Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2307: A Change in Attitude
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2307: A Change in Attitude

Compared to Donglin Yanxue, who had become embarrassed like a young lady, Jian Chen was extremely calm. His breathing was steady, and his mind was at ease.

He slid his left hand under Donglin Yanxue’s arms, allowing her shoulder blades to rest on them while he placed his right arm under her knees. With a little power, he lifted up Donglin Yanxue’s hourglass figure again.

Donglin Yanxue immediately stiffened. Although she had cultivated for quite a long time now, her mental state was still of a young lady around twenty years old. Even just making contact with men with her hands made her blush, let alone being carried by one.

As a result, Donglin Yanxue’s face and ears glowed bright red. Since Jian Chen was holding her so close, her head was basically pressed against Jian Chen’s chest. She could even smell the unique scent of a man from Jian Chen’s body.

In that moment, Donglin Yanxue only felt dizzy as her head blanked out.

Jian Chen remained at ease. He condensed a pair of wings from Radiant Saint Force on his back, and as they flapped, he flew along the ground with Donglin Yanxue. He only demonstrated the abilities that a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore should possess.

“I hope Qing Shan doesn’t come soon, or I’ll probably have to expose myself before Donglin Yanxue.” Even though he had a beauty in his arms, Jian Chen did not think too much about it. He only prayed inside with some worry.

Donglin Yanxue played a direct role in whether he could enter the Tower of Radiance or not, so she could not die here.

However, Donglin Yanxue was already heavily injured now. She could not even perform simple actions, so if Qing Shan really came in pursuit at a time like this, she definitely would not be able to endure a single strike from him. Jian Chen would have to stand forward.

However, Donglin Yanxue had woken up now. If he revealed his strength before Donglin Yanxue, he would definitely be exposed.

As a result, Qing Shan following him was the thing that worried Jian Chen the most right now.

Donglin Yanxue gradually calmed down as Jian Chen carried her. Even though she was very reluctant about the entire matter, she knew that she could change nothing. As a result, she could only slowly accept the reality of Jian Chen carrying her.

Donglin Yanxue studied Jian Chen silently. When she discovered he was only focusing on covering ground and had no other thoughts, her opinion of Jian Chen changed slightly once again.

“Although he became my protector with the intention of getting close to me, at least he isn’t like the eight protectors, abandoning me when I face death. When I was injured by Qing Shan and fell unconscious, he didn’t abandon me and flee all by himself either…” Donglin Yanxue thought. Unbeknownst to even Donglin Yanxue herself, her impression of Jian Chen had improved.

Even her opposition to Jian Chen carrying her was reduced.

At this moment, Donglin Yanxue sniffed Jian Chen’s chest firmly, and she immediately became surprised. She thought, “There’s the smell of blood.” Afterwards, for some reason, she unexpectedly pulled apart the clothing on Jian Chen’s chest. Immediately, a few hideous wounds appeared.

Jian Chen naturally received some injuries during his fight against Qing Shan. Some of the wounds had completely recovered under the powerful regeneration of the Chaotic Body, without even leaving a scar behind. However, some of the heavier wounds had not closed up completely due to the limited time.

Although he had changed into a set of clean clothes as quickly as he could, he was unable to wash away the smell of blood on him. In the end, Donglin Yanxue smelt it and found the wounds immediately.

“You’re injured?” Donglin Yanxue’s expression changed as she looked at the hideous injuries.

“It’s only some small injuries. It’s nothing,” Jian Chen said uncaringly, but he groaned inside. He had never thought Donglin Yanxue would suddenly act like a completely different person, pulling apart his clothes boldly to reveal his wounds.

The Donglin Yanxue he knew was not like that.

“Does it hurt?” Donglin Yanxue looked at the wounds with mixed feelings as she asked softly.

He was clearly injured, yet he still acted like he was fine, carrying her so that they could keep travelling. In that moment, Donglin Yanxue had become deeply touched.

Jian Chen halted. He lowered his head and stared at Donglin Yanxue strangely. Since when did Donglin Yanxue start caring for him?

Donglin Yanxue also noticed that she seemed to be caring too much when she sensed Jian Chen’s strange gaze. Her face reddened slightly, and she covered up the wounds on Jian Chen’s chest again. She said gently, “What’re you staring for? Hurry up and keep moving. If Qing Shan catches up, neither of us will be left alive.”

A while later, Donglin Yanxue could not help but ask, “Why don’t we stop for a while and treat your wounds so that they won’t worsen over time?”

“They’re only superficial. They won’t cause any problems.”

Afterwards, the two of them said nothing more. Jian Chen unleashed the greatest speed possible given his one-colored soulcore, travelling for three days and three nights without resting at all with Donglin Yanxue. Only then did he act like he was exhausted, stopping in an extremely well-hidden cave.

After all, the strength from a one-colored soulcore was extremely limited. A Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore would have reached their limits long ago after travelling for three days and three nights at such speeds. If he continued to travel, he would reveal inconsistencies in his identity very easily. As a result, he had to stop.

The gloomy cave was quiet. A fist-sized luminous pearl was wedged in the ceiling, providing limited light. Under the dim light, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue could just barely make out each other.

The two of them sat separately. Jian Chen had already closed his eyes to heal his wounds with Radiant Saint Force.

In reality, he had already made a full recovery with his Chaotic Body. He only used Radiant Saint Force as an act for Donglin Yanxue to see so that he could have a reasonable excuse for his recovered wounds.

Before him, Donglin Yanxue sat on the ground while she hugged her knees. She stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings all the way until he recovered.

“Have you healed?” Opening his eyes, Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue and asked despite knowing the answer.

Donglin Yanxue was gloomy. She said helplessly, “My soul has injured by Martial Soul Force. I can’t use Radiant Saint Force. There is even a sliver of Martial Soul Force deposited in my body. Although I’ve suppressed it with pills, it prevents me from healing as well. I won’t be able to recover as long as the Martial Soul Force remains.”

“But in this World of Moon and Star, there’s no one else who can help me purge this strand of Martial Soul Force apart from Qing Shan, so it looks like I can only recover once I leave the World of Moon and Star and return to the sacred hall.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》