Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2170: Successor of the Third Ancestor
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2170: Successor of the Third Ancestor

“It looks like I can’t hide anything from the eighth majesty,” Yun Xiaoyan became extremely polite. Before the highly esteemed eighth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, she appeared to be extremely cautious.

Even though she was the princess of the Thousand Lotus Empire, possessing great status, she was unable to face the eighth majesty with composure.

Outside the Neptunean Divine Palace, the Azure Peng King still did not give up on his search for information on Mo Cheng’s murderer. He had always been an extremely sensitive person and was unruly. There was an almost-feral amount of cruelty hidden within him. Now that Mo Cheng, who he placed high hopes on, had died, he had the urge to find the organisation behind the murderer to settle the debt.

However, after groups of Godkings emerged from the Neptunean Divine Palace one after another, the Azure Peng King finally learnt that the name of his disciple’s murderer was Ming Dong.

Ming Dong’s connection with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng had only been revealed at the very end, while the Godkings who had come out just now had left early. They had no idea that the five experts who followed Ming Dong were divine generals from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

As a result, the Azure Peng King learnt of nothing apart from his name.

“Ming Dong, good. Very good. This king doesn’t care who you are, as this king won’t let you leave alive for killing this king’s disciple. And how dare the organisation behind you give you permission to act so recklessly in the Neptunean Divine Palace? Once I understand your background, I will definitely pay a personal visit to the organisation behind you,” the Azure Peng King’s cold voice rang out. Chilling killing intent almost seemed to make the space there seize up.

However, no one knew whether he would still be bold enough to talk so big in such a fearless manner once he learnt that Ming Dong was the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Near the four Grand Primes’ statues on the twelfth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace, Shui Yunlan, Audriana, Ming Dong, Rui Di, and Zhi Ye all remained seated like statues. They devoted themselves to recovering their vitality.

But at this moment, a single and light zither sound suddenly rang out. The pleasant sound seemed to be filled with endless char as if it could pierce through all obstructions and be heard clearly from everywhere.

There were several dozen Godkings recovering on the twelfth floor as well. Many of them had cast down layers of formation around them, but the zither sound managed to pierce through the formations effortlessly, alarming everyone there.

At that moment, all the people there opened their eyes and stared at the same place.

Shangguan Mu’er sat there in a purple dress with her eyes closed. All thirty-six strings of the Zither of the Demonic Cry across her knees actually leapt about without anyone’s control, playing the wondrous music.

As the music rang out, it seemed to bear the laws of the world, possessing a profound charm of laws. It could also enchant the minds of people. In just five seconds, everyone, Shui Yunlan included, seemed to have become intoxicated. The music had sucked away their souls unknowingly, causing their minds to sink into the music.

It was also at this moment that a single inscription flashed between Ming Dong’s eyebrows. Ming Dong roused in that instance after having his mind drawn away.

“Sister-in-law!” Ming Dong called out as he stared at Shangguan Mu’er in surprise.

“Don’t worry,” Shangguan Mu’er opened her eyes slowly and said calmly. Afterwards, she gently pressed her slender, white hands against the strings.

Immediately, the strings that leapt about by themselves stopped and so did the enchanting music.

“This is the Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine engraved within Zither of the Demonic Cry. I just wanted to check out the power of the two tunes. It won’t harm anyone here,” said Shangguan Mu’er as her enchanting eyes were filled with undisguised surprise and joy.

She had finally awakened the artifact spirit slumbering within the Zither of the Demonic Cry. She had already gained the basic recognition of the Zither of the Demonic Cry back in the lower world, so she had used the zither for many years now. Now that the artifact spirit had awakened, it naturally did not to object her at all. It treated her as the only successor of the Third Ancestor and accepted her as its master extremely successfully.

“This is the legendary Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine? No wonder it’s terrifying. It actually managed to control my mind unknowingly,” Shui Yunlan returned to her senses, and her emotionless eyes were filled with seriousness.

