Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2267: Leaving the Radiant Saint Hall
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2267: Leaving the Radiant Saint Hall

After hearing Han Xin’s words, Zhuo Feng nodded in agreement. He could not help but show admiration, “This senior Jian Chen really is impressive. It’s rumoured that he’s only a Godking, and he has already offended the famed Solitary Sword Ancestor and Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance. The two experts had hunted him down, yet he still survived until now. Senior Jian Chen is also able to remain hidden against so many foreign peak experts who have to the Desolate Plane. Probably only senior Jian Chen can achieve something so astonishing among all the Godkings in the Saints’ World.”

After more than a year of build-up, the matters regarding Jian Chen had ceased to be any kind of secret. It had already become widespread and known by all. Naturally, Zhuo Feng had learnt of this from elsewhere as well.

Jian Chen felt extremely strange when he heard Zhuo Feng’s praise and how Zhuo Feng referred to him as senior. He immediately glanced at Zhuo Feng in an extremely strange manner.

Zhuo Feng seemed to sense Jian Chen’s gaze, so his face immediately darkened, and he glanced back at Jian Chen coldly. He snorted icily before leaving.

Who knows how he would feel once he discovered that the Chang Yang beside him was the senior Jian Chen he was talking about.

After leaving the mountain top, Jian Chen returned to his dwelling. He was in no mood to continue cultivating now. He sat on the cold, hard ground as he sank into his thoughts.

Not only did the Radiant Saint Hall opens its gates now, but it had even sent its disciples to cooperate with the outsiders, turning over every pebble of the mountains to look for him. This was not good news for Jian Chen.

Moreover, he knew that the inspection today was only a start. As time went on, the searching would become stricter and stricter. It might even end up becoming flawless.

Even though he had Mo Tianyun’s mask, which could hide him from most treasures and secret techniques, the mask was not all-powerful. Once he revealed a tiny hole in his story, exposure would await him.

“It looks like it’s no longer suitable for me to remain in the Radiant Saint Hall. It might be safer out there,” Jian Chen thought. There were around two years left before the competition between the candidates. He had to last those two years no matter what. Once he entered the Tower of Radiance and got what he needed, it would not matter even if his identity was exposed.

The next morning, a group of violet-robed guards flew down from the sacred hall that stood above the clouds before scattering towards the various mountains. They all bore a crystal containing information that they passed to the peak lords, who then passed it down to their disciples.

Jian Chen received a crystal from Han Xin.

Jian Chen silently viewed the thumb-sized crystal in his hand and checked the contents.

As expected, everything in the crystal was information about himself. It was extremely detailed, describing his special traits, weapons used, laws comprehended, and various battle skills and secret techniques grasped. Without any exaggeration, everything that Jian Chen had exposed in the Neptunean Divine Palace was recorded within the crystal. Nothing was missing.

There was even some description regarding his Profound Sword Qi. It was just unclear.

The crystal was signed off as an announcement from the Radiant Saint Hall. It also urged on all the Radiant Saint Masters in the Radiant Saint Hall to take part in the search for Jian Chen.

Clearly, the Radiant Saint Hall also wanted to join in on the search for Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly as he clutched the crystal. He had just been thinking about the reasons he could use to leave the Radiant Saint Hall. The crystal had come at a perfect time.

Afterwards, Jian Chen arrived on the top of the Soaring Clouds Peak with the crystal and found Han Xin.

“Zhuo Feng, it’s already extremely impressive that you’re able to control Radiant Saint Force to such a degree. Don’t always compare yourself to your junior brother Chang Yang. Your junior brother’s cultivation is indeed weaker than yours, but he is quite talented in the control and grasp over Radiant Saint Force. Not everyone can do that…” Currently, Han Xin sat on a large rock as he explained the usages of Radiant Saint Force to Zhuo Feng. When Jian Chen arrived, Han Xin stopped and looked at Jian Chen. Immediately, he smiled amiably and asked, “Chang Yang, are you looking for anything?”

Zhuo Feng also discovered Jian Chen’s arrival, and his eyes immediately turned cold.

Jian Chen clasped his first towards Han Xin and said, “Sir, I want to leave the mountains for some time and see whether I can find Jian Chen.”

“Hmph, you overestimate yourself. Why don’t you take a good look at yourself first before you think about looking for senior Jian Chen? Senior Jian Chen is a Godking. Even if you really do come across him out of chance, it’ll be impossible for you to survive,” Zhuo Feng rebuked coldly before Han Xin could say anything.

“Zhuo Feng!” Han Xin’s face sank slightly, and he immediately called out to get Zhuo Feng to shut up obediently. Then he looked at Jian Chen gently and shook his head, “Chang Yang, allow me to persuade you otherwise and cultivate on the Soaring Clouds Peak so that you can become a Hallowed Saint Master when you have a two-colored soulcore like your junior sister. Just don’t get involved with the search for Jian Chen. Even all the peak experts can’t find any trace of his Jian Chen, so how is it possible for you to find him easily? If you get involved, it’ll just be a waste of time.”

“Sir, looking for Jian Chen is only one of the reasons. The other reason is that I want to go out and have a look. I can also use it as an opportunity to train myself,” said Jian Chen.

After a moment of thought, Han Xin ended up nodding in agreement, “Alright. Since you’re determined, I won’t stop you. Chang Yang, you have to remember to wear the attire of a disciple from the Radiant Saint Hall at all times outside. The Desolate Plane is not peaceful. With your current cultivation, it’ll be extremely dangerous, so the uniform will be the best thing to keep you safe.”

“After all, our Radiant Saint Hall is one of the peak organisations on the Desolate Plane. Apart from the Martial Soul lineage, our Radiant Saint Hall isn’t on bad terms with anyone, so it is rare for anyone to be bold enough to attack disciples of the Radiant Saint Hall.”

“This is the medallion for a disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak. Take the medallion to the Foreign Affairs Hall and register yourself. Afterwards, you can leave the Radiant Saint Hall.”

“And take this jade talisman with you. If you come across any danger or problems, crush it immediately, and I’ll hurry over as quickly as I can.”

Han Xin warned Jian Chen repeatedly before letting him leave.

Afterwards, Jian Chen went to the Foreign Affairs Hall and registered his leave with the medallion. Then he underwent various identity tests before leaving the Radiant Saint Hall all by himself.
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