Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2269: The Mysterious Rock One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2269: The Mysterious Rock One

Chapter 2269: The Mysterious Rock (One)

“Master, may I ask where senior Ancient Paths’ last spiritual soul is?” The first majesty asked politely.

The figure shrouded in light fell silent. However, the light around him surged, becoming extremely blinding like a sun.

At that moment, he seemed to have become the world, wielding the laws of the world, turning into the greatest will of the universe. With a single glance, he was able to see the source of the world and peer into both the past and the future. There seemed to be no secrets across the vast universe in his eyes.

“The last spiritual soul possesses a sliver of power from Ancient Paths’ will. Under the protection of this power, even Grand Exalts will struggle to find him,” the figure shrouded in light said a while later. His voice contained all the sounds of the universe, making it impossible to discern his gender.

“Master, even you are unable to find the last spiritual soul of senior Ancient Paths?”

“Once I fully recover my cultivation, finding the last spiritual soul will be nothing difficult.”

The War Dragon Empire happened to be one of the five everlasting empires on the Desolate Plane. They possessed strength equal to the Radiant Saint Hall and was also a peak organisation of the Desolate Plane.

Jian Chen currently sat in an inconspicuous location within an inn that was not particularly impressive in the revered imperial capital of the War Dragon Empire. He was in the white robes that represented his status as a Radiant Saint Master, and he ordered some small dishes. He drank and ate at leisure.

The inn was not large, so it had been filled since long ago. Noisy and clamorous sounds rang out from every corner of the inn.

“A man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing the greed of others. I’ve investigated this person called Jian Chen thoroughly. It’s said that he’s very powerful, where he made a name for himself in the Neptunean Divine Palace. He has extremely astonishing battle prowess, enough to make it into the rankings of the Godkings’ Throne. It’s just a pity that the Anatta Tower has doomed him…”

“Now that the entire Desolate Plane has been sealed off, Jian Chen is doomed as long as he’s still here. I just wonder how much longer he can hide for…”

“It’ll happen soon. As long as Jian Chen is still on the Desolate Plane, he’ll be discovered before long. Those foreign organisations are searching the Desolate Plane with more and more care now…”

“But I need to say that Jian Chen sure knows how to hide. He’s able to hide even until now, away from the close search of so many peak experts…”

“What do you think the Anatta Tower is? How can a mere Godking possess something like that…”

“If Jian Chen doesn’t hand over the Anatta Tower, he’ll definitely suffer an extremely miserable fate…”

“He has made so many peak experts set out, so he’s probably already caused them much displeasure. His fate won’t be great even if he hands over the Anatta Tower willingly I think…”

Cultivators of various cultivation levels in the inn discussed the topic of Jian Chen loudly with great interest.

In reality, similar discussions were not limited to this tiny inn. It was present everywhere across the Desolate Plane.

Not only did all the cultivators on the Desolate Plane remember Jian Chen’s name, but it had also become the topic of casual conversation for everyone.

Jian Chen sat there quietly in his white robes. He eavesdropped on the various conversations, and he did not become perturbed at all. He remained calm the entire time.

A while later, Jian Chen tossed some medium quality divine crystals onto the table and left.

He had already been to many places during the days he had come out. He had gained a rough understanding of the situation of the Desolate Plane. What pained him the most was the fact that basically all the teleportation formations across planes were closed down. Without a great enough status, it was impossible to take a teleportation formation off the Desolate Plane.

Even outer space around the Desolate Plane had been sealed up by the various peak organisations, stopping the operation of all the spaceships. People were only allowed in but not out.

Moreover, many small groups patrolled every inch of the Desolate Plane. These groups all possessed secret treasures that could see through disguises. They would test everyone that they passed by, and once someone seemed suspicious, they would be captured without any hesitation.

From the very beginning, there were naturally many cultivators who wanted to conceal their identities. They began to resist as much as they could, or they even directly killed off the groups they came across.

However, these people would basically be instantaneously suppressed the moment they started fighting.

This was because peak experts would be paying attention to these patrolling groups at all times.

It was also because of that that these groups became more and more fearless, allowing them to run amuck.

Even Jian Chen had been stopped and questioned by several patrolling groups. However, as Jian Chen was a disciple of the Radiant Saint Master, the groups only inspected his identity and did not make too much trouble for him.

Very clearly, these people were unwilling to go overboard with any of the peak organisations on the Desolate Plane.

After leaving the inn, Jian Chen strolled through the busy streets. He clutched the crystal that contained the detailed information about himself and looked around as if he was looking for Jian Chen as he made his way out of the imperial capital.

Very soon, Jian Chen arrived at the city gates. He shook his head in disappointment and murmured, “It’s full of people here. It looks like finding Jian Chen really isn’t easy. I better go to the next city to try my luck.” As he said that, Jian Chen stowed the crystal away and left with Radiant Saint Force.

Two middle-aged men followed him and walked over steadily from behind Jian Chen. They looked at the direction which Jian Chen had vanished off into as they could not help but sneer.

“This Chang Yang is so foolish that he is cute like a child. He only has a one-colored soulcore, yet he still wants to find Jian Chen. He’s dreaming…”

“He is indeed far too naive. Anyway, he has finally left Dragon City. Let’s follow him. Once he’s far away enough, we’ll do it immediately…”

“I heard that this Chang Yang has extremely impressive talent. It’s a pity that he recklessly offended young master Xin. He won’t have much time left…”

The two middle-aged men communicate secretly before slowly rising up into the sky. They hurried off in Jian Chen’s direction at a steady pace.

At this moment, Jian Chen had arrived several million kilometres from the imperial capital of the War Dragon Empire. Just as he flew over a stinking swamp, the two middle-aged men silently appeared and approached Jian Chen from in front and behind.

“Who are you?” Jian Chen immediately became ‘alarmed’.

“You must be Chang Yang, right? You don’t need to know who we are. All you need to know is that you’re going to be dead very soon…”

“Chang Yang, who told you to offend young master Xin? There is only death for you once you’ve offended young master Xin…”

The two middle-aged men sneered. They looked at Jian Chen like they were looking at an ant.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》