Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2266: Quite the Disturbance
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2266: Quite the Disturbance

“If that’s the case, thank you for your cooperation. Farewell,” the grey-robed man clasped his fist and left.

“These people have gone too far. Do they really think they’re sovereigns of the world, where they can act as they wish on the Desolate Plane…”

“Hmph, the Desolate Plane is our territory, yet we’re supposed to let these outsiders run around fearless and basically upheave the entire plane. It’s humiliating as a native organisation of the Desolate Plane…”

“And even worse, they actually want us to open our doors and let them search as they wish. Hmph, what kind of place do they think the Radiant Saint Hall is…”

“Although our Radiant Saint Hall has declined, we’re still a peak organisation that had a Grand Exalt in the past. How can we listen to the orders of those outsiders…”

“Those outsiders will stop at nothing…”

The eight vice-leaders all snarled with righteous indignation after the grey-robed man had left. All of their expressions were horrible and utterly sunken.

“Sigh,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall exhaled gently. His voice was filled with powerlessness. He said steadily, “These outsiders have come under the name of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Let alone our Radiant Saint Hall, but there’s probably no one from the other major organisations on the Desolate Plane who are bold enough to turn them down. Even without considering offending the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng when you reject them, they’ll start believing you’re purposefully protecting Jian Chen. Some of them with ulterior motives will even label you as wanting to take the Anatta Tower all for yourself.”

“Once that happens, the consequences will be far worse.”

“Deactivate the protective formation and let the outsiders search our Radiant Saint Hall. However, we can’t let them act as they wish. As a result, including me, no one is to enter seclusion. At the same time, have all the elders pay close attention to the outsiders. Once they cross the line in our Radiant Saint Hall, immediately punish them according to our rules. We can let them in and look for Jian Chen, but we cannot let them act recklessly.”

‘Yes, leader,” replied the eight vice-leaders.

After a moment of thought, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall continued, “The three great treasures of the Anatta Grand Exalt are the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the Anatta Tower, and the Fortune Jade Pedestal. Since the Anatta Tower is with Jian Chen, once an organisation finds Jian Chen, they’ll obtain the Anatta Tower, and then they’ll offer it up to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. This will be a great merit. At the same time, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our Radiant Saint Hall as well.”

The leader continued, “In all these years, it has been far, far too long since we’ve had any late Godking disciples due to that mysterious expert. As a result, the lords of various peaks who could break through were all forced to suppress their cultivation to mid Godking. Even the disciples who were unable to suppress their cultivation were forced to leave the Radiant Saint Hall in the end, hiding away all by themselves. Moreover, not a single one of them have returned so far. Who knows whether they’re still alive or not.”

“If this lasts over a prolonged period of time, our Radiant Saint Hall will definitely wane in strength. As a result, we must search for the Anatta Tower with all of our efforts as well. If we can find it first, we won’t have any need to fear that mysterious expert anymore.”

The eyes of the eight vice-leaders all lit up from that. They said, “That’s right. Once we obtain the Anatta Tower, we’ll be able to ask the first majesty to take action personally and kill that mysterious expert.”

“The first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is one of the most terrifying figures in the world. Back then, the Flame Reverend Grand Prime, who was also known as one of the most powerful below Grand Exalt, had fled across the entire Saints’ World while being hunted down by the first majesty. In the end, he was forced to hide. That mysterious expert who has been specifically targeting our Radiant Godkings may be very powerful, but can he be more powerful than the Flame Reverend Grand Prime?”

“This might be an opportunity for our Radiant Saint Hall. Leader, it’s best if I personally head out and see if I can find Jian Chen’s traces…”

“I want to search for Jian Chen as well. After all, he has a direct correlation with our Radiant Saint Hall’s fate…”

Two vice-leaders immediately asked for permission to search for Jian Chen. Even though all of them knew it would not be easy to find Jian Chen since he could avoid so many peak experts of the Saints’ World, they still could not help but want to try their luck.

On that day, all the protective formations around the Radiant Saint Hall vanished, exposing every inch of the place to the public.

