Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2291: Suppor
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2291: Suppor


With that, two violet-robed guards immediately flew towards Jian Chen emotionlessly.

On the stage, Donglin Yanxue sighed gently. She looked at the guards approaching Jian Chen as she felt helpless from the bottom of her heart.

She was one of the five candidates and possessed a certain level of status in the Radiant Saint Hall, but she was truly unable to help Jian Chen at a time like this.

“Oh no, oh no. Senior brother, what do we do?” Bai Yu was filled with anxiety. She was very worried about what Jian Chen would soon face.

As a disciple of an elder, she knew all the rules of the Radiant Saint Hall extremely well. She was extremely clear on the holiness of this sacred hall. Trespassing without permission was a huge crime, and the punishment would be exceedingly severe.

“Hmph. Chang Yang, you didn’t die outside, but I definitely won’t let you have it easy in the future. However, what are the people in the clan doing? Didn’t they say they sent experts to kill Chang Yang? How is he still alive,” Gongzheng Xin sneered as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

“This disciple called Chang Yang is in great trouble now…”

“He only has a one-colored soulcore, yet he dares to trespass on the sacred hall. That’s infringing on the sacred hall…”

“Not only will he be severely punished, but even the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak will be involved in the punishment as well…”

“This is a lesson for us. When we go back, we must watch over our disciples in a stricter fashion, just in case disaster strikes unknowingly, and we’re dragged down by our disciples…”

At the same time, the Radiant Godkings present discussed the matter with one another secretly.

By now, the two violet-robed guards had arrived before Jian Chen. A thick, metal chain had appeared in their hands.

The chain was forged from a special type of metal, and various formations were engraved within it. Once it chained up someone, not only would it seal up their cultivation, but it would also become extremely heavy, making movement virtually impossible.

Only those who had committed serious crimes in the Radiant Saint Hall would have to endure such a punishment.

“Hold on!” Just when the guards were about to chain up Jian Chen, he suddenly called out. He indifferently stared at elder Mu Zhong, who was on the stage, and said clearly, “Elder Mu Zhong, may I ask how you have determined that I am trespassing on the sacred hall and that I must be arrested?”

“You’ve entered the sacred hall without the permission of any elder. That is trespassing, and a great crime,” said elder Mu Zhong.

“In other words, I need the permission of elders to enter the sacred hall, and even the medallion in my possession isn’t enough for me to enter? Or perhaps, the right that this medallion gives me isn’t as great as the permission from the elders,” Jian Chen said clearly. Afterwards, he took out Xuan Zhan’s medallion with a flip of his hand and held it high above his head.

When elder Mu Zhong saw the medallion that symbolised a vice-leader, he immediately shuddered. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. Surprise filled his face.

“That’s a vice-leader’s medallion…”

“It’s vice-leader Xuan Zhan…”

“How is that possible? How does he possess vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s medallion? What is his relationship with vice-leader Xuan Zhan…”

“He’s a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore and a nameless one at that. How does he have vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s medallion…”

Not only did elder Mu Zhong become surprised the moment he saw the medallion in Jian Chen’s hand, but even the expressions of the other elders changed. They all revealed looks of disbelief.

As for the Radiant Godkings below the stage, all their discussions stopped. Their gazes gathered on Jian Chen’s hand, on the medallion that represented a vice-leader. Their faces changed in an assortment of ways.

A bizarre light filled Donglin Yanxue’s eyes. She stared at the medallion in Jian Chen’s hand as she became dumbfounded. Her gazed contained some doubt and confusion.

The moment she saw the medallion, many questions crossed her mind. Since Chang Yang had a vice-leader’s medallion, he obviously had close ties to a vice-leader. He could directly ask the vice-leader in question if he wanted to enter the Tower of Radiance.

Although the conditions for entering the Tower of Radiance were extremely strict, a vice-leader could make an exception for any disciple with their authority. It would only be a matter of a few words. So, why did Chang Yang offer her a precious puresoul and go to such great lengths to become her ninth retainer just to enter the Tower of Radiance?

Suddenly, Donglin Yanxue discovered that she did not seem to understand Chang Yang’s intentions at all.

“Yanxue, don’t you understand? Chang Yang wants to become your ninth retainer because he wants to get close to you.” Donglin Yanxue’s master, Mu Shui, seemed to be able to see through everything. She secretly told Donglin Yanxue this.

Donglin Yanxue thought through every detail of when she got to know Chang Yang. She missed nothing at all. In the end, she shook her head and replied, “No. Master, Chang Yang shouldn’t be someone like that.”

“I won’t say anything more about whether it’s true or not. You’re clever, so you have your own judgement to make.” Mu Shui said, “However, since Chang Yang bears the medallion of vice-leader Xuan Zhan, it means he has the support of vice-leader Xuan Zhan. With that being the case, his status is no less than yours in the Radiant Saint Hall. It might even surpass yours.”

“Xuan Zhan is the strongest out of the eight vice-leaders. The other vice-leaders all have to show some respect towards vice-leader Xuan Zhan. As a result, if Chang Yang has vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s support, no one will be bold enough to provoke him in the Radiant Saint Hall.”

Mu Shui explained to Donglin Yanxue. She was trying to stimulate Donglin Yanxue’s thoughts.

Donglin Yanxue remained silent. She looked at Jian Chen in the crowd with mixed feelings. At that moment, she could not help but begin doubting Jian Chen’s true intentions. Was it really like what her master said, and he did it to get close to her?

After all, she was the female prodigy of the Radiant Saint Hall. There were countless people who pursued her, and she had already grown accustomed to such things. However, was Chang Yang one of them as well?

Gongzhang Xin’s expression immediately became extremely ugly, while Bai Yu’s face was filled with surprise and excitement.

Elder Mu Zhong glanced at Jian Chen deeply from the stage. With his strength, he could naturally tell that Jian Chen’s medallion was the real deal. Meanwhile, the two violet-robed guards backed off obediently after Jian Chen revealed the vice-leader’s medallion.

This was because even elders had no right to judge and punish people who possessed a vice-leader’s medallion. Elder Mu Zhong’s order was naturally useless now.

“Since you possess a vice-leader’s medallion, you obviously have the right to enter the sacred hall,” elder Mu Zhong said to Jian Chen. Then he looked around and continued, “Let’s continue to focus on the matter of the last protector.” After a slight pause, he said, “After careful consideration, I have decided that the final protector will be the lord of the Broken Blade…” Elder Mu Zhong came to a halt half-way through his announcement of the final protector.

Afterwards, respect that he rarely showed appeared on his face, and his old eyes were filled with extreme surprise.

But very soon, elder Mu Zhong recovered. He glanced at Jian Chen deeply once again and sucked in a deep breath. He announced, “I hereby announce that the ninth protector for Donglin Yanxue will be the disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Chang Yang.”
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