Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2218: Second Senior Brother
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2218: Second Senior Brother

The Azure Peng King’s face immediately sank from the Solitary Sword Ancestor’s cautious warning. The Solitary Sword Ancestor had revealed one fact to him without any doubt. The middle-aged man who was only a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime possessed an extremely powerful original body.

Even a peak expert as powerful as the Solitary Sword Ancestor had to act cautiously.

Originally, the middle-aged man had nothing to do with him, the Azure Peng King, but he just happened to want to protect Jian Chen who the Azure Peng King wanted to kill. It immediately made the Azure Peng King’s expression become rather ugly.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor fell silent when he heard the middle-aged man’s words. He looked at the white-robed, determined man indifferently and only said after quite a while, “You know just how difficult it is to find a suitable successor for my Solitary Sword Ancestor. Gong Zheng was the only person I managed to find in the vast Saints’ World after so much difficulty, but in the end, he was slain by Jian Chen in the Neptunean Divine Palace before he could fully mature and spread his wings.”

“If you want to protect Jian Chen, how will I be able to explain this to the past generations of my Solitary Sword lineage?”

The white-robed man smiled indifferently, “Finding a suitable successor might be an extremely arduous matter to you, but it’s nothing for me.”

The Solitary Sword Ancestor’s eyes narrowed when he heard that. Immediately, he stared at the middle-aged man with brimming interest and asked eagerly, “Are you willing to find suitable successors for me?”

The middle-aged man nodded, “It’s not a matter of finding suitable successors. It’s I’ve already found suitable successors. There are three juniors with great talent who are extremely suitable to become successors of your Solitary Sword lineage.”

“Three? Really?” The Solitary Sword Ancestor’s face lit up, and his eyes shone.

“You know whether I’m telling the truth or not. Solitary Sword, I’ll use these three successors to exchange for your bounty on Jian Chen. Moreover, you cannot target Jian Chen in the future anymore. Do you agree?” The middle-aged man said indifferently.

“Alright, I agree. If the three of them become successors to my Solitary Sword lineage, not only will I stop targeting Jian Chen, but I’ll even owe you a huge favour,” the Solitary Sword Ancestor said loudly. Jubilation filled his voice. It was extremely difficult for his Solitary Sword lineage to find successors. Even during its most glorious time, there were no more than ten successors. In his generation, there had only been a single successor, Gong Zheng.

As a result, the Solitary Sword Ancestor was naturally overjoyed when he suddenly heard news of three successors.

“You said there are two reasons why you’re looking for me. What’s the second reason?” The Solitary Sword Ancestor asked.

“I want you to take action personally,” said the middle-aged man.

“You want me to take action?” The Solitary Sword Ancestor was surprised.

The middle-aged man sank into his thoughts for a while before telling the Solitary Sword Ancestor secretly, “My original body is trapped. I need you to take action and destroy a seal.”

The Solitary Sword Ancestor immediately became stern. He glanced at the middle-aged man with his eyes that had seen many aspects of life and thought for a very long time before nodding slowly.

Seeing the Solitary Sword Ancestor agree, the middle-aged man’s face did not change at all. He remained calm and composed the entire time. A shard of jade directly shot into the Solitary Sword Ancestor’s hand, and the middle-aged man said, “Here is the location of your three successors.”

Afterwards, the middle-aged man no longer remained there. He took a step and left, entering the Desolate Plane with composure. He did not even glance at the Azure Peng King as if he was nothing.

“Solitary Sword, who is he?” The Azure Peng King arrived before the Solitary Sword Ancestor in a flash and asked with a sunken face after the middle-aged man had left.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor shook his head gently. He did not seem to be willing to talk about the middle-aged man’s identity. However, he did open his mouth, tempted to warn the Azure Peng King to give up on his hunt for Jian Chen, but as soon as he was going to say it, he remembered the Azure Peng King’s nature. He knew that even if he warned the Azure Peng King, it would not change his mind, so he said nothing in the end. He took the shard of jade with the location of the three successors and left eagerly in excitement and anticipation.

Seeing the Solitary Sword Ancestor leave, the Azure Peng King became uneasy. He looked at the huge Desolate Plane that hovered in space, and the light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty.