Without the formations, the powerful senses of the outsiders’ souls immediately came sweeping in. They enveloped the entire Radiant Saint Hall with great pressure, without missing a single corner at all. They scoured all the mountains of the Radiant Saint Hall. Even the secret rooms deep underground were not missed.

On that day, basically no disciples of the Radiant Saint Hall ventured out. Under the restraints of their peak lords, they all stayed on their respective mountains. They could fell the powerful senses moving across them, immediately causing many of the Radiant Saint Masters who had no idea what was going on to tremble in fear and unease.

Jian Chen sat on a rock outside his dwelling. He also clearly sensed the powerful senses sweep past him, causing his heart to grow heavy.

Now that the Radiant Saint Hall had opened its gates to outsiders, Jian Chen truly felt endangered.

“Fortunately, I have senior Mo Tianyun’s mask. As long as I have it, I don’t have to worry about being exposed by the senses of those experts. Even if they were standing before me, they probably would not be able to tell what my true appearance was. But there is nothing perfect in the world, so if they filter through the people one by one, they’ll discover problems with me sooner or later. I will be exposed one day.”

“My main intentions of coming to the Radiant Saint Hall is to enter the Tower of Radiance and obtain the cultivation methods left behind by past experts. As a result, I cannot leave here before I enter the Tower of Radiance, or it would have all been for nothing,” thought Jian Chen. He knew that he only had one chance to enter the Tower of Radiance. Once his identity was exposed, it would become impossible to hide his Martial Soul Force as well. He would immediately become an enemy of the Radiant Saint Hall, making it impossible for him to enter the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Deactivate the formation. All disciples of the Soaring Clouds Peak will be inspected,” at this moment, someone called out coldly from beyond the Soaring Clouds Peak.

Two violet-robed guards and a few outsiders arrived near the Soaring Clouds Peak, hovering in the sky silently.

Jian Chen looked at the people from his rock. Even though he maintained a facade and only appeared slightly confused, his heart grew heavier.

“Zhuo Feng, Chang Yang, come to me.” At this moment, Han Xin’s voice rang out from the top of the mountain. Afterwards, the formation around the Soaring Clouds Peak gradually vanished as well.

Jian Chen immediately stood up from the rock and flew towards the top of the mountain.

Very soon, he arrived on the mountain top. He discovered that Han Xin was conversing with the two violet-robed guards, while Zhuo Feng was already standing behind Han Xin.

“Under the orders of the leader of our sacred hall, all disciples, including the peak lords, must be inspected,” a guard said to Han Xin.

Han Xin nodded, “I’ve already received the message from the elders. We will definitely cooperate.”

The violet-robed guard nodded before taking out a mirror and directing it at Han Xin.

Immediately, a resplendent stream of light shot out and enveloped Han Xin completely.

The mirror was extraordinary. It could pierce through illusions and reveal the truth. Through it, all disguises would be rendered useless.

Jian Chen could clearly sense that the powerful senses of the soul gathered in the air of the Radiant Saint Hall were all gathered on the mirror when the light enveloped Han Xin.

“Alright, there are no problems. Next!” Very soon, the light from the mirror vanished, and the violet-robed guard directed it towards Zhuo Feng. The same process happened.

In the end, it was Jian Chen’s turn. Jian Chen knew that there were many experts observing everything that happened here, so he remained indifferent and undertook the inspection of the mirror calmly. He showed no flaws in his facade at all.

The mask from Mo Tianyun was even enough to trick so many peak experts, so he refused to believe a mere mirror would be able to expose his true identity.

“There are no problems. Let’s go to the next mountain.” Very soon, the light subsided, and the violet-robed guard stowed the mirror away. He left with the group of people.

Clearly, the mirror was useless against Mo Tianyun’s mask.

There was not just a single group like this. Whether it was the interior mountains or the exterior mountains, there were over a dozen of these groups that ventured from mountain to mountain with similar mirrors and a few outsiders. Everyone, ranging from peak lords to newly-accepted disciples, was inspected with the mirror.

“Sigh. This Godking called Jian Chen has caused quite the disturbance. The entire Desolate Plane has lost its peace because of him,” Han Xin stood on the top of the mountain and sighed emotionally when he watched the group leave.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》