Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2273: The Headless Ape
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2273: The Headless Ape

“Just what is in the depths of this cavern? It actually needs the constant supply of vital energy from two powerful ancient beast corpses,” Jian Chen thought. He could not help but look towards the depths as he showed both surprise and doubt.

In the end, Jian Chen did not try to touch the two corpses recklessly. The two ancient beasts were just too powerful when they were alive. As such, even after their deaths, Jian Chen still could not endure their residual might.

Just the circulation of their vital energy could injure a few experts who had just reached the Primordial realm.

Afterwards, Jian Chen continued his investigation in the huge cavern, and his shock grew greater.

To his surprise, he discovered that there were far more than just two corpses. He discovered a total of six colossal corpses of ancient beasts in various places.

Without any exception, the six corpses were all covered in shackles as their tremendous vital energy was drawn away endlessly, delivered into the depths of the cavern.

The six corpses varied in shape, and they all originated from different species. There was a mountainous serpent dragon as well as a winged, golden dragon that stood as large as a planet. They were extremely powerful, where the pressure from their corpses seemed to be able to make the sky collapse and silence everything.

“What extravagance. Who arranged all of this?” Jian Chen was shocked. Six corpses of terrifyingly powerful ancient beasts gathered together had quite the mental impact.

He believed that any single one of them definitely would have been an invincible existence on the Desolate Plane if they were still alive, where no one could stop them.

Unfortunately, they had already died many years ago.

Continuing onwards, Jian Chen discovered a seventh corpse several tens of thousand kilometres away very soon.

It was a humanoid being. She seemed like a young woman with great beauty, standing several hundred metres tall. She gave off a supreme presence of invincibility as an undefeatable battle intent revolved around her. She seemed like a goddess of war.

This person was clearly not human. A feathered pair of colossal, golden wings draped down her back naturally. They were extremely pretty. Even though she no longer bore the presence of life, every single feather shone with resplendent golden light. It was dazzling as powerful energy circulate within.

However, her fate was also the most chilling. A metal chain stretched over from the depths of the cavern and split into three, piercing her dantian, heart, and the area between her eyes.

The surging vital energy within her was constantly drained away by the metal chains that stretched towards the depths of the dwelling.

Jian Chen became completely numb as he looked at the humanoid being that was hundreds of metres tall. He had completely fallen silent as his heart weighed heavily.

After remaining there for a while, he continued on his way. Before long, he discovered an eighth corpse.

The corpse belonged to a human expert. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man. He sat on the ground in golden robes as his eyes remained closed. A tremendous sense of righteousness revolved around the corpse.

A metal chain had also been split into three here, piercing his dantian, heart, and the area between the eyes.

The human expert had also died many years ago. He possessed no presence of life at all, only leaving behind the tremendous vital energy.

Jian Chen had no idea how powerful the human expert was when he was still alive. Even though just a corpse remained, Jian Chen felt chills as his heart shivered when he stood before him.

Clearly, the human expert’s strength when he was still alive was no weaker than the six ancient beasts and the winged, humanoid being.

Jian Chen stood several metres away as he stared at the human expert deeply. Sorrow filled his eyes.

He knew that the human expert had not been someone sinful. The sense of righteousness that never dispersed was proof. He was definitely a straightforward man of righteousness.

However, his fate was so chilling. He had been reduced to a tool to supply vital energy.

Jian Chen felt grief from the bottom of his heart at this moment. However, he also knew that there was nothing he could do with his current strength.

In the end, he bowed at the human expert deeply before leaving.

Jian Chen continued on his way. He followed the chains and remained vigilant along the way, making his way towards the depths of the cavern.

He seriously wanted to know just what was hidden in the depths of the cavern that required such terrifying amounts of vital energy.

Before long, Jian Chen finally arrived at the depths. What he saw was a sea of blood. Terrifying vital energy shone with dazzling, blood-red light, dyeing the surroundings the same color.

The crashing of waves constantly rang out from the sea of blood. The tremendous vital energy surged constantly in there, erupting with astonishing ripples of energy that possessed devastating might.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He stared right ahead. He did not pay too much attention to the sea of blood. Instead, he focused on what was above the sea of blood.

There was a huge ape covered in long, thick fur that hovered above the sea of blood without moving at all.

The ape’s fur was a dark gold. It lied there without moving at all and was missing a head. Only a colossal body remained. The ape had also died many years ago.

The eight chains gathered above the ape’s corpse, vaguely forming a profound and complicated formation. It drew in the vital energy from the eight corpses, and after being converted in the formation, it was poured into the ape.

Jian Chen even discovered that the residual vital energy in the sea of blood below the ape’s corpse poured into the corpse at an extremely gradual rate as well. It was slowly absorbed by the ape.

The ape was not filled with a presence of death. Instead, it was brimming with life.

Even though the life force was like nothing compared to the ape’s shocking strength, it meant that the ape had not completely died yet at the very least.

Its body still possessed a certain level of vitality.

“Has the tremendous vital energy been drained from the eight great experts just to rear and support this headless ape that died long ago?” Jian Chen was astounded as he stared at the ape closely.

“Who did all of this?” Jian Chen looked at the cavern. He could already vaguely guess that someone was probably trying to revive the ape.

Just nurturing the body of the ape require the corpses of eight monstrously powerful experts. Then just how powerful was this ape with dark gold fur?

Jian Chen took a step to approach the ape up ahead. He wanted to study it closer.

However, when he reached a hundred kilometres from the ape’s corpse, terrifying vital energy erupted from the ape’s body. Like a storm, it rushed towards Jian Chen in a single instance.
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