Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2274: The Eight Experts
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2274: The Eight Experts

Jian Chen’s face changed drastically. Without any hesitation, he retreated rapidly, but the vital energy was just too fast. In the end, it still struck Jian Chen with great force.

Spurt! Blood sprayed out from Jian Chen’s mouth as he was knocked away. The vital energy was just too terrifying. Even with the protection of the Chaotic Body, he still became quite injured.

The eruption of energy from the ape’s body immediately caused the sea of blood there to toss and turn. At the same time, ancient, lingering consciousnesses within the cavern awakened from their slumber as if they had been startled.

Through his unique soul, Jian Chen immediately sensed the consciousnesses awaken in the cavern. It made him become uneasy.

“Do not get within a hundred kilometres of the Ancient Great Ape…”

“How many years has it been? Finally, a living being has come…”

“It’s a pity that he’s too weak…”


The consciousnesses all awakened and emitted mental pulses that echoed through the cavern.

Eight blurry, illusionary figures appeared around Jian Chen.

Two of them were extremely familiar to Jian Chen. The first one was a beautiful woman. She possessed a pair of golden wings on her back and seemed exactly the same as the seventh corpse he had discovered.

The only difference was that the seventh corpse stood several hundred metres tall, while the figure before him was the size of a human.

The second familiar figure was the human expert he saw that gave off a sense of righteousness.

Jian Chen glanced past the six other figures. They varied in age and gender, but they were all like apparitions as well.

It was impossible for Jian Chen not to realise that the six remaining figures were the six colossal beasts he saw at the very start.

However, they had not presented themselves in their original forms but as humans.

“Junior Jian Chen greets the eight seniors,” Jian Chen immediately clasped his fist towards the eight illusionary figures as he showed respect from the bottom of his heart.

This was respect towards power because he knew the eight figures possessed extremely terrifying power when they were still alive. They could easily unleash devastating might, where they could disperse a galaxy with the flip of a hand.

The eight experts all looked at Jian Chen. As they studied Jian Chen, they could not help but shake their heads. Undisguised disappointment filled their faces.

“Indeed, he’s too weak…”

“We’ve waited for so many years, yet only a junior as weak as this has come…”

“Sigh, he has already awakened our lingering consciousnesses. We don’t have much time left…”

“It’s impossible for our lingering consciousnesses to keep existing since then. Once we’re awakened, we’ll disperse before long…”

“It’s just a pity that he cannot fulfil our request…”

“We are out of options, so let’s still try it…”

The eight experts discussed with one another as they showed much helplessness.

Jian Chen seemed to make out something from their conversation. He clasped his hands at the eight experts and said, “Seniors, may I ask what you want me to do? If there’s anywhere I am of use, and it is within my abilities, I will definitely assist you with all that I have.”

The illusionary figures of the eight experts hovered in the air. After hearing Jian Chen’s words, they entered a short moment of thought.

Afterwards, the human expert said, “You’ve already seen Gusta’s body, so you must also understand that our existence is only to provide abundant vital energy to nourish Gusta’s body.”

“Gusta? That headless ape?” Jian Chen asked.

“That’s right. The name of the ape is Gusta. He’s the most powerful king of the Ancient Great Apes. He died many years ago, having been beheaded. Although he seemed like he’s dead, he’s not completely dead. A sliver of life still remains.”

“The experts of the Ancient Great Apes wholeheartedly want to revive Gusta, so the eight of us were trapped here by the two other kings of the Ancient Great Apes. They used an ancient secret technique to drain our vital energy so that they could revive Gusta,” said the human expert.

Jian Chen came to a realisation from that. Originally, he thought that the eight experts had died in battle elsewhere before having their corpses being collected by someone and gathered here.

He had never thought that the eight of them had been trapped here while they were still alive.

Every single one of the eight experts was extremely powerful. Even after dying many years ago, they were still enough to make Jian Chen shivered. He struggled to imagine just how powerful the people who were able to trap such terrifying experts here would be.

At this moment, the winged woman said, “The Ancient Great Apes want to use the eight of us to revive their most powerful king. Naturally, we won’t let them get what they wish. Not only will we prevent them from succeeding, but we’ll completely destroy Gusta’s body as well. However, the eight of us are dead after all. All that remains is a sliver of consciousness that bears regret from our lives. We can’t complete what needs to be done.”

The woman looked at Jian Chen deeply, “As a result, we can only leave the matter of destroying Gusta’s corpse to you.”

Jian Chen’s heart sank when he heard that. He said bitterly, “Seniors, I may have to disappoint you. My strength is puny. I can’t even approach Gusta’s corpse, let alone destroy it.”

Jian Chen felt troubled. Even if he possessed the strength to destroy Gusta’s body, he would not be willing to do so.

This was because once he did that, he would have completely offended the Ancient Great Apes.

“You don’t need to worry. We’ve already set up everything when we were still alive. We just don’t have the power to carry it out ourselves.” The human expert said, “We’ve already engraved many layers of forbidden formations within our bodies. Once it’s activated, it’ll connect all of our bodies, and the remaining vital energy will fuse together. Even though our vital energy has been constantly drained away during all these years and only a bare minimum remains, there’s still more vital energy when you pour it all together compared to any one of us at our peak conditions. We’ll use the terrifying vital energy to deal a powerful attack through the formations, which would be enough to destroy Gusta’s body.”

“My bloodline contains the power of corpses. Hmph, the Ancient Great Apes dares to murder me, so I will never let them have things easy. Not only will I destroy Gusta’s body, but my power of curses will also use Gusta’s bloodline as a medium to curse all the clansmen of the Ancient Great Apes across space. It’ll make all of them pay a heavy price,” an old man with a hooked nose fumed among the eight experts.

“The Ancient Great Apes should become extinct…” The figures from the other ancient beasts all said together. They were filled with hatred.

“If I really do something like that, I probably won’t be able to avoid being hunted down by the Ancient Great Apes. That’ll be both an arduous and fruitless matter for me to complete,” said Jian Chen.
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