Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2244: Ming Dong’s Assistance
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2244: Ming Dong’s Assistance

“Are we supposed to just watch father fall into danger while we do nothing?” Xi Yu was helpless. Her father did not emerge after entering the forbidden grounds. Even when the Xi Empire faced destruction, he still did not appear as the current emperor. This made her become more and more certain that her father was in danger, so she became extremely uneasy and flustered.

Suddenly, Xi Yu seemed to think of something. She looked at Ming Dong and pleaded hopefully, “Ming Dong, only you can help me now. Please, I beg you to save my father. I beg you.” Xi Yu placed all her hopes on Ming Dong because she knew that it was impossible to get another expert who could hold off the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect apart from with Ming Dong’s help.

As Xi Yu pleaded towards Ming Dong, the graceful empress’ eyes lit up as well. Suddenly, she looked at Ming Dong, and the flames of hope ignited in the depths of her eyes.

Ming Dong sighed inside when he saw the hopeful pleadings from Xi Yu. He nodded silently and said sternly, “Don’t worry. Your imperial family has assisted the Tian Yuan clan many times in the past. Now that you’re facing trouble, I will naturally assist with all that I have.”

“Thank you, young hero. Thank you. If the opportunity arises, our imperial family will definitely repay your kindness,” the empress was overjoyed and shed tears of gratitude.

Ming Dong smiled indifferently when he heard that. He said proudly, “The reason why I am helping your imperial family is not for you to return the favour. Even if you do want to return the favour, your imperial family will probably never get the chance. The only thing you should feel glad about is that you helped the Tian Yuan clan in the past.”

“The Tian Yuan clan is both my brother’s clan as well as my clan. You have helped the Tian Yuan clan in the past, so I will help you.”

“Enough, let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s best if we hurry. Let’s set off right now.” Ming Dong looked at the middle-aged man behind him and said, “Uncle Ming, please cast a formation to protect the Tian Yuan clan. No wait, not just the Tian Yuan clan. Protect the entire provincial city. This my brother’s territory after all. I can’t just return from the northern region and find that my brother’s territory bears no resemblance to how it was before.”

The middle-aged man nodded. Immediately, he got to work, and very soon, a powerful formation was erected around the entire provincial city.

Afterwards, the empress’ group remained in the Tian Yuan clan. To prevent any traitors among them from harming the Tian Yuan clan, uncle Ming divided up a region for them to remain in temporarily under Ming Dong’s request. Afterwards, Ming Dong left with Yun Xiaoyan, Xi Yu, and the empress, leaving the southern region under uncle Ming’s lead.

They were extremely fast with uncle Ming’s cultivation as a Chaotic Prime. In just a few short seconds, they crossed the great distance between the southern and northern region, arriving above the imperial palace of the Xi Empire.

The once majestic imperial palace had been ruined long ago. The protective formations had shattered while corpses were littered across the ground. Rivers of blood flowed, filling the air with the metallic smell of blood.

Xi Yu became gloomy and sorrowful when she saw the almost ruined imperial palace. The imperial palace in the past was so grand. It possessed a sense of dignity that could not be defied, yet it had been completely reduced to ruins now.

“Let’s go to the forbidden grounds,” the empress remained composed. She led the way, hurrying directly towards the forbidden grounds.

In a mountain range several tens of million kilometres away from the imperial palace, a white-robed, ruddy old man sat at the highest point. He was the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect, and he resided at the location of his Heaven-cracking sect.

The Heaven-cracking sect was one of the peak sects within the Xi Empire. They possessed a Chaotic Prime, which allowed them to basically stand on the same level as the imperial family. Their status was extremely great.

The ancestor’s eyes snapped open. His gaze was piercing as if he could see through space. He looked in the direction of the imperial palace.

“It’s the empress’ presence. She has actually returned to the imperial palace. Have the people I sent failed to kill her?” The ancestor frowned. As a Chaotic Prime, the senses of his soul were so powerful that he could envelop an entire region, so he sensed the empress as soon as she appeared in the imperial palace.

Afterwards, the ancestor stood up. With a gentle breeze, he vanished silently.

The empress led the way, leading Ming Dong and uncle Ming directly to the forbidden grounds in the imperial palace.

At this moment, a terrifying pressure descended from the air. The ancestor of the Heaven-cracking clan silently appeared like he had teleported, right in front of the empress.

The Heaven-cracking sect was extremely distant from the imperial palace, but such a distance was nothing to a Chaotic Prime who could basically cross worlds with each step.

“Empress, I never thought you’d actually return. The northern region no longer belongs to your Xi Empire,” the ancestor stood there with his arms behind his back. A tremendous presence surged out from his body as he glanced past Ming Dong and the others sharply.

The ancestor was not foolish. Naturally, he knew that the empress understood the fact that she would be discovered as soon as she appeared in the Xi Empire. Yet, she was still bold enough to return. Evidently, the empress had something she could rely on.

As a result, he purposefully let out his presence to test what the empress was relying on that did not fear him.

But very soon, the ancestor’s eyes narrowed. He discovered that as soon as his presence approached Xi Yu, Ming Dong, and Yun Xiaoyan, it seemed to encounter an invisible wall, preventing it from drawing any closer.

“Empress, you just have to look for trouble, don’t you? Do you really think you’re the same empress who could rally everyone from a single command?” Another voice rang out. An azure-robed, middle-aged man appeared there, standing with the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect.

This middle-aged man was the ancestor of the Sword Sect of Four Poles, which was also a peak organisation within the Xi Empire.

The ancestor of the Sword Sect of Four Poles did not act recklessly either. Clearly, he thought of the same thing as the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect.

The empress stared at the two ancestors emotionlessly and said nothing.

However, Ming Dong stood forward. He said coldly, “I don’t care what grievances you have with the Xi Empire, but you better get out of the way right now, or we’ll show you what will happen.”

“Who are you? Which clan do you come from? You need to understand that if you stand with the empress, you oppose the side of the Heaven’s Link Peak,” the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect said to Ming Dong, but his gaze was fixated on uncle Ming who stood behind Ming Dong. He was stern.

“Do you come from the Tian Empire’s side?” The ancestor of the Sword Sect of Four Poles called out with a sunken face.

“Cut the bullshit. Are you moving or not?” Ming Dong frowned and became slightly impatient.

“Hmph, what impudence. I’d like to see whether you have the capability of making us move,” the ancestor of the Sword Sect of Four Poles snorted coldly. Immediately, sword Qi surged from him, and four swords suddenly appeared. With devastating power, they shot towards the empress’ group.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》