Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2133: The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2133: The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways

Afterwards, Mo Cheng took out the droplet of chaotic blood he had obtained from Jian Chen. Immediately, he cast a secret technique. He used the blood as a medium to find Jian Chen’s whereabouts.

As Mo Cheng used the secret technique, supreme Godkings immediately came to watch over him. Clearly, they wanted to befriend him.

“I’ve found him.” Very soon, Mo Cheng opened his eyes. His gaze was sharp, and with a single movement, he shot off into the distance.

“Ming Dong, since you’re Jian Chen’s sworn brother, you will definitely appear when Jian Chen is encircled. Hmph, I’ll use everyone’s power to kill you this time. I’ll make you pay a heavy price for your arrogance.”

“So what if you’re a supreme Godking? In the Saints’ World, plenty of supreme Godkings end up dead. We had no grievances, but I must kill you because you hunted down my protector. You hunted down my master’s attendant, a member of our Azure Peng Lineage. We can’t just be harrassed like that…” Mo Cheng thought as heavy killing intent built up within him.

Many supreme Godkings followed Mo Cheng. They vanished into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

After their departure, Audriana appeared several thousand kilometres away. She stared at the supreme Godkings who had hurried off, and she was extremely stern. After a moment of silence, she immediately began to tail them.

Chanlong sat in the sky all by himself in the Neptunean Mountains. He looked at the empty mountains and the group of supreme Godkings who had headed off, and he sunk into his thoughts.

“This time, several hundred supreme Godkings have set off. If they really find where Jian Chen is, Jian Chen should be done for. In reality, I do possess the power to trap all those supreme Godkings through the power of the Neptunean Mountains, but why didn’t I do that?” Chanlong murmured to himself as he became confused.

“It looks like I still haven’t accepted Jian Chen as a friend from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps all those years I spent with him was all because of Kai Ya. Maybe when I assisted him despite running the risk of offending a vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult was because of Kai Ya as well.”

“Is Kai Ya really this important to me? Why would I change my behaviour from before for her? I clearly don’t feel any attraction for the opposite sex towards her,” Chanlong murmured to himself. In all these years, he had experienced this doubt many times, but no matter how he pondered about it, he was unable to find the answer.

“Old man Chanlong, if I’ve guessed correctly, we should have very great ties with Kai Ya,” at this moment, the soul trapped in the formations banners wormed out from Chanlong’s Space Ring and said seriously from beside Chalong in the form of a large snake.

“Didn’t you say you can peer into the heavenly secrets and forecast the future? Can you tell what’s up with my relationship with Kai Ya?” Chanlong asked.

“I can indeed peer into the heavenly secrets and forecast the future, but heavenly secrets do vary in significance. My ability to forecast the future is very particular. I can see through petty matters with just a single thought, but if they tie into significant matters, even those Grand Primes probably won’t be able to forecast anything, let alone me. For example, Kai Ya has been shrouded in mist the entire time. Even if I was a hundred times more powerful, I would not be able to see through her.”

“I can’t see through anything relating to Jian Chen either. It seems like he’s even more complex than Kai Ya. However, my gut is telling me that we can’t get too close to Jian Chen. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know either.”

In a mountain range on the fifth floor, powerful sword intent enveloped the entire place while sharp sword Qi shot out with resplendent light. It crisscrossed the mountains, leaving behind sword slashes.

From afar, the mountains seemed to have become a sea of sword Qi, where they existed everywhere. It had become a forbidden place that many Godkings did not dare to set foot in.

At this moment, a person covered in blood sat within an obscure cave. He held a sword as he refined it with everything he had.

Unsurprisingly, this person was Jian Chen.

The artifact spirit of the god artifact refused to be controlled by Jian Chen, who was only a Godking, so it resisted with everything it had.

However, the resistance finally became weaker and weaker as time went on. In the end, Jian Chen bellowed out, and the Chaotic Force within him rampaged and completely suppressed the sword. The sword stopped resisting.

“You may have defeated me, but you can’t fully wield me without reaching the Primordial realm,” the artifact spirit said reluctantly. The power it had used to resist began to shrink back, gathering in the tip of the sword.

Jian Chen used this as an opportunity to take over the sword. Chaotic Force was poured into the god artifact, taking up two-thirds of the entire sword in the end. The last third was controlled by the artifact spirit.

“There’s no need for me to reach the Primordial realm. I only need to make some more progress with my cultivation, and I can easily refine you,” Jian Chen smiled faintly. Making the sword submit to him really was not easy. He would not have been able to control the god artifact if it were not for his endless supply of Chaotic Force that depleted extremely gradually and his tough Chaotic Body that could endure the sword Qi attacks.

However, even after all that, he only managed to suppress the artifact spirit of the god artifact, only gaining partial control over it. He needed to make some more progress with his cultivation and gain the recognition of the artifact spirit if he wanted complete control.

“So you’re called the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. That’s not a bad name,” Jian Chen was elated. After refining the god artifact, he learnt some information about it.

The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways was a low quality god artifact. It was forged from nine stars from outer space. It possessed the mysteries of the world and a sliver of the power of the heavenly ways, which was why it was called the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways.

“It is a god artifact after all. With my current abilities, I can only unleash forty percent of the sword’s power. However, even if it’s just forty percent, I’m confident that I can kill the eight supreme Godkings from earlier.”

“And my Chaotic Force gets consumed at a gradual rate, so I can use the god artifact as much as I wish without having to worry about running out of power like regular Godkings. As a result, the assistance that this god artifact has brought me is quite significant.”

For a moment, Jian Chen’s heart settled down with the god artifact in his hand. He felt like he could sweep through the world with invincible prowess.

“Moreover, there are a few extremely high grade heavenly resources in the Grand Prime’s Space Ring. They aren’t for recovery and are instead more like items that can increase cultivation. If I ingest them, my chaotic neidan will grow quite a lot in size. I’ll be one step closer to the thirteenth layer,” Jian Chen thought.

However, at this moment, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he turned his head to look outside the cave.

“Jian Chen, you really are hiding here. You’ve actually come to the fifth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace. It really was quite difficult for me to find you,” at this moment, a cold voice rang out from the surroundings.

“Mo Cheng!” Jian Chen squinted his eyes when he heard this familiar voice. A sharp, cold light flashed through his eyes as he became slightly surprised.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》