Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2217: The Celestial Sword Sain
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2217: The Celestial Sword Sain


Jian Chen looked at Bai Yu rather speechlessly. He said, “Do you really want to be the senior this much? And isn’t it too soon for you to decide that you’re my senior?”

Bai Yu rolled her eyes as she said rather complacently, “It’s not me who wants to be your senior. Who can help the fact that I’m stronger than you? That’s why I can only just accept you as my little junior brother, Junior, why don’t you call me your senior sooner? If you make me, your senior, happy, I’ll protect you in the future. Once someone bullies you, feel free to come to find your senior sister.” Bai Yu purposefully acted gallantly at the end.

However, when she tried to give off a bearing like that, Jian Chen saw nothing close to it.

Jian Chen burst into laughter. Did he still need the protection of a Radiant Saint Master who was only at Returnance?

“Of course. If even senior sister can’t stop the powerful opponent, there’s still first senior brother. Isn’t that right, senior Zhuo Feng?”

“Junior sister is right. If there are any ignorant bastards who offends junior sister in the future, feel free to come to find me. I’ll stand forward for you,” Zhuo Feng revealed a radiant smile on his handsome face as he looked at Bai Yu amiably. However, Zhuo Feng did not even glance at Jian Chen as if he did not take him seriously at all.

“Zhuo Feng, Bai Yu, Chang Yang, come to the top of the mountain immediately,” at this moment, a heavy voice boomed out from the sky.

Jian Chen, Bai Yu, and Zhuo Feng all looked at the top of the mountain when they heard that. They all understood that the owner of the voice was extremely likely to be their teacher.

Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng immediately became prudent. A Radiant Godking could still strike a certain amount of awe in them.

Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng immediately dared not tarry. They both condensed Radiant Saint Force and flew towards the top of the mountain peak as soon as they heard the voice.

However, as soon as they tried to condense Radiant Saint Force, they discovered in surprise that an invisible force bound their bodies. They were unable to fly at all.

However, the two of them soon realised that this was probably a test from their future teacher. Immediately, they made up their minds and ran towards the top of the mountain.

Jian Chen remained completely calm. He stared at the mountain top for a while before chasing behind Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng with a single movement. He followed behind them steadily, hurrying towards the top of the mountain.

At the same time, in the vast outer space beyond the Desolate Plane, a streak of azure light shot through deep space with unbelievable speed. Unsurprisingly, the streak of light headed straight for the huge piece of land floating in space.

In the end, the azure streak of light did not enter the boundary of the Desolate Plane. It stopped outside the Desolate Plane in the sea of stars and turned into a man in azure clothes.

The man was the infamous Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance of the Saints’ World, the Azure Peng King!

“He’s actually on the Desolate Plane,” the Azure Peng King hovered in outer space with his presence concealed. He stared at the Desolate Plane and frowned.

“I can’t wait any longer. The Solitary Sword Ancestor is about to come. I have to get the Anatta Tower from Jian Chen before the Solitary Sword Ancestor no matter what, even if I have to pay a certain price,” thought the Azure Peng King. He made up his mind and carefully concealed his presence, approaching the Desolate Plane silently with an extremely low profile.

“Piss off!”

However, a voice boomed out in outer space at this moment. In the next moment, extremely powerful Laws of the Sword condensed in outer space, and in a single instance, it formed a colossal strand of sword Qi in the sea of stars.

The sword Qi was over a hundred thousand kilometres long. It was truly colossal. From afar, it hung in the sky like a resplendent galaxy, shining with dazzling and blinding light, illuminating outer space before directly chopping towards the Azure Peng King.

Under the slash of the sword Qi, the sky full of starlight twisted as if countless stars had fallen out from space. The terrifying sword Qi split space into two. It was horrifying.

The Azure Peng King’s expression changed. He did not receive the strike forcefully. Instead, he flickered with azure light and unleashed his great speed, turning into a blur that retreated to ten million kilometres away to avoid the attack.

“Celestial Sword Saint, I don’t wish to have conflict with you. The murderer of my disciple is on the Desolate Plane right now. I only want to capture the murderer of my beloved disciple. I hope you don’t interfere,” the Azure Peng King said coldly with a sunken face.

“Hmph, I don’t care about your reason. If you want to step on the Desolate Plane, feel free to try it,” the Celestial Sword Saint’s voice rang out from the sea of stars. It was cold and filled with killing intent.

The Azure Peng King hovered in the distant space and stared at the Desolate Plane uneasily.

However, he still did not take that step in the end.

Before long, the space beside the Azure Peng King suddenly twisted. A huge crack suddenly appeared, and the Solitary Sword Ancestor with a sword on his back charged out from the crack while seated on his meteor.

The huge meteor stopped near the Azure Peng King. The Solitary Sword Ancestor stared at the Desolate Plane before standing up and clasping his fist in the direction of the Desolate Plane, “Celestial Sword Saint, long time no see. How have you been?”

“Solitary Sword, you’ve actually come as well. You can come over, but that blue bird brain is forbidden from setting foot on the Desolate Plane,” said the Celestial Sword Saint. He spoke brutally, showing no respect to the Azure Peng King.

Having been called a blue bird brain despite being the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, the Azure Peng King’s face immediately paled in anger and sank in a terrifying manner.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor clasped his fist at the Celestial Sword Saint again. After exchanging pleasantries, he took a step away from his meteor and entered the Desolate Plane.

But at this moment, the Solitary Sword Ancestor’s expression changed. Suddenly, he looked behind him.

A white-robed, middle-aged man strode over through the vast sea of stars. He crossed an extremely great distance with each step, directly making his way towards the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

In just a few seconds, the middle-aged man arrived a few kilometres away from the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

“You seem to have come for me specially? Are you looking for me for something particular?” The Solitary Sword Ancestor stopped and looked back at the white-robed man. He frowned slightly.

The Azure Peng King also noticed the middle-aged man, but he only glanced at him before losing interest because the middle-aged man was just too weak. He did not raise the Azure Peng King’s attention at all.

“I heard you issued a bounty for Jian Chen everywhere?” The middle-aged man looked at the Solitary Sword Ancestor calmly and said with great composure.

“The only successor of my Solitary Sword lineage was killed by Jian Chen,” growled the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

“There are two reasons why I’m looking for you. The first is that I hope you can give up on the bounty and your hunt for Jian Chen,” said the middle-aged man. He remained calm the entire time.

The Azure Peng King became angered when he heard that. However, he did not act up on the spot. He could tell that the middle-aged man was not as simple as he seemed, so he turned towards the Solitary Sword Ancestor and said to him secretly, “Who is this person? He’s a mere Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, yet he dares to talk to you like that?”

“Do not underestimate him. He’s not someone that should be provoked. What you see right now is only a clone of his,” the Solitary Sword Ancestor replied sternly.
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