Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2132: Mo Cheng’s Methods
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2132: Mo Cheng’s Methods

“Hahaha, who is this scrawny old man? He actually dares to say that the Neptunean Mountains are his territory. Has he hit his head, or is there something wrong with his head?”

“Where did this scrawny old man come from? He’s only a mid Godking, yet he claims to be the master of the Neptunean Mountains. And not just that, he dares to block our way as well.”

“Old man, do you think you’re Qing Shan, the person who ranks first on the Godkings’ Throne? Even if Qing Shan was here, he would not dare to claim the Neptunean Mountains for himself.”

The many supreme Godkings laughed out furiously. Every single one of them looked at Chanlong like they were looking at an idiot.

At the same time, over a hundred figures hovered in the sky above the Neptunean Mountains. They steadily made their way over.

These people had originally been cultivating in the Neptunean Mountains. They wanted to borrow the unique environment to comprehend laws so that they could break through bottlenecks and so on. As a result, they did not participate in any of the fights in the Neptunean Divine Palace. However, when they saw that so many supreme Godkings had come to the Neptunean Mountains, they all came out to check out why because they were curious.

There were only a few supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne out of all of them. Most of them were regular Godkings, so they did not get too close and observed from very far away.

“Scrawny old man, since you say that this is your territory, are those people your followers or attendants?” A supreme Godking scoffed.

“Stop wasting your time with him. Hunting down Jian Chen is the priority. Kill all those who stand in the way,” a vicious-looking supreme Godking called out and directly attacked Chanlong. He hurled out a punch that whistled towards Chanlong’s head without any hesitation.

This supreme Godking was very powerful. Just the power of his punch alone filled many supreme Godkings with angst.

Chanlong’s expression did not change when the supreme Godking attacked. He said leisurely, “Stop. Don’t waste your efforts. No one can harm me at all in my territory.”

No one took Chanlong seriously, but in the next moment, they all became dumbstruck. The punch from the supreme Godking had actually stopped before Chanlong for real.

“I’ll ignore the offence this time, but I hope a second time doesn’t happen. Get out of the territory of the Neptunean Mountains,” Chanlong said calmly. His indifferent voice was filled with an undeniable sense of authority.

Most importantly, the supreme Godking who had attacked him actually flew outwards with that. However, his posture was extremely strange. As if he had been cursed, he maintained the same punching posture the entire time.

Only when he flew out of the Neptunean Mountains did the supreme Godking finally regain control over his body. However, he was unable to maintain his composure anymore. He stared at Chanlong in shock as his heart churned. He cried out, “W- who are you?”

Everyone in the surroundings clearly saw what had happened to him, so they immediately fell silent. The people who scoffed and sneered at Chanlong could not help but close their mouths as shock, surprise as well as some confusion and perplexion filled their faces.

Clearly, they knew that the supreme Godking had backed out of the Neptunean Mountains obediently because of Chanlong. However, they had no idea how Chanlong did that or what methods he used to achieve that.

“H- how is this possible? H- h- he can actually control the Grand Exalt’s formation in the Neptunean Mountains. T- this is impossible,” at this moment, a supreme Godking who had some accomplishments in formations cried out. His eyes almost popped out as he seemed like he had just seen a ghost.

Immediately, there was a chain reaction. After learning that Chanlong could actually control the Grand Exalt’s formation, all the supreme Godkings gathered there, including the Godkings who had always been cultivating in the Neptunean Mountains, changed in expression drastically. They were filled with shock.

Afterwards, the supreme Godkings who were ready to enter the Neptunean Mountains and hunt down Jian Chen all backed away several kilometres, moving far away from the boundary of the Neptunean Mountains. Even the people who had been cultivating in the mountains no longer dared to stay. They all left the Neptunean Mountains as quickly as they could in shock as if they were fleeing for their lives.

This was because they all understood that if the Grand Exalt’s formation in the Neptunean Mountains was really under someone’s control, their lives would be in his hands at all times if they stayed in there. They would have no control over their very lives.

“Sir, are you trying to protect Jian Chen? You need to understand that if you try something like that, you’ll become an enemy of all of us. Unless you plan on staying in the Neptunean Mountains forever, any one of us can kill you easily,” a supreme Godking called out from the crowd. They finally began to treat Chanlong seriously.

Chanlong did not care about their threats. He said, “If Jian Chen was in the Neptunean Mountains, I would indeed protect him, but he’s not here, unfortunately.” As he said that, Chanlong’s gaze became confused for a split second. Jian Chen’s figure appeared in his head. Although his face was extremely familiar, it seemed rather distant at the same time.

“Then do you know where Jian Chen went?” A supreme Godking asked.

“I can find Jian Chen!”

A voice filled with confidence rang out from behind as soon as the supreme Godking asked his question.

The supreme Overgod who ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque, Mo Cheng, flew over gradually from behind.

“Young master, why have you come?” Cang Ying’s face changed slightly when Mo Cheng arrived. Immediately, he flew out of the crowd, but he stared at Mo Cheng in surprise soon afterwards. He asked, “Young master, you’ve broken through successfully?”

“That’s right. I already made it far enough as an Overgod. It was time for me to break through,” Mo Cheng nodded at Cang Ying. Afterwards, he stared at the supreme Godkings gathered around, and he showed no fear at all. He said steadily, without any arrogance or attempt to curry up to them, “I engaged in an intense battle against Jian Chen in the past, and I managed to obtain a droplet of his blood back then. The blood might be useless in the hands of others, unable to be used at all, but in my hands, I can use a secret technique to find him.”

“Hahaha, truly the successor of the Azure Peng King. You really have inherited some of the Azure Peng King’s technique. Mo Cheng, use the secret technique immediately and find Jian Chen,” a black-robed old man laughed aloud. Even though Mo Cheng was only an early Godking, no one dared to underestimate him.

Not only had Mo Cheng ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque, making him possess great potential and making it very likely for him to make it into the top ten of the Godkings’ Throne in the future, but he was also the Azure Peng King’s disciple. His status was so great that it surpassed most of the supreme Godkings here
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