Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2263: Settling Down
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2263: Settling Down

A mere Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore was getting in the way of a candidate before everyone. Many people secretly admired his courage, causing them to hold Jan Chen in a new light.

However, there were also others that looked at Jian Chen in delight when they thought about what he would suffer in the future. His days would be numbered after offending a Chosen Saint candidate.

“Chang Yang, you’re very impressive. I will remember everything you’ve said,” Gongzheng Xin’s face was terrifyingly sunken. He stressed each word as killing intent filled his eyes.

“Senior Yanxue, this Gongzheng Xin has been collaborating with Wen Cheng to use the battle that day to slander me. He wanted to get the Thousand Leaf Lotus that the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak gave me. There’s probably no one apart from the peak lord who can produce powerful evidence to prove this matter and redeem my innocence. However, seeing the peak lord is basically impossible with my status, so I can only ask senior Yanxue to visit the peak lord for me, and then announce the outcome of the visit and let everyone know whether I actually used Gongzheng Xin’s help to defeat Wen Cheng and obtain this reward,” Jian Chen said to Donglin Yanxue. He did not try to tone it down at all, allowing his voice to spread afar.

Donglin Yanxue giggled. She glanced at Jian Chen deeply and said, “I will naturally help you for the sake of the Thousand Leaf Lotus and prove that you’re innocent.”

“Alright, very impressive,” Gongzheng Xin’s face darkened in anger. He glared at Jian Chen with gritted teeth before turning around and leaving.

He knew that as long as Donglin Yanxue stood with Jian Chen, he would be unable to do anything to Jian Chen. Moreover, Jian Chen did not seem to revere him like the other disciples, so remaining any longer was pointless.

With Gongzheng Xin’s departure, Wen Cheng and the black-robed man naturally did not linger. They said nothing and fled from the Soaring Clouds Peak in a hurry.

At the same time, on a distant mountain, Xin Bin, also one of the candidates, stood with his arms behind his back. He observed what happened from afar.

“I never thought Chang Yang would actually give the Thousand Leaf Lotus to Donglin Yanxue. Since it has ended up in her hands, it’s basically impossible for me to get it.”

“But that should be for the better. Donglin Yanxue is the weakest. Even with the Thousand Leaf Lotus, it won’t bring a huge advantage towards her candidacy for Chosen Saint. As long as Gongzheng Xin, An Da, and Shi De don’t get it, it won’t be able to influence much.”

Xin Bin murmured to himself. He was rather satisfied with this outcome. Then he left the mountain peak with Radiant Saint Force.

The matter raised by the Thousand Leaf Lotus came to an end. All the more powerful Radiant Saint Masters of the various peaks extended their invitation towards Donglin Yanxue again. The Soaring Clouds Peak became extremely busy during this time.

However, Donglin Yanxue declined all of the warm invitations without any hesitation.

Half an hour later, all the Radiant Saint Masters gathered on the Soaring Clouds Peak returned to their own mountains. The busy Soaring Clouds Peak finally recovered its usual peace.

“Senior Chang Yang, how do you know senior Yanxue? Why haven’t I heard you mention it before?”

As soon as the Soaring Clouds Peak settled down, Bai Yu arrived beside Jian Chen and grabbed his hand affectionately and asked.

On the other hand, Zhuo Feng stood in the distance silently with a sunken face. He glanced at Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen as the flames of envy smouldered within the depths of his eyes.

“God dammit. How does Chang Yang know senior Yanxue? How is it possible for them to know each other…” Zhuo Feng thought as he gritted teeth. He liked Bai Yu, while Donglin Yanxue was someone like a goddess to him. She was an existence he could only look up to and never stand on equal grounds with.

Yet this exact same goddess was actually acquainted with Jian Chen and even stood forward to speak for Jian Chen even if it meant offending Gongzheng Xin. It was not a great feeling for Zhuo Feng.

“Junior sister, I’ll explain to you later. I have something to discuss with senior Yanxue, so you should go back first,” Jian Chen said to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu immediately wrinkled her nose in displeasure and snorted gently, “Senior brother, don't you have to pass on your comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed to me? And you need to teach me the Radiant Palm as well.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll teach you another day. It’s just that I really am busy right now,” Jian Chen smiled. He had truly accepted Bai Yu inside, treating her as his younger sister. He showered her with care.

“Senior Chang Yang, remember that’s what you said. I’ll come to find you tomorrow. You have to help me with all you have.”

Bai Yu glanced at Donglin Yanxue before leaving alone.

As for Zhuo Feng, he naturally needed no reminder from Jian Chen. After Bai Yu had left, he glanced at Donglin Yanxue, who remained there, with mixed feelings. He walked off into the distance with disorderly thoughts.

However, he did not go too far away. He stopped at a certain distance away from Jian Chen’s dwelling, hiding there secretly to observe the dwelling.

Or more correctly, he was observing Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue’s relationship.

“Chang Yang, it looks like your senior really does care about you,” Donglin Yanxue said mysteriously. Clearly, she had noticed that Zhuo Feng was spying on them.

Jian Chen shook his head as he gave a bitter smile. He did not try to explain Zhuo Feng’s behaviour, “Tell me. You’ve come all the way from the Myriad Flowers Peak. What do you need from me?”

Donglin Yanxue glanced at Jian Chen deeply and said, “I heard you have quite the achievement in the usage and grasp over Radiant Saint Force. I’ve come to find you for this.”

“You wish me to teach you the method of using Radiant Saint Force?” Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue in some surprise.

Donglin Yanxue shook her head gently and corrected him, “It’s not teach but to discuss and share.”

Jian Chen nodded understandingly. He smiled, “Not everyone can grasp my method. It’ll probably be very difficult to benefit from me.”

“How is it impossible for me to do something that even you with your one-colored soulcore can achieve?” Donglin Yanxue replied with a question.

“Alright then. Let’s do it. However, before all this, I still need you to go to the Sky Gazing Peak and get some evidence regarding the Thousand Leaf Lotus. I think the peak lord will see you with your status as a candidate.”

Donglin Yanxue was mildly surprised by that. She looked at Jian Chen seriously and asked, “You’re serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. Gongzheng Xin has come for me time and time again. If I don’t counterattack, he’ll think I’m just an easy target. This time, I will definitely humiliate Gongzheng Xin with the evidence,” Jian Chen’s face sank, and a vicious light flickered through his eyes.

Donglin Yanxue’s face hardened. She carefully studied Jian Chen’s ordinary face that he had created from the mask as if she had just met him.

A while later, Donglin Yanxue nodded solemnly. She said sternly, “Alright. I’ll go to the Sky Gazing Peak right now. However, I hope you can consider the consequences clearly. The people behind Gongzheng Xin are not as simple as those behind Wen Cheng.” With that, Donglin Yanxue directly made her way towards the Sky Gazing Peak.
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