Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2229: Fusing with the Chaotic Force One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2229: Fusing with the Chaotic Force One

Chapter 2229: Fusing with the Chaotic Force (One)

As soon as the puresoul entered Jian Chen’s soul, it dissolved, turning into extremely pure and strong power of the soul. It completely fused with Jian Chen’s two halves and rapidly replenishing the parts that had been eaten away.

Puresouls were originally used to strengthen the souls of cultivators and make them even more powerful than before, but now that Jian Chen was so injured, the puresoul instead made up for Jian Chen’s exhausted power of his soul.

With the inclusion of the puresoul, the rate at which the Chaotic Force ravaged Jian Chen’s soul immediately slowed down.

The black-robed Mo Tianyun stood beside Jian Chen. As he quickly refined the Saint of Grand Harmy’s soul, he paid attention to Jian Chen’s situation. The rate at which Jian Chen’s soul dispersed slowed down with the addition of the puresoul, but Mo Tianyun’s sternness did not lessen.

“I’ve earned him some time, but the danger still remains. If the sliver of Chaotic Force lingering in his soul isn’t eliminated, he’ll still die in the end,” Mo Tianyun said grimly. Although he could temporarily prevent Jian Chen’s soul from dispersing completely, there was nothing he could do about the Chaotic Force.

This was because it was true Chaotic Force. It was not as easy to deal as the half-assed Chaotic Force cultivated by people with normal Chaotic Bodies. Moreover, the Chaotic Force resided in Jian Chen’s soul, which was the most fragile part.

“It will all be up to him now. All I can do I maintain his soul to the best of my ability,” Mo Tianyun said sternly before pouring another puresoul into Jian Chen’s soul.

“And I don’t have many puresouls left on me. They’re not of particularly high quality either. I can only place my hopes on the Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul now. It looks like I need to refine his soul as quickly as possible,” Mo Tianyun’s eyes narrowed, and he handed two puresouls to his clone. Then he sat down where he was and formed seals with his hands, casting down a great formation with space as his surface.

The formation was extremely tremendous. It basically filled every inch of the miniature world. Each inscription was extremely thick, and it flickered with black light, surging with demonic flames.

The black-robed Mo Tianyun sat in the centre of the formation. Countless inscriptions gathered around him as all the demonic flames condensed on him through the operation of the formation, roaring powerfully.

Immediately, a tremendous ball of black flames surrounded Mo Tianyun. However, he sat in the flames without moving at all, constantly using secret techniques to refine the Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul with the assistance of the formation.

A terrifying energy seemed to rampage in the miniature world as Mo Tianyun refined the soul, causing the space that even the Solitary Sword Ancestor praised as tough to distort heavily.

Time passed silently. Very soon, the puresouls on Mo Tianyun were completely depleted, having all been poured into Jian Chen’s soul. Even though he still had some heavenly resources and pills for the soul, they could not be compared to the puresouls.

“The Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul hasn’t been completely refined, but there’s nothing I can do now,” the black-robed Mo Tianyun sighed from within the demonic flames. The flames in the air suddenly vanished, exposing Mo Tianyun’s original body. The Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul in his hand had turned into a ball of extremely great power of the soul.

However, the power of the soul contained impurities, so it was nowhere near as pure as the puresouls.

“I hope that the power of the Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul can assist you in dispersing the strand of Chaotic Force,” the black-robed Mo Tianyun stared at the unconscious Jian Chen. Under the guidance of his finger, the power of the soul was immediately syphoned away as a hair’s breadth stream that constantly channelled into Jian Chen’s forehead.

The power of the Saint of Grand Harmony’s soul was just too powerful for Jian Chen, so Mo Tianyun did not send all of it into Jian Chen’s soul at once. Instead, he did so part by part.

At that moment, the unconscious Jian Chen felt like he had entered a dream. In the dream, he was extremely weak, so weak that he was powerless to even stand up. A vast ocean existed around him, and he was tossed around by the turbulent waves, almost being swallowed up several times.

He refused to die at sea, so there was a strong desire for survival that radiated from the bottom of his soul. Even when he was extremely weak, he still struggled with all that he had, just to live.

During this time, energy of unknown origins had been poured into his body, allowing him to gain some power, but before the turbulent seas, it was still extremely puny, not enough for him to put up a struggle.

Gradually, his power became weaker and weaker as he struggled more and more to survive before the terrifying waves. It was as if he would be completely swallowed up before long.

However, even in such a despairing situation, Jian Chen did not give at all. He did not feel any fear towards death. There was only a stubborn willpower that originated from the depths of his subconsciousness that made him keep going painfully.

It was as if his subconsciousness was telling him that he would not die, or that he would not die here at the very least.

At this moment, a tremendous and seemingly unending power suddenly surged forth. In that instance, Jian Chen felt like he was filled with power, so he began to swim in the ocean without any hesitation at all.

He did not know where the shore was, nor did he know when he could finish swimming. He did not even know how long he could last. That was because his thinking capacity was basically reduced to a minimum. All of his actions and behaviours were based on instinct.

He swam more and more, but the energy remained unending. After who knows how long, he suddenly felt a wondrous feeling as if the region he had swum past became a part of him. He could blurrily sense the region and control it.

At that moment, he suddenly discovered that he had already swum across half of the ocean unknowingly.

His actions did not stop. He continued to swim forward. He was like an explorer, claiming the land wherever he passed by.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》