Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2264: Mutual Exchanges
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2264: Mutual Exchanges

Very soon, Donglin Yanxue returned. She came back with a crystal that recorded her conversation with the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak.

“Take it. I’ve gotten what you want.” Donglin Yanxue passed the crystal to Jian Chen and continued, “It looks like even the peak lord takes displeasure in some of Gongzheng Xin’s actions. When I asked the peak lord about the Thousand Leaf Lotus, he clearly knew I was recording it, but he did not stop me. As a result, getting the evidence was extremely easy.”

Jian Chen accepted the crystal and immediately sent the senses of his soul inside. Donglin Yanxue and the peak lord promptly appeared before him along with their voices. Jian Chen heard their conversation clearly.

“Disciple Chang Yang of the Soaring Clouds Peak only had a one-colored soulcore, but I became utterly amazed and lost in wonder by his usage of Radiant Saint Force. After he defeated Wen Cheng, who had a far greater cultivation, I bestowed my Thousand Leaf Lotus to Chang Yang on a whim…”

“Peak lord, was the Thousand Leaf Lotus not a reward prepared for the victor?”

“Of course not. I only bestowed it to Chang Yang on a whim…”

The few lines from the peak lord completely separated the matter of the Thousand Leaf Lotus from Gongzheng Xin.

Jian Chen’s senses of his soul receded from the crystal. He clutched it tightly as he gradually revealed a sneer.

He wanted to see how Gongzheng Xin would respond once the contents of the crystal were made public.

“Gongzheng Xin, I definitely won’t be giving you a way out of this time,” thought Jian Chen.

“I’ve helped you already, so shouldn’t you consider my matters now?” Donglin Yanxue said.

Jian Chen nodded. With a flip of his hand, the crystal vanished. He casually glanced at where Zhuo Feng hid before making a gesture to invite Donglin Yanxue into his dwelling. Then he made his way into his dwelling.

Donglin Yanxue immediately became stunned when she saw Jian Chen enter his dwelling. A gleam of light flickered in her eyes as she hesitated.

But in the end, she made up her mind and entered Jian Chen’s dwelling.

“Senior Yanxue has actually entered Chang Yang’s dwelling. How is this possible…” Zhuo Feng became completely dumbfounded when he clearly witnessed this from afar. He was about to explode with envy.

“What’s so good about Chang Yang. It was junior Bai Yu first, and now senior Yanxue. Senior Yanxue is like a resplendent pearl of the Radiant Saint Hall in particular. Dammit…” Zhuo Feng’s face was twisted. He could accept Bai Yu, but Donglin Yanxue of all people as well? She was someone he treated like a goddess, sacred and inviolable.

In the end, his goddess was actually completely unfazed and entered Jian Chen’s dwelling, which drove him mad.

Zhuo Feng even wished to become Jian Chen at that moment.

Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue sat before each other in Jian Chen’s simple dwelling. A cluster of Radiant Saint Force shone with gently white light as it leapt about like a little wisp on the tip of his finger.

“Radiant Saint Force is just like a limb of mine, my body, or even a part of my soul. As long as it exists in the surroundings. I’m able to create a wondrous connection with it and control it, making it change to my will. Pay close attention…” Jian Chen was both concentrated and serious. The Radiant Saint Force seemed to be alive in his hands, constantly changing between various forms. It moved as he wished.

With a thought, it turned into a Radiant Sword, but in the next moment, it turned into a Radiant Shield. Everything happened smoothly. His control over Radiant Saint Force seemed limitless.

Donglin Yanxue paid close attention as she concentrated on Jian Chen’s actions. She would close her eyes to comprehend it at times, or control Radiant Saint Force to experiment around with it at other times.

In the end, Donglin Yanxue had to admit that although she was much more powerful than Jian Chen in terms of cultivation, she was nowhere close to his grasp and almost perfect usage of Radiant Saint Force.

Donglin Yanxue did not even gain a rudimentary grasp over it after so many attempts.

However, Donglin Yanxue did not become dejected. She was not afraid of failure. She constantly tried and confirmed or disproved her thoughts. In the end, she used her talent to slowly discover this new method of use.

Although it was nowhere close to Jian Chen’s, her usage over Radiant Saint Force did reach a whole new level.

Enchanted, Donglin Yanxue completely submerged herself in the entire process. She forgot about time and would ask Jian Chen to confirm her thoughts and discuss their experiences frequently to make up for her mistakes. Gradually, the new method of control that she had discovered approached perfection.

As for Jian Chen, he managed to benefit from Donglin Yanxue as well. Through their conversations, he managed to come in contact with a higher level of the Laws of the Hallowed. Moreover, he gained a rough understanding of the four-colored soulcore from Donglin Yanxue.

It could be said that both of them managed to benefit from this exchange.

Unknowingly, half a month had already passed since Donglin Yanxue entered Jian Chen’s dwelling.

During this period of time, the rumours regarding Chang Yang and Donglin Yanxue had caused quite the buzz in the Radiant Saint Hall. Everyone knew about it.

At first, it was the ‘truth’ as to why Chang Yang could defeat Wen Cheng as well as his non-existent agreement with Gongzheng Xin. It had spread to most of the mountains through word of mouth, causing all the disciples to feel contempt for Jian Chen.

But very soon, this news was replaced by how Donglin Yanxue had spent a long time in Chang Yang’s dwelling. All the Radiant Saint Masters within the Radiant Saint Hall guessed at their relationship. Rumours sprang up everywhere during this time.

At the same time, all of the powerful Radiant Saint Masters who adored Donglin Yanxue were angered. Many of them gathered on the Soaring Clouds Peak, forcing the lord of the peak, Han Xin, to personally come out and seal up the mountain, forbidding anyone from setting foot there.

However, there were many disciples and descendants of elders among them. Han Xin felt greatly pressured when they worked together against him.

Only when Donglin Qiushui, the lord of the Myriad Flowers Peak, one of the ninety-nine main peaks, arrived did these Radiant Saint Masters of great status settle down.

Half a month later, Donglin Yanxue finally emerged from Jian Chen’s dwelling, but as soon as she made her way out, she became dumbfounded.

The protective formation of the Soaring Clouds Peak had already been activated. Many Radiant Saint Masters gathered in the air, blocked out by the formation. On the Soaring Clouds Peak, near Jian Chen’s dwelling, Han Xin and Donglin Qiushui stood beside each other as they stared at Donglin Yanxue.

“Aunty, why have you come?” Donglin Yanxue saw Donglin Qiushui, and her expression immediately became rather unnatural when she thought about how long Donglin Qiushui had been waiting, along with the fact that she had spent half a month in Chang Yang's dwelling.

“Look at you. You don’t even pay any attention to the mess you can create. If I didn’t come, would you have been able to cultivate for half a month in peace?” Donglin Yanxue shot a glance at Donglin Yanxue with a fake sense of irritation and rebuked her.

“But I need to say that you really haven’t come here for nothing. Although that kid called Chang Yang’s cultivation is nothing special, his understanding of Radiant Saint Force is peculiar. You’ve managed to benefit quite a lot by exchanging experiences with him,” continued Donglin Qiushui.

“Aunty, you know?”

“Hmph, if I didn’t know what you were doing inside, why would I ever let you stay in a man’s dwelling for so long? I would have dragged you out long ago. Let’s go,” Donglin Yanxue said in frustration. She did not let Donglin Yanxue respond, directly pulling her away.
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