Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2196: The Peak of the Apex
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2196: The Peak of the Apex

The middle-aged man was the ancestor of the Bloodbattle clan.

“Y- you’re at the Primordial realm?” The ancestor stared at Jian Chen as his face changed rapidly. He was uneasy.

“My cultivation level is not important. What is important is that you probably don’t have the ability to kill me,” Jian Chen said coldly. He hovered in the sky as sword Qi surrounded him in the form of a silver-white light. He illuminated the surroundings, making him seem like a god descending from heaven.

He extended a finger gently. When the powerful sword intent that belonged to the great perfection of Sword Spirit appeared, a golden strand of sword Qi immediately condensed up ahead. It shot through the air as a golden streak of light towards the ancestor of the Bloodbattle clan.

The golden sword Qi seemed to possess some black as well; it was Chaotic Force.

The ancestor’s face became extremely ugly. He also extended a finger, and strands of power of slaughter gathered around him. They formed a long beam of laws, colliding with the incoming sword Qi loudly.

With a deafening boom, the golden sword Qi directly dispersed from the collision, reduced to countless tiny strands that scattered in the surroundings.

The beam woven from laws rapidly darkened as well, but it did not disperse in the end. It shot towards Jian Chen with its remaining power.

“The Daluo Sword is no longer enough,” Jian Chen frowned slightly at this outcome. After reaching the thirteenth layer with the Chaotic Body and the great perfection of Sword Spirit with the Way of the Sword, he realised that the various sword techniques he grasped before have basically become useless due to their grade.

This was because with his current strength, even just a casual strike would be far more powerful than the limits of the Dalo Sword. The end result was that his Daluo Sword would only possess the shape of the technique and not the essence.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he gave up on using the sword techniques that he knew. With a wave of his sleeve, he sent out a streak of light that dispersed the remaining power of slaughter. Afterwards, he extended a finger on his right hand to condense a strand of sword Qi into a sword-like shape, charging towards the ancestor in a threatening manner.

The ancestor’s face sank. He blocked Jian Chen’s incoming attack and growled, “Young master Chang Yang, it’s my fault this time, but fortunately, it hasn’t resulted in a great mistake yet. I hope the young master can forgive me, and I will leave right away.”

“If it were not for the fact that I had strength to spare, I would be a corpse already. Since you want to kill me, I can’t let you go. Only one of us will be leaving here alive today,” Jian Chen said coldly. He stopped using all his sword techniques and fought in the most basic way. He wielded the sword Qi on his finger in an airtight manner, stabbing out time and time again. He was faster than lightning, only leaving afterimages behind. The afterimages stacked upon one another and became as densely-packed as rain.

At that moment, his attack could be described as a storm-like barrage.

“Young master Chang Yang, are we really unable to let today’s matter be?” The ancestor asked sternly.

Although the strength of the young master had completely surprised him, he could tell that the young master was still slightly weaker than himself. If he used his full strength and paid a certain price, it was not impossible for him to kill the young master here.

Moreover, this place was his miniature world. As long as the miniature world remained, he did not have to worry about the young master fleeing at all.

This was because his miniature world was rather special. Many methods of escape would be useless here.

“If I were really just a Godking, would you let me live? It’s impossible for me to just forgive and forget,” Jian Chen said coldly. Killing intent radiated from him as his presence surged. He struck out with his full strength, without holding back at all.

Jian Chen had gained a rough understanding of his strength now. The thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body indeed gave him the right to challenge Primordial realm experts. The only lacking aspect was his comprehension of laws.

Of the laws he had comprehended, the Laws of Destruction still remained at late Overgod, while the Laws of the Sword were equivalent to peak Godking. In a clash of laws, he was not the opponent of the ancestor’s Laws of Slaughter. He completely relied on the battle prowess that the Chaotic Force bestowed upon him to close the gap between him and Primordial realm experts.

“Since that’s the case, don’t blame me,” a vicious light flashed through the ancestor’s eyes. Terrifying energy erupted from him like tidal waves as the Primordial realm laws rapidly descended from space.

He formed seals with his hands. Every gesture and transformation seemed to abide by the truths of the world and contain the mysteries of laws as if it could make the world move.

“Apocalyptic Palm!” Suddenly, the ancestor called out loudly, and he directly attacked Jian Chen with a palm strike that abided with countless truths.

Immediately, the terrifying energy and power of laws around the ancestor rapidly condensed into a huge hand that struck towards Jian Chen with a tremendous pressure that originated from the world.

The miniature world shook violently. Space distorted, making vision blurry. The entire space was like water, where it was covered with ripples.

The palm strike was just too powerful. It seemed to have reached the limits of the miniature world.

“God Tier Battle Skill!” Jian Chen’s face changed, and he became extremely stern. This was a God Tier Battle Skill a Primordial realm expert cast, so all of its power was unleashed. It was unlike the attacks of the supreme Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace, where both god artifacts and God Tier Battle Skills were weakened significantly in their hands.

Even though Jian Chen had reached the thirteenth layer, he dared not face the ancestor’s God Tier Battle Skill carelessly. He felt a huge pressure from the God Tier Battle Skill that was brimming with power.

With a flip of his hand, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. Chaotic Force rampaged within him, and all of it poured into the sword, causing the weapon to explode with dazzling light. It was like countless stars had gathered together. Huge stars were conjured from the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways one after another.

One, two… six.

With every star, the pressure that the sword gave off became stronger. It only stopped when six stars were conjured. At that moment, the pressure from the sword was extremely terrifying, no weaker than the ancestor’s God Tier Battle Skill.

“God artifact!”

Sensing the astonishing pressure from the sword, the ancestor’s face changed slightly as he felt envy from the bottom of his heart.

God artifacts were so precious in the Saints’ World that even many Primordial realm experts did not possess a single one. Although the ancestor of the Bloodbattle clan had reached the Primordial realm and was one of the supreme figures of the Thousand Leaf Empire, he did not possess a god artifact.

Jian Chen swung the sword in his hand, and terrifying energy erupted out like a tsunami. Under the radiance of countless stars, it collided with the ancestor’s Apocalyptic Palm.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》