Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2289: Contending for the Spo
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2289: Contending for the Spo


Jian Chen stowed the medallion away and continued forwards, finally stepping into the sacred hall that stood above the clouds.

When he arrived here, many Hallowed Saint Masters had already gathered in the huge square. Most of these Hallowed Saint Masters were Radiant Godkings and lords of peaks. Only a select few did not possess a seven-colored soulcore and had entered due to their special statuses like Jian Chen.

Even though it was already crowded, it was surprisingly quiet. No one caused a ruckus. Not even soft discussions were occurring. All the Hallowed Saint Masters revered the sacred hall.

“Hmm? Senior brother? Why are you here as well? Strange, how did you get here?” Bai Yu had arrived beside Jian Chen. Her pretty eyes were wide as she asked secretly in surprise.

Bai Yu had an elder as a master. Her status was special, so she naturally had the right to set foot in the sacred hall.

“I obviously have my methods,” Jian Chen smiled mysteriously and secretly replied.

“Hmph, you’re still acting mysterious. Senior brother, tell me quick. How did you get here? Didn’t the guards outside stop you?” Bai Yu became more and more curious as she questioned Jian Chen vigorously.

“It’s time. I hereby announce that the competition for Chosen Saint has formally begun…”

An old elder stood on a huge stage in the centre of the square as he proclaimed as such in a loud voice.

“That is elder Mu Zhong. I heard from my master that elder Mu Zhong has the greatest seniority out of all the elders. He has the greatest prestige among them, making him only second to the eight vice-leaders…” At this moment, Bai Yu stopped her interrogation and explained things to Jian Chen.

At this moment, elder Mu Zhong continued, “In the past competitions for Chosen Saint, the Chosen Saint only chooses nine retainers after obtaining the position. However, following the discussion of the esteemed leader and the eight vice-leaders, we’ve made some changes to the competition this time. The five candidates will all choose nine protectors as temporary retainers. Once the Chosen Saint has been selected, they will keep their nine retainers, while the other four candidates will lose their right to be followed by their nine protectors.”

“But right now, one of the candidates, Donglin Yanxue, is missing a protector. As a result, the missing spot will be filled by a Hallowed Saint Master present. The elders will now recommend people for this position…”

The lord of the Snowfall Peak had died far too close to the beginning of the competition. They were unable to decide on a protector so quickly. As a result, they could only decide on it right now.

The huge square immediately fell silent after elder Mu Zhong said that. All the Radiant Godkings present shut up. Only desire and eagerness burned in many of their eyes. Evidently, they all wanted this spot.

The Tower of Radiance was a holy ground in the hearts of all Radiant Saint Masters. It was a huge temptation towards the Radiant Godkings and even the elders.

However, the Tower of Radiance would only be opened between long periods of time, and even when it did open, they would not necessarily have the right to enter. As a result, becoming the retainer of the Chosen Saint was a shortcut to entering the Tower of Radiance. Naturally, they wanted the spot very much, desiring it for themselves.

The eyes of the elders beside elder Mu Zhong began to flicker with light after hearing his words.

“I recommend Cheng Qing, the lord of the Broken Blade Peak, to become Donglin Yanxue’s ninth protector…” At this moment, an elder finally stated a name.

“I would recommend Liu Qiang, lord of the Black Sun Peak, to fill the last spot…”

“Why not let Yun Wantian of the Verdant Peak become the ninth protector…”

A few elders stated names. The people they recommended were all lords of peaks, and most of them possessed mid seven-colored soulcores.

Afterwards, many of the elders began to argue over who should take up the last spot. They fought intensely.

Donglin Yanxue’s master, Mu Shui, became rather troubled when she heard them mention these names. Everyone they brought up were Radiant Godkings. At a time like this, she would become a joke if she followed her disciple’s request and recommended a disciple with weak cultivation.

After hesitating slightly, Mu Shui said, “Everyone, why don’t we let Donglin Yanxue decide for the last spot?”

The prestigious elder Mu Zhong could not bear to watch the bickering between the elders any longer either. He immediately agreed to Mu Shui, “Yes, let’s hear Donglin Yanxue’s recommendation.”

“It’s a pity that teacher Han Xin is still injured, or the last spot would definitely go to teacher,” Bai Yu secretly said to Jian Chen; she sighed gently as she listened to the bickering between the elders.

“Senior brother, who do you think will get the last spot?” Bai Yu continued with her questions.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously and said, “Isn’t it obvious? Of course it’ll be your senior brother.”

“Psh, how is that possible? If you were a Radiant Godking, there might have been a chance for you. However, your current cultivation isn’t even as great as mine. It would never be you,” Bai Yu shot a glance at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently. He did not try to explain.

At this moment, Donglin Yanxue had also stepped up onto the stage. She had been below the stage earlier, so she had clearly witnessed the bickering between the elders for the last spot. She could not help but feel troubled over this.

Many of the elders eyed the last position. They wanted to take it and give it to the people they placed the highest hopes on or were the closest with. If she recommended a disciple with just a one-colored soulcore at a time like this, she would definitely face the objection of all the elders.

Even with her master helping her out, she probably would not be able to change the outcome. She had underestimated just how importantly the elders treated this spot.

Donglin Yanxue bowed to the elders first. After a moment of hesitation, she said reluctantly, “I hope I can give the last spot to junior Chang Yang of the Soaring Clouds Peak.”

Bai Yu immediately became dumbfounded when she heard Donglin Yanxue’s words. Her small mouth hung agape in disbelief.

A strange expression covered the faces of many of the lords of the various peaks below.

Chang Yang’s name was renowned among the many mountains below the sacred hall. Even many peak lords knew his name.

However, the elders on the stage all became confused.

“The Soaring Clouds Peak? Isn’t the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak Han Xin? Who is Chang Yang?” An elder asked in doubt. He had never heard of Chang Yang before.

Afterwards, a peak lord immediately took the initiative to pass on everything he knew about Chang Yang to the elders.

“And I was wondering who this Chang Yang was. Turns out he’s a weaker disciple…”

“You’re fooling around. You’re basically fooling around. All protectors are Hallowed Saint Masters with seven-colored soulcores. Why is a disciple with a mere one-colored soulcore being thrown into the mix blindly…”

“The mission of the protector is to protect the candidates and take part in the trials. If a disciple with a one-colored soulcore becomes a protector, who is going to be the one protecting who…”

Aside from Donglin Yanxue’s master, all the other elders objected vehemently after learning about Chang Yang’s identity.
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