Audriana also stared at the Zither of the Demonic Cry in surprise. She said gently, “The records of our God clan have detailed that when the Third Ancestor of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound personally plays the Divine Tune, she can invoke the mysteries of the world and allow people to connect with the laws of the world such that comprehension becomes hundreds of times easier than usual. Moreover, it can heal wounds of the soul, making it extremely profound. With the Demonic Tune, she could throw laws into disarray, reverse yin and yang, and control the souls of Grand Primes. The Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine was the most terrifying technique of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound in the past. I never thought you’d grasp it now.”

Rui Di and Zhi Ye stared at Shangguan Mu’er in surprise. Due to how short the Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes had been around for, they did not know about the rumours of the Third Ancestor as well as Shui Yunlan or Audriana. However, having become temporarily lost earlier, they were extremely shocked.

“Mu’er, has the artifact spirit of the Zither of the Demon Cry awakened?” Jian Chen also rushed back and stared at Shangguan Mu’er happily.

“Yeah. On this floor, there’s some soul energy that has never dispersed. Once the artifact spirit absorbed enough of this power, it awakened.” Shangguan Mu’er smiled faintly. She looked at the surroundings and said, “Only once the artifact spirit awakened did I learn that the soul energy came from the ancestor of the Daoist Sect of Neptunea that was only second to Grand Exalts. His soul was wiped out, but perhaps because the Neptunean Divine Palace had been sealed off, or perhaps due to some other reasons, a tiny portion of his soul energy lingered on this floor…”

Jian Chen was surprised when he heard that. Immediately, he covered up Shangguan Mu’er’s mouth. Now that the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened, if he learnt that the Zither of the Demonic Cry was absorbing the residual soul energy of his old master, no one knew what would happen.

However, Jian Chen had already secretly communicated with the sword spirits in an attempt for them to absorb the soul energy there to recover their powers just like how the artifact spirit of the Zither of the Demonic Cry had awakened.

“Due to the special characteristics of the Zither of the Demon Cry, it can absorb the soul energy here, but we can’t. We can’t even sense the soul energy here properly,” the sword spirits said helplessly.

Pity filled Jian Chen’s face. If the sword spirits could recover some of their power through the soul energy here, the assistance that they could bring him in the future would be immeasurable.

After a moment of hesitance, Jian Chen looked at everyone and said, “The artifact spirit has already broken free, and Xiao Man will successfully become the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace. I think we can leave here very soon.”

“Jian Chen, what do you plan on doing next?” Audriana asked. She did not care about who the Netpunean Divine Palace belonged to, as she had only come here under the orders of the War God.

“Jian Chen, come with me back to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. My eighth senior is outside, and my first senior just showed herself earlier. As long as you come with me, I can guarantee you that no matter how many people you’ve offended in the Neptunean Divine Palace, they won’t be able to do anything to you,” said Ming Dong. He also did not seem to care about the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Shui Yunlan remained silently. Currently, she struggled to even protect herself, where she could not even leave through the main entrance of the Neptunean Divine Palace. She was of no help at all at a time like this.

Rui Di and Zhi Ye also said nothing. Although Jian Chen came from the same homeland as them, Jian Chen had offended far too many people in the Neptunean Divine Palace. The heritage of their Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes was shallow, so they were completely unable to provide any help to Jian Chen.

“Ming Dong, I have my own path that I must take. I’ll leave the Neptunean Divine Palace through the teleportation formation here,” Jian Chen turned down Ming Dong’s invitation. He had his own pride and dignity. He did not want to rely on others. Moreover, he had the sword spirits with him, so he did not dare to go to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

“Mu’er, you better return to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. Don’t go to the Cloud Plane for now. Staying at the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound instead will help you substantially,” Jian Chen then said to Shangguan Mu’er. He also understood that he could not to take Shangguan Mu’er with him with the situation he currently faced.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》