Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2243: The Chaos of the Xi Empire
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2243: The Chaos of the Xi Empire

The old man was extremely powerful. He was a peak Infinite Prime. With his strength, he could claim to be invincible in an ancient empire like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The huge hand he condensed hid surging energy. Let alone destroying the Tian Yuan clan, but it could even flatten the entire provincial city.

The empress secretly sighed with this. She knew that the fate of the Tian Yuan clan had been set in stone now. It was impossible for them to escape this fate. Even if she intervened, she would not be able to change any of it.

However, the old man’s actions had completely angered Ming Dong. Ming Dong glared at the old man in a shocking manner as killing intent surged from him without any disguise.

Ming Dong pointed at the old man and suddenly cried out, “Kill him!” There was an undisguised rage in his voice.

The white-robed, scholarly, middle-aged man who had always accompanied Ming Dong nodded gently when he heard that. He glanced past the old man indifferently and waved his hand leisurely.

Immediately, Primordial realm laws that were enough to cause the old man to tremble suddenly descended. The middle-aged man’s hand turned into a streak of dazzling golden light, piercing through the air and arriving before the old man in a split second. Under the old man’s shocked gaze, it struck his body mercilessly.

There were no deafening booms. In the instance the old man was struck, he disintegrated silently. Whether it was his flesh or blood, it had all been reduced to nothingness under everyone’s gazes. Nothing remained.

Even his soul had dispersed.

The Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had been slain by the middle-aged man before he could even cry out.

Everyone present saw this shocking scene and immediately became astounded. At that moment, including the empress, everyone looked at the middle-aged man who stood quietly behind Ming Dong. Shock filled their eyes.

“Stand forward, those who want to destroy my brother’s Tian Yuan clan!”

Ming Dong did not even look at the old man who had disintegrated. Instead, he glared at the people who had arrived after the empress and called out. Killing intent surged from him.

The expressions of the people who had pursued the empress all changed from that. They could not help but stagger a few steps backwards as surprise and fear filled their eyes.

At that moment, not a single one of them dared to underestimate Ming Dong. The deterrence from the middle-aged man had silenced them all.

Even though there were Infinite Primes among them, they dared not utter a single word.

“The Dong’an province does not welcome you. I’ll give you ten seconds to get out of here. If any of them still remain after ten seconds, leave none of them alive, uncle Ming,” Ming Dong growled.

“Understood!” The middle-aged man standing behind him replied indifferently. He glanced past the people nonchalantly. However, his calm gaze made all of them shiver.

“Let’s go!” In just a few seconds, all of them had vanished. Ten seconds were not needed at all.

The empress’ group was originally ready to fight to the death, so they became dumbfounded by the sudden change in the situation.

“Yu’er, w- w- who are they?” The empress asked Xi Yu secretly and carefully as she was still taken aback. Undisguised shock filled her eyes.

Xi Yu already knew that the middle-aged man Ming Dong referred to as uncle Ming was extremely powerful, so she had already been prepared for this. As a result, she seemed rather composed right now. Immediately, she pulled the empress to Ming Dong and introduced, “Mother, this is Ming Dong, a brother of patriarch Jian Chen.”

Xi Yu and Ming Dong were already extremely familiar with each other, so even though Ming Dong had displayed impressive power, she did not act overly cautious before him.

However, the empress struggled to remain as composed as Xi Yu. She clasped her fist towards Ming Dong cautiously and thanked, “So it’s the young hero Ming Dong. Thank you for your assistance. The two of us cannot express our gratitude.”

The empress could tell with a single glance that the terrifyingly-powerful middle-aged man seemed to followed Ming Dong, so she dared not hesitate at all when she greeted Ming Dong.

She struggled to imagine just how powerful Ming Dong’s background was to be able to have such a power Chaotic Prime as a bodyguard and have the Chaotic Prime followed all of his orders.

“The person who should be grateful is me. I must thank the emperor and empress for taking care of the Tian Yuan clan for all these years, or my brother’s clan would struggle to survive until now,” Ming Dong smiled at the empress modestly. He did not put on any airs when he faced Xi Yu’s mother.

Afterwards, the empress’ group, Xi Yu, and Ming Dong all returned to the Tian Yuan clan. They gathered in the discussion hall there.

“Mother, tell me what happened to the imperial palace. And why hasn’t my father come?” Xi Yu asked frantically before everyone was even seated.

The empress became gloomy from that. She sighed in low spirits, “Something has happened to the Xi Empire. Ever since your father went into the forbidden grounds, he never emerged again. Instead, the ancestral emperor who had always been cultivating there and never paid any attention to the empire’s matters suddenly emerged. He took over control of the empire again, leading the Xi Empire to stand with the Tian Empire.”

“And your father caused much bloodshed in the Xi Empire to take revenge for you in the past. He slew the important figures of many large clans and organisations, so they’ve begun to resent out imperial family since long ago. If our imperial family maintained our strength, they would never dare to make trouble, but since the ancestral emperor took over control of the empire and mobilised large portions of the empire’s forces to war, the Xi Empire basically emptied out internally. These people who resented our imperial family since long ago finally took advantage of the situation to wipe out the imperial family.”

“With the Heaven-cracking sect leading them, all the clans and organisations who have grievances with our imperial family banded together and engaged in a bloody battle against us. As the ancestor emperor is not in the northern region, our imperial family lacks Chaotic Primes, so we were forced into a constant retreat against the upheaval of the Heaven-cracking sect…”

“Mother, is father in danger then? Otherwise, why would he remain in the forbidden grounds and not emerge?” Xi Yu did not care about the chaos in the Xi Empire. She was worried about her father the most.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know what has happened with Ziyun. If you say he’s in danger, it doesn’t make sense because all the people in the forbidden grounds are the seniors of our Xi clan. Moreover, your grandfather is in there as well. How can they turn on their own family?” The empress shook her head as worry filled her face. She refused to believe all of this.

“No. Mother, I have to go back. Father really might be in danger. I have to go save to him,” Xi Yu said firmly. She had managed to reunite with her parents after so much difficulty, so she could not allow anything to happen to her father now.

“Yu’er, there’s nothing you can do even if you return. The imperial palace is a mess right now. It has been claimed under the lead of the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect. The ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect is a Chaotic Prime, and who knows what has happened to your father and grandfathers. Unless the ancestral emperor returns, no one from our imperial family is the Heaven-cracking sect ancestor's opponent. Moreover, the forbidden grounds of the imperial palace are protected by a powerful formation. You can’t enter it anyway.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》