Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2262: Donglin Yanxue’s Arrival
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2262: Donglin Yanxue’s Arrival

Wen Cheng’s face immediately sank. Even though he was exasperated, he dared not agree to it. He became even less confident after Jian Chen used the Radiant Palm. If he was defeated again and sent flying out of the ring with a slap, he really would no longer have the dignity to remain alive.

“Hehehe, impressive. The two of you only need to fight again, and you’ll be able to determine whether Wen Chong lost purposefully or not,” at this moment, a pleasant giggle rang out. A beautiful woman flew over from the distance, directly flying onto the Soaring Clouds Peak and arriving near Jian Chen.

“It’s Donglin Yanxue of the five candidates. W- why has she come…”

The woman’s arrival immediately led to cries in the surroundings. At that moment, everyone shifted their gazes from Wen Cheng and Jian Chen to her. Many of the gazes were filled with infatuation and love.

The arrival of Donglin Yanxue surprised Wen Cheng slightly as well. He looked at Donglin Yanxue’s almost-sacred beauty, and a sliver of well-hidden admiration appeared in the depths of his eyes as well. However, his face immediately became ashen when he thought about what she had just said.

“Why’ve you come?” Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue and asked in surprise.

Donglin Yanxue raised an eyebrow and said, “What, your Soaring Clouds Peak does not welcome me?”

Jian Chen smiled bitterly, “How could we not welcome any of the five candidates? It’s just that you really haven’t come at a good time.”

“Really?” Donglin Yanxue smiled gently, “But I feel like I’ve come at the perfect time.”

Bai Yu, who stood to one side, also became dumbfounded when she saw Jian Chen interact with Donglin Yanxue so freely like he knew her already. Bai Yu struggled to imagine just how her senior Chang Yang was able to get to know one of the revered candidates, Donglin Yanxue.

There were many people who were deeply infatuated with Donglin Yanxue among the disciples of other mountains. Their eyes had become filled with a vicious light, and they glared at Jian Chen like tigers. There were various kinds of envy and jealousy within their gazes.

Donglin Yanxue’s arrival immediately made her the centre of attention. She drew over the gazes of many powerful Radiant Saint Masters, where many of the Radiant Saint Masters with four-colored, five-colored, or even six-colored soulcores set out and gathered over.

All of these people had come for Donglin Yanxue.

“Junior Yanxue, why have you come…”

“Junior Yanxue, how can you be standing on the Soaring Clouds Peak? With your status, the measly Soaring Clouds Peak does not match you at all. Why don’t you come to our Azure Clouds Peak…”

“Junior Yanxue, if you don’t mind, you’re welcome to come to our Thunder Cry Peak. Our peak lord has already prepared wonderful alcohol…”

At that moment, all the Radiant Saint Masters with four-colored soulcores or above extended their invitations to Donglin Yanxue.

However, Jian Chen immediately felt various cold gazes land on him from the Radiant Saint Masters in the surroundings. It made him smile bitterly inside.

He really had no idea whether Donglin Yanxue’s arrival was a curse or a blessing.

Donglin Yanxue looked at Wen Cheng and said calmly, “What do you think of the proposal I mentioned before? You and Chang Yang can spar again so that you can show whether your defeat last time was really due to Gongzheng Xin’s plans, or you were just not as powerful as Chang Yang.”

“Yeah. Wen Cheng, go fight with Chang Yang in the ring. Defeat him and show us you’re telling the truth…”

“In my opinion, the battle will probably be tough. Didn’t you see Chang Yang use the Radiant Palm…”

Along with Donglin Yanxue’s words, the people around the Soaring Clouds Peak all began to call out. They wanted to make trouble.

Wen Cheng’s face became completely sunken. He stood there silently.

“Donglin Yanxue, why have you come?” At this moment, a cold snort rang out. Gongzheng Xin had also arrived. He was in his usual white robes. He hovered in the sky and stared at Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen coldly.

“It’s young master Gongzheng Xin. He has actually come as well…”

“Heavens, I’m actually seeing young master Gongzheng Xin. The young master is so handsome…”

“It’s normally difficult to see any of the five candidates, but I’m seeing two of them right now. What’s the special occasion…”

Gongzheng Xin’s arrival immediately led to another uproar in the surroundings. Many of the young, beautiful women ogled at Gongzheng Xin with undisguised infatuation.

A nine star genius, one of the five candidates for Chosen Saint, with a handsome appearance and extraordinary bearing—Gongzheng Xin had already become the prince charming in the hearts of many girls. They were tempted to throw themselves at him.

“What? Only you’re allowed to come, and I’m not?” Donglin Yanxue felt no fear towards Gongzheng Xin since she was one of the five candidates as well, so she asked boldly.

“Donglin Yanxue, this has nothing to do you with. It’s best that you leave,” Gongzheng Xin said indifferently. He caught sight of Jian Chen standing beside Donglin Yanxue. If she desired to meddle with his business, it was extremely likely that she could ruin it all.

After all, with Donglin Yanxue’s status, she completely possessed the right to ask the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak to make a statement and reveal the truth, something that Chang Yang could not achieve by himself.

Before Donglin Yanxue could say anything, Gongzheng Xin looked at Jian Chen with a threatening gaze and said condescendingly, “Chang Yang, hand over the Thousand Leaf Lotus, and I’ll forget this happened in the first place.”

Donglin Yanxue smiled mysteriously when she heard that. With a flip of her hand, she took out something from her Space Ring and said to Gongzheng Xin, “Are you talking about this?”

Unsurprisingly, she was holding the Thousand Leaf Lotus Jian Chen had given her.

The appearance of the heavenly resource immediately made Gongzheng Xin’s face change slightly. He stared right at the lotus in Donglin Yanxue’s hand and growled, “Why is it with you?”

“I obviously gave it to senior Yanxue. Gongzheng Xin, is there a problem with that?” Jian Chen directly called him by his name and showed no respect at all, “However, the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak rewarded me with the Thousand Leaf Lotus, so I naturally have the right to give it to whoever I want. If I don’t want to give it to you, you won’t be able to take it from me even if you use your schemes.”

Jian Chen looked straight at Gongzheng Xin and completely ignored the latter’s status as one of the candidates. He said, “Gongzheng Xin, you might be one of the candidates for Chosen Saint, but a candidate is still just a candidate in the end. Others might step aside for the sake of you in the Radiant Saint Hall, but if you don’t know when to stop and keep pressuring people, you’ll only make trouble for yourself.”

Jian Chen’s words stunned everyone present. He had completely and utterly offended Gongzheng Xin with that.
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