In the end, he was still unwilling to just watch Jian Chen hide on the Desolate Plane safely. He called out, “Celestial Sword Saint, the grievances of the past are in the past. It has already been so many years, so why must you cling onto them? If you give me just two hours on the Desolate Plane, I will definitely give you a great remuneration.”

“Hahaha, in terms of vengefulness, how many people can match up to you azure bird brain in the entire Saints’ World? It’s still the same as before. If you want to step onto the Desolate Plane, feel free to try it,” the Celestial Sword Saint replied with a provocation and threat. He did not appear, but his voice boomed through outer space like a great bell.

The Azure Peng King’s face paled in anger. He glanced in the direction of the Desolate Plane icily and snorted coldly before turning around and leaving.

However, he did not go far away. Instead, he sat down on a meteor in the distant space, observing Jian Chen from far away.

“Jian Chen, I’d like to see how long you can remain on the Desolate Plane,” the Azure Peng King thought as he looked at the fingernail-sized land in the distance.

Jian Chen, Bai Yu, and Zhuo Feng currently unleashed their full might in the Radiant Saint Hall, running towards the top of the mountain crazily. They moved extremely quickly, just like three streaks of white light that vanished through the forest in a flash.

Out of the three of them, Zhuo Feng was the strongest, possessing a three-colored soulcore. His entire body bathed in milky-white Radiant Saint Force as he ran at the front.

Following him was Bai Yu with her two-colored soulcore, while Jian Chen was last.

In reality, Jian Chen could completely break free from the restraints of the mysterious power with his current cultivation and reach the top of the mountain in a single step. However, his status now was only a Radiant Saint Master who had just condensed a one-colored soulcore, so the strength he could display was completely restricted to that.

However, even with that being the case, the strength he displayed could not be compared to the Radiant Saint Force from a one-colored soulcore. As they sprinted, he gradually inched closer to Bai Yu.

And this was Jian Chen holding back, unwilling to stand out. Otherwise, he could easily surpass Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng.

In the end, Zhuo Feng reached the mountain top first. Jian Chen, on the other hand, sped up slightly at the final juncture, allowing him to be one step faster than Bai Yu to claim second. It also made Bai Yu, who was originally second, end up last as third place.

“Little junior brother, I couldn’t tell that you were actually even faster than senior sister,” Bai Yu looked at Jian Chen as she breathed rather heavily.

“Very good. Since everyone is here, I formally announce that Zhou Feng, Chang Yang, and Bai Yu will be the students of I, Han Xin. In the future, I’ll be responsible for guiding you on the path of cultivation as a Radiant Saint Master.”

A white-robed middle-aged man stood before the three of them. He seemed graceful and refined, slightly like a scholar, but his eyes shone brightly as he spoke to the three of them.

“From today onwards, Zhuo Feng will be the first senior brother. Chang Yang, you will be the second senior brother, while Bai Yu will be the little junior sister,” Han Xin said firmly, leaving no room for discussion.

“Huh? How did I become the smallest? No, no. Master, this isn’t fair. This doesn’t make sense. I should be the second senior, so why did I end up as the smallest?” Bai Yu refused to accept this, “Sir, I have a two-colored soulcore, while junior Chang Yang has only condensed his one-colored soulcore. I have no objections about senior Shuo Feng being the first senior, but why must junior Chang Yang who’s weaker than me have more seniority? That’s clearly unfair.”

Han Xin looked at Bai Yu and said, “Who told you seniority is determined by cultivation?”

“Is that not it?” Bai Yu pointed and said matter-of-factly. She felt wronged.

“Here, whoever makes it to the mountain top earlier will have greater seniority. Zhuo Feng made it first, so he is the first senior. Chang Yang followed him, so Chang Yang is the second senior. You were last, so you’re naturally the youngest in terms of seniority,” Han Xin said firmly. Then he waved his hand, “Enough. The matter has been settled, so don’t talk about it anymore. Go find a place to set up a dwelling yourself as a place for cultivation. Come see me tomorrow morning.”

“Remember, the dwelling must lie within my territory,” with that, Han Xin directly left without even glancing at Bai Yu’s sulking expression.

“Sir, how can you do this? It’s unfair,” Bai Yu sulked as Han Xin walked away. She was close to crying.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》