Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2188: The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2188: The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance

Jian Chen had accumulated a large amount of cultivation resources from his trip to the Neptunean Divine Palace. Even though he had given many of them to his sister, he still had plenty on him right now.

For the sake of convenience, Jian Chen sorted through all the resources before storing all of them into one Space Ring.

After doing all that, he took out the two God Tier heavenly resources that he was unable to tell the grades of from his Space Ring first and wolfed them down.

The two heavenly resources were of extremely high grades. They came from the Space Ring of a Grand Prime. There had been a total of five of them. He gave three to Shui Yunlan so that she could give them to his sister.

As soon as the heavenly resources reached his stomach, it turned into tremendous energy that flooded Jian Chen’s body completely. It was ferocious and brutal, forcefully making Jian Chen’s body swell.

If it were some other Godking, they probably would have directly exploded to pieces if they were in Jian Chen’s shoes because the energy in the two heavily resources was just too vast.

However, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was about to break through to Major Achievement now, so it was extremely tough. As a result, the energy that filled his body posed no harm to him.

Jian Chen’s dantian seemed to have turned into a vortex, devouring the energy that had filled his body with no signs of stopping. As he practised his cultivation method, the energy was compressed and refined into strands of pure Chaotic Force that were stowed away in his chaotic neidan.

It just had to be mentioned that as Jian Chen made progress with Chaotic Force and broke through layer after layer, his rate of refinement and absorption reached a completely new level as well. Before too long, Jian Chen had refined the two God Tier heavenly resources completely.

“The terrifying energy within the two heavenly resources are only enough to cover a fifth of what I require to reach the thirteenth layer. It looks like the amount of energy I need to break through completely surpasses my estimates.” Jian Chen gradually opened his eyes after refining the two heavenly resources. After a moment of thought, he took out over several dozen heavenly resources that he had obtained from the Divine Medicinal Garden as well as mountainous piles of high grade and supreme grade divine crystals. He continued to cultivate.

Among the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World, one was known as the Loneheaven Plane.

The Loneheaven Plane was also divided into the eastern, western, southern, northern, and central planes. These five regions also had many divine kingdoms and empires. The Loneheaven Plane even had three everlasting empires.

However, the most awe-inspiring ones were not the three everlasting empires or the peak clans that stood at the peak of the plane. Instead, it was the five renowned heavenly kings who held absolute authority.

The five heavenly kings each resided in one region. Their existence made them supreme on the Loneheaven Plane.

Even the three everlasting empires and the various peak organisations had to lower themselves out of respect before the five heavenly kings.

The Azure Peng King of the Azure Peng lineage was one of the five heavenly kings. He was located in the central region and took an azure mountain shrouded in clouds as his territory. He had named it Azure Brilliance Mountain.

In the Saints’ World, he was the infamous Azure Peng King, but on the Loneheaven Plane, he was the great Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance.

At this moment, on this exact mountain, a dishevelled man in a depressing state knelt on the ground as he pressed his head firmly against the ground.

“Master, I’ve come for punishment,” the old man said politely.

“Cang Ying, I specially sent you to protect Mo Cheng. In the end, Mo Cheng’s dead, but you’re still alive. Do I still have any need for useless people?” The Azure Peng King’s cold, dignified voice rang out from the mountain. There was chilling killing intent within the voice.

“I deserve a thousand deaths for having failed to protect the young master. However, before I die, I have something important to report to master. There’s another side to the young master’s death…” Cang Ying said politely.


Afterwards, Cang Ying reported everything that had happened in the Neptunean Divine Palace to the Azure Peng King. He dared not lie before the Azure Peng King because the latter could instantaneously discern whether he was telling the truth.

“In other words, Mo Cheng’s death is closely related to that person called Jian Chen?” The Azure Peng King’s cold voice rang out.

“Master, although the young master died to Ming Dong’s hands, it was all because of Jian Chen,” said Cang Ying. When the battle between several hundred supreme Godkings erupted in the Neptunenan Divine Palace, he and Mo Cheng had worked together against Ming Dong. After being cut in half, Cang Ying had become heavily injured and incapacitated.

However, he did not die in the battle. Instead, he was saved by a supreme Godking who was on good terms with the Azure Peng lineage on the chaotic battlefield, having been sent into a spatial storage artifact. He had only recovered slightly earlier, and after which, he hurried back to the Loneheaven Plane.

“Jian Chen…” The Azure Peng King’s cold voice rang out from the Azure Brilliance Mountain. The Azure Peng King appeared silently on the peak of the mountain. He gazed at the empty space coldly as heavy killing intent wrapped around him.

However, his face seemed sickly pale.

The next moment, the Azure Peng King vanished. He had shot off from the Loneheaven Plane with unbelievable speed, disappearing into the depths of outer space in the blink of an eye.

A meteor hovered in the vast outer space silently, without moving at all.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor sat on the meteor with his eyes closed. Killing intent revolved around him without dispersing.

He had already remained there for many years, silently waiting for news of Jian Chen. No matter where Jian Chen had run off to, he would hurry off as quickly as he could as soon as he learnt of his whereabouts.

At this moment, there was a flash of azure light. The Azure Peng King had used his extreme speed to shoot through space, arriving before the meteor that the Solitary Sword Ancestor sat on.

“The death of my disciple is related to Jian Chen. There’s nothing I can do about that person from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng right now, but I have to kill Jian Chen. Solitary Sword Ancestor, your Way of Divination is at a higher level than mine. Can’t you divine Jian Chen’s whereabouts instead of waiting here painfully?” Without any greetings, the Azure Peng King directly asked the Solitary Sword Ancestor as soon as he arrived.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor gradually opened his eyes. He looked at the pale, still-injured Azure Peng King calmly and said, “I’ve tried divination more than just a single time in the past few years in an attempt to find Jian Chen’s whereabouts. But in the end, I found nothing. I don’t know where he is.”

“He’s a mere Godking, yet I can’t find anything about him. That can only mean three things. The first is that an expert with a cultivation greater than mine is secretly protecting him, obscuring the heavenly secrets for him. The second is that he’s hiding in some special place that can mask him from the heavenly secrets, which is why I can’t find him.”

“The third is that his life is extraordinary, unbound by the world or unrestrained by the laws.”

“The first is unlikely, while the third is just a baseless rumour. It’s extremely likely that he’s hiding in a special place. Hmph, I’d like to see how long you can keep hiding.” The Azure Peng King’s face sank, and he immediately took out a jade talisman. He sent a message back to the Azure Brilliance Mountain, “Immediately place a bounty on Jian Chen across the entire Saints’ World and investigate all of Jian Chen’s origins for me.”

With the Azure Peng King’s orders, the entire Azure Brilliance Mountain began to move. They passed the Azure Peng King’s orders to the three everlasting empires and the various peak clans as quickly as they could.

As soon as the various organisations learnt that the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance had personally passed down an order, they dared not tarry. They spread the news of this bounty as quickly as possible, across the entire Loneheaven Continent very quickly before expanding out to the other great planes and planets.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》