already familiar with the process. Very soon, he began to condense it.

As Jian Chen spent his time in seclusion, Kai Ya, Zi Yun, and Xiao Man did not sit around idly. They also cultivated.

Xiao Man, in particular, worked even harder on cultivation after what happened in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Her talent was not horrible, but due to the fact that she was too young and had not cultivated for a long time, she was only at the Mortal realm. After making up her mind to cultivate arduously, combined with Zi Yun’s tremendous resources, Xiao Man’s rate of improvement could be described as tremendous. Very soon, she broke through to Sainthood.

Zi Yun, on the other hand, had recently received a Chaotic Prime’s legacy. Now that she had received some rare peace, she devoted herself to absorbing the legacy.

In the sky above the lava, the Godkings gathered there did not leave. Most of the Godkings had come in later and had come for the recognition of the Neptunean Divine Palace’s artifact spirit. Now that they were certain that Xiao Man was crucial to the process, they naturally would not give up their search for her.

However, the lava was not peaceful these days. It would experience violent tremors from time to time, drawing up the flames from the very bottom, which prevented them from diving in so easily. All of them were waiting for a moment where the lava completely calmed down.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed. On this day, the entire ninth floor of the Anatta Tower suddenly became extremely bright as if a sun hung high in the sky, shining brightly and illuminating the entire world.

An extremely powerful sword intent radiated from the centre of the twelfth floor. Jian Chen currently sat below a huge stone tablet as a finger-sized sword Qi hovered above his head. It seemed to possess its own consciousness as it revolved around Jian Chen from time to time. It was the source of the chilling sword intent.

At this moment, there was a flash, and the strand of sword Qi suddenly vanished. In just a split second, it had entered Jian Chen’s soul and settled down with the two other strands of sword Qi that seemed exactly the same.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as he showed some joy. After three years of seclusion, he had successfully condensed the third strand of Profound Sword Qi.

He could clearly sense that in the instance he condensed the third strand, the two strands from before seemed to increase in power slightly.

Afterwards, he looked at the huge stone tablet. The stone tablet held all the control to the Anatta Tower. Only by refining it completely could he possess complete control over the tower.

“I wonder if I can refine the sixth floor with my current strength…” Jian Chen stared at the stone tablet as he pondered to himself. After some silence, he pressed his hands against the stone tablet firmly and tried to refine the sixth floor.

However, he gave up very soon. The sixth floor was countless times more difficult to refine than the fifth floor. After the attempt, he discovered that even if his cultivation advanced to the next stage, he would not necessarily be able to refine the sixth floor.

“It looks like I can only attempt it after my cultivation has reached a level on par with Infinite Primes,” Jian Chen sighed gently. With a thought, he vanished from the ninth floor, and when he reappeared, he was on the first floor again. He appeared beside Kai Ya silently.

He did not go out to check on the lizard. During those three years, although he had been focusing on refining the strand of Profound Sword Qi, his senses attached to the Anatta Tower had not weakened at all. He could clearly sense that the tower would shake a few times every once in a while.

Clearly, the lizard did not leave. Perhaps it had become interested in the tower, as it would hit the structure from time to time. However, each time it did that, its power was extremely terrifying. Not only did it shake up the Anatta Tower, but it stirred up the entire sea of lava as well, preventing the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace from recovering its peace.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》