Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2126: Targeted by All
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2126: Targeted by All

“That’s right. It’s Jian Chen. There’s no doubt about it…” Bai Yi, who had been injured by the Profound Sword Qi and still had not recovered, called out from another side. He looked in the direction of the Profound Sword Qi as disbelief filled his face.

“W- wasn’t he beaten into the lava? How is he still alive? Impossible, this is completely impossible. Jian Chen was heavily injured back then. His body should have melted when he fell into the lava with such wounds. How is he still alive…” The successor of the Solitary Sword lineage, Gong Zheng, cried out. He seemed like he had seen a ghost.

“It can’t be wrong. It can’t be wrong. The person who dealt the sneak attack is Jian Chen because no other person can wield such terrifying sword Qi…” Cang Ying also cried out as he was greatly shocked. He struggled to calm down.

The three of them had fought Jian Chen before, and they had personally struck Jian Chen into the lava. To them, there should not have been any remains of Jian Chen left, as the lava should have burnt to all to a crisp. Yet, Jian Chen’s sudden appearance right now had caused them indescribably shock.

“Argh! Jian Chen, I want you to die a graveless death…” To another side, the fifth prince who was injured by the Profound Sword Qi and had fallen out of the sky roared out furiously as well. His eyes had become completely bloodshot now. His resentment for Jian Chen was so great that it drove him crazy. He had almost lost all rationality.

He was so close. He only needed a single step, just a single step, and he would have entered the Grand Prime’s statue to accept the complete legacy, completely succeeding a Grand Prime. Even all the supreme Godkings could only watch from outside, unable to do anything to him.

However, Jian Chen’s actions transformed his distance from the Grand Prime’s legacy from a step away to unreachable. There was no more hope left for him to obtain it.

This filled the fifth prince with rage, almost to the point where he lost his mind. He had basically been forced out of heaven and into hell. The tremendous change was something he struggled to accept. What he struggled to accept even more was that the person behind all this was actually Jian Chen.

Audriana and Shui Yunlan stopped fighting. They both looked in Jian Chen’s direction as the light in their eyes flickered.

“No wonder I found his gaze rather familiar. Turns out it’s Jian Chen. I never thought he’d emerge from the lava…” Audriana smiled faintly. She had never thought that the almost impossible mission the War God had given her would be completed so easily.

“Jian Chen? Is it really him? His presence is hidden, so I can’t tell. But since so many people have confirmed it, it can’t be wrong. It looks like there’s hope of me finding Mo Tianyun,” Shui Yunlan rejoiced under her helmet before directing her gaze towards the fifth prince.

Or more accurately, she directed her gaze towards the Space Ring on the fifth prince’s finger.

The Space Ring had flown out from the statue’s forehead. Its value was unimaginable.

“I have already taken action and assisted you. According to the agreement, all the divine crystals and heavenly resources among the Grand Prime’s belongings are mine now,” Shui Yunlan’s icy voice rang through the twelfth floor. She completely ignored mister Shu’s furious roars that demanded her to kill Jian Chen. She did not wait for the fifth prince to agree either as she directly conjured an icy hand towards the fifth prince.

When Shui Yunlan moved, the supreme Godkings in the surroundings did not sit around idly either. They all struck out and charged towards the fifth prince for the Space Ring on his finger.

Moreover, the eyes of some supreme Godkings shone brightly. They ignored the fifth prince’s Space Ring and instead looked at the fifth prince’s head. His soul had caught their eyes.

Of course, not everyone charged at the fifth prince. More than half of the supreme Godkings rapidly approached where Jian Chen stood without any hesitation after learning his identity.

Audriana no longer fought. She looked at the enraged mister Shu and said, “I’ve already made time for your fifth prince. He failed to obtain the complete legacy as he wished in the end, but all you can blame is the fifth prince’s destiny. I will be visiting your Sky Empire for the Life Starcore.” With that, Audriana charged towards Jian Chen rapidly. She could already tell that Jian Chen seemed to be in a bad situation after his identity was exposed.

In the distance, the middle-aged man that Jian Chen had transformed into turned into a blur, flying towards the exit off the twelfth floor as quickly as possible.

He had expected the Profound Sword Qi to expose his identity. However, there was nothing else he could do if he could stop the fifth prince from obtaining the Grand Prime’s legacy.

Moreover, he had been ready to retreat long ago.

“Quick! Stop Jian Chen! He’s fleeing to the eleventh floor…”

“Since he’s still alive, the girl must be with him. We have to capture him this time…”

Behind, the supreme Godkings all called out. In their eyes, Jian Chen was crucial to whether they could obtain the Neptunean Divine Palace. As a result, they could not let him go no matter what.

However, some of them hesitated slightly. Although they also chased after Jian Chen, they clearly did not seem as determined as others.

“First young master, Jian Chen is a close brother of Ming Dong, and Ming Dong is connected to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. What should we do?”

“Our target is only the girl and not to become enemies with Jian Chen. This is an open and fair competition…”

The supreme Godkings gathered on the twelfth floor had split into two groups now. One group charged towards the fifth prince for his Space Ring, while the other group pursued Jian Chen.

To the other side, the fifth prince watched the huge, icy hand rapidly extend towards him and the supreme Godkings who charged over from the surroundings. He could not help but laugh aloud madly, “You’re dreaming if you want my fortune!” With that, the fifth prince suddenly took out a simple talisman from the Space Ring he had obtained from the Grand Prime’s legacy and activated quickly.

Immediately, a mysterious power erupted from the talisman. It engulfed the fifth prince and sucked him away before Shui Yunlan’s hand arrived.

“The Neptunean Divine Palace is a high quality god artifact. It’s impossible for him to flee outside through that talisman alone. He must still be in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Everyone search for him…” the supreme Godkings in the surroundings dispersed together. A portion of them went to search for the fifth prince, while the other portion joined the group that hunted down Jian Chen.

Shui Yunlan’s eyes turned cold. She glanced in the direction which the fifth prince had vanished coldly before arriving before mister Shu and the others. She snorted coldly, “You must all follow me before I find the fifth prince. If you want to survive, then make sure your fifth prince upholds his word and gives me all the divine crystals and heavenly resources in the Space Ring.”

“We will definitely uphold our word. Please kill Jian Chen and once that is complete. You will have the deep gratitude of our Sky Empire,” mister Shu pleaded.

“Hmph, you probably can’t afford the price of asking me to kill Jian Chen,” Shui Yunlan snorted coldly.

“Our Sky Empire is an eternal empire after all. Our heritage runs deep, so there is no price we cannot pay. Please assist us.”

“If you can get a Grand Exalt to assist me, I can kill Jian Chen for you right now…”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》