Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2265: A Brewing Storm
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2265: A Brewing Storm

Now that the lord of the Myriad Flowers Peak had personally come to take Donglin Yanxue away, none of the powerful Radiant Saint Masters gathered outside the Soaring Clouds Peak dared to stand in their way. Quite a few of them even looked at Donglin Qiushui with dread.

However, the Radiant Saint Masters felt no fear toward the Soaring Clouds Peak. After Donglin Qiushui and Donglin Yanxue had left, many of the Radiant Saint Masters immediately shifted their gazes towards Jian Chen. Their eyes were filled with coldness and hostility.

“Chang Yang, it’s best if you maintain a certain distance from Donglin Yanxue. Donglin Yanxue’s identity is not simple. She’s a direct descendant of the Donglin clan. The difference between your statuses is just too great, and there are many people who are pursuing her. Anyone who’s bold enough to do that will definitely possess an astonishing background. If you get too close to her, it’ll be detrimental to you,” Han Xin made his way over to Jian Chen’s side and said sincerely.

“I understand. Thank you for your reminder, sir,” Jian Chen clasped his fist towards Han Xin. After watching Han Xin leave, he returned to his dwelling.

Due to the Soaring Clouds Peak being sealed off, none of the Radiant Saint Masters gathered outside the mountain managed to set foot there.

However, Han Xin’s actions naturally offended many people. He displeased many powerful Radiant Saint Masters.

“What haughtiness. The lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak actually dares to shut the door on us…”

“This Han Xin seems to be from the Han family of the eastern region…”

“He’s only a nameless member of the Han family. There might not be a lot of people in the Han family who even know about his existence…”

The Radiant Saint Masters all dispersed as they discussed. Before long, the Soaring Clouds Peak had regained its peace.

Afterwards, Jian Chen entered a long period of seclusion. Apart from going to the mountain top to listen to Han Xin’s lessons of passing on the Laws of the Hallowed, he spent the rest of his time in his dwelling cultivating.

He had benefited quite a lot from his interaction with Donglin Yanxue. It allowed him to gain a new understanding of Radiant Saint Force. He needed time to tidy through it all.

Bai Yu remained the same as before, basically coming to Jian Chen’s dwelling every single day to hear about Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed.

Jian Chen, on the other hand, slowed down. He would only spend an hour a day explaining his comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed, but even with that being the case, Bai Yu would spend several hours comprehending after each session.

As a result, in just half a month, Bai Yu finally broke through in her dwelling on a night with the full moon. She successfully comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed with her two-colored soulcore, becoming a Hallowed Saint Master.

Not only did Bai Yu’s breakthrough alarm Han Xin, but it also alarmed the sacred hall. On the next day, an elder arrived on the Soaring Clouds Peak, taking Bai Yu into the sacred hall to cultivate.

At the same time, the matter spread across the entire Radiant Saint Hall, making all the disciples remember Bai Yu’s name.

Although there were people who became Hallowed Saint Masters with just a two-colored soulcore in the Radiant Saint Hall, they were almost mythical existences. Every single one of them would receive much support from the Radiant Saint Hall, where they would become the elites among the elites.

As a matter of fact, without any exaggeration, once someone became a Hallowed Saint Master with a two-colored soulcore, their status in the Radiant Saint Hall would almost be able to rival the five candidates.

After Bai Yu entered the sacred hall, Zhuo Feng became completely downhearted. He had liked Bai Yu since a long time ago, and he was confident about making her fall in love with him.

Not only was he a Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore, but he was also a five star genius. He experienced a natural sense of supremacy over Bai Yu who was only a one star genius.

However, all of this changed when Bai Yu comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed and was personally taken into the sacred hall by an elder.

Right when Bai Yu’s matter settled down, Jian Chen finally took action as well. He made many copies of the conversation between Donglin Yanxue and the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak before silently spreading them around.

Basically all the Radiant Saint Masters believed that Jian Chen had only managed to beat Wen Cheng because of Gongzheng Xin’s secret arrangements. That way, he could become the final victor and make a name for himself. In exchange, he would give the Thousand Leaf Lotus he won to Gongzheng Xin.

However, after Jian Chen was victorious, he broke off his end of the secret deal he had established with Gongzheng Xin, giving the Thousand Leaf Lotus to Donglin Yanxue instead. As a result, not only did he closen his relationship with her, but he even gained her protection, where Gongzheng Xin could do nothing to him.

Because of this, Jian Chen had a very poor reputation in the Radiant Saint Hall. Basically everyone would talk about Chang Yang in disdain and scorn. It destroyed Jian Chen’s reputation.

Now that the contents of the crystal were made public, the truth that was the exact opposite of what everyone believed naturally spread without any attempts to suppress it. It immediately led to quite an uproar, where even a few more powerful Radiant Saint Masters began to pay attention to this matter.

If it was only a matter between two weaker Radiant Saint Masters, it would not have caused such a disturbance. More importantly, it directly pulled an esteemed candidate into the matter as well.

Just when Gongzheng Xin was about to enter seclusion for the final spurt, he received the news as well. His face immediately became extremely ugly as heavy killing intent filled his eyes.

“Pay close attention to Chang Yang. Once he leaves the Radiant Saint Hall, immediately contact the people in the clan to get rid of him,” Gongzheng Xin said frigidly.

“Yes, young master. I will contact the clan immediately,” a violet-robed guard said politely from behind Gongzheng Xin.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. During that time, Jian Chen did not take a single step away from the Soaring Clouds Peak. He remained holed up there, basically spending all his time on cultivation.

As Bai Yu could not interrupt him anymore, Jian Chen finally gained some peace.

On this day, Jian Chen suddenly roused from his cultivation. He looked at the sky before making his way out of his dwelling. He stared at the distant horizon.

A gate had suddenly appeared in the protective formation around the Radiant Saint Hall in the distance, and afterwards, a figure directly entered the territory of the Radiant Saint Hall.

The figure gave off an astonishing presence, enough to make the mountains tremble as all the vegetation was squashed down as if they were bowing in submission.

The person strolled through the air and crossed a huge distance in a single instance. In just a single step, he arrived within the Radiant Saint Hall that stood above the clouds.

Jian Chen became stern when he saw this person. He felt an ill omen. It seemed like this person’s arrival was related to him.

At this moment, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall with supreme authority and the eight vice-leaders were all gathered within a grand discussion room on the highest floor of the sacred hall. They were all stern.

A grey-robed, middle-aged man stood with his hands behind his back in the centre of the room. He looked at the leader of the Radiant Saint Master who sat on a throne with great composure.

“I’ve only come to pass on a thought that we’ve all agreed on over there. We hope your Radiant Saint Hall can open its gates and allow us to search as we wish, unlike before, locking the door in our face,” the grey-robed man said.

“That will be impossible,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall shone with holy light as he declined without any hesitation at all.

The man smiled indifferently, “Leader, I think you also know that our actions are only to find Jian Chen. We will never do anything that gets in the way of the interests of your Radiant Saint Palace. You must cooperate. In reality, it’s not just your Radiant Saint Hall. We’ve even sent people to all the other peak organisations on the Desolate Plane so that they can open their gates and allow us to find Jian Chen.”

“Jian Chen possesses the Anatta Tower, which belongs to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Our actions are actually only a service to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, to share the burden with her majesty Yi Xin. If you don’t cooperate, wouldn’t that be making things difficult for her majesty Yi Xin?”

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall could not help but become stern when Yi Xin was mentioned. The first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was an existence only second to Grand Primes, one of the handful of supreme experts of the Saints’ World. Her name had a huge influence on the peak organisations across the Saints’ World.

“Our Radiant Saint Hall represents Radiant Saint Masters. As a fighter, Jian Chen could be hiding anywhere on the Desolate Plane but not our Radiant Saint Hall. As a result, it’s impossible for him to be here,” the leader said sternly.

“Jian Chen is far more complicated than you’ve imagined him to be. So many of us, peak experts, have tried to detect his traces and whereabouts through various secret techniques, but we’ve found nothing in the end. He has such impressive means of staying hidden that even if he did hide in your territory, you would not be able to find him.”

“Now, we’ve basically flipped through the entire Desolate Plane. Apart from the peak clans on the Desolate Plane, we haven’t missed a single corner. We all have people stationed in outer space and the teleportation formations across planes on the Desolate Plane as well. As a result, it’s impossible for Jian Chen to escape. We can already determine that Jian Chen is hiding in a peak organisation,” the grey-robed man stared at the leader with shining eyes as he waited for the leader’s reply.

After a moment of thought, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall said with a heavy heart, “Since it’s serving the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, our Radiant Saint Hall will obviously be more than willing.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》