Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2308: The Strange Mis
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2308: The Strange Mis


“In other words, I can only carry you with me for the next few days,” Jian Chen stared at Donglin Yanxue after he heard that as he seemed to smile.

Naturally, he knew about Donglin Yanxue’s condition. When Qing Shan injured her, slivers of weak Martial Soul Force were deposited in her body, preventing her from healing.

Although he could easily purge the Martial Soul Force with his abilities, he would never do something like that, as it would lead to him facing the risk of exposure.

After all, he was playing the role of a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore right now. A Radiant Saint Master like that definitely lacked such ability.

Donglin Yanxue’s face reddened slightly in response to Jian Chen’s mockery-like words. She lowered her head and remained silent.

She also understood that while she was injured, she could not travel alone. She really did have to rely on Jian Chen during the remaining time in the World of Moon and Star.

After a while of thought, Donglin Yanxue said gently, “We don’t know where elder He Tian is. He has probably met his end. The World of Moon and Star has already become a place where Qing Shan can rampage about recklessly, so we’ll probably face Qing Shan’s pursuit in the next few days. With our strength, we’ll be done for if Qing Shan finds us.”

“The World of Moon and Star has only just been opened. Unless we can get the elders outside to realise what has happened in here, we will have to wait out the entire year. I just wonder how long we will last,” Donglin Yanxue sighed gently as she seemed worried. The current situation was already dire straits in her eyes. She basically saw no hope of surviving.

Her trip in the World of Moon and Star should have been extremely safe since she was a candidate. After all, even if she came across extremely powerful vicious beasts, they could be easily slain by the nine protectors. If that did not work, she could just retreat. She only needed to look for Radiant Saint Pearls without worrying about anything else.

However, Qing Shan’s sudden intrusion had completely messed up the trial. Not only did her eight protectors abandon her to flee for their own lives, but she even faced the nightmare of being killed off by Qing Shan at any time.

Moreover, many hidden vicious beasts roamed the World of Moon and Star. Some of the more powerful ones even possessed battle prowess enough to rival peak Godkings.

And beside her, there was only the one-colored soulcore Chang Yang. He was basically useless with such puny cultivation. He would not be able to deal with any vicious beast that appeared, causing Donglin Yanxue to feel despair.

“Don’t be too pessimistic. Aren’t you still alive right now?” Jian Chen comforted. When he saw Donglin Yanxue’s despair, he sighed inside and continued, “Don’t worry. The other Hallowed Saint Masters in the World of Moon and Star may die, but we will definitely leave here alive.”

Clearly, Jian Chen’s comforting was useless. Donglin Yanxue did not take his words to heart at all. What could a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore do in the World of Moon and Star?

Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue did not remain there for long. Very soon, he picked up Donglin Yanxue and continued moving. He condensed a pair of Radiant Wings and hurried off with the greatest speed he could unleash given his one-colored soulcore, flying into the depths of the World of Moon and Star.

Jian Chen sensed the presence of many vicious beasts along the way. All of them were basically at Godhood with very few below.

Under Jian Chen’s efforts, they avoided all the vicious beasts along the way easily. Moreover, to ensure that none of the vicious beasts would come to attack them, he expanded the senses of his soul constantly, observing the movements of the vicious beasts.

The senses of his soul were so powerful that it was greater than all of the Radiant Godkings who had entered the World of Moon and Star. As a result, none of the vicious beasts were able to hide from him, including the peak Godking existences.

As a result, they never encountered even a single vicious beast as Jian Chen covered ground with Donglin Yanxue.

“There’s another Radiant Origin Pearl. That’s the sixth Radiant Origin Pearl I’ve come across. It’s just a pity that the Radiant Origin Pearls are protected by vicious beasts. Even the weakest have battle prowess equivalent to Overgods, so I can’t collect them while Donglin Yanxue is watching,” Jian Chen glanced to the left casually. A hundred kilometres in that direction, a Radiant Origin Pearl had been hidden within a gloomy cave. A huge ape over ten metres tall played around with the pearl as it glowed.

At this moment, Jian Chen came to a sudden halt. He stared before him with shining eyes as he gradually became stern.

A thick layer of white mist that stretched from the ground into the sky filled the distant horizon. At this moment, the white mist moved towards Jian Chen’s location at an extremely rapid rate.

The rolling white mist basically joined the earth with the sky. It seemed like a boundless screen, silently making its way over strangely like a group of ghosts.

At the same time, roars suddenly rang out around Jian Chen. They were filled with fear and great unease.

The senses of Jian Chen’s soul burst out and enveloped a range of several million kilometres in a single instance. He could clearly see the vicious beasts constantly bellowing out in fear. They all left their territories and ran in the direction opposite to the mist.

Even the huge ape that played around with the Radiant Origin Pearl a hundred kilometres from Jian Chen growled, tossing the pearl aside and fleeing from its territory suddenly. It ran off into the distance.

In that moment, Jian Chen could clearly feel the ground tremble. This was caused by the frantic flight of the colossal beasts. These vicious beasts seemed to be afraid of the incoming mist. They all abandoned their territories and fled for their lives.

“What’s happening?” Donglin Yanxue, who was in Jian Chen’s arms, also discovered something was off. She studied the surroundings, and in the end, she saw the mist. She became uneasy.

“The white mist up ahead is extremely strange,” said Jian Chen. He stared at the white mist and gradually became stern. The senses of his soul were unable to pierce the mist.

“What is the white mist? It’s actually causing unease in so many vicious beasts. Oh no, the strange mist is approaching us,” Donglin Yanxue became extremely grim. Before they had come here, the elders had never mentioned anything regarding white mist at all. As a result, she had no idea what this phenomenon was.

“Chang Yang, what should we do now?” Donglin Yanxue had no idea what to do. Since she was born into a large clan, she had basically grown up under the care and protection of her seniors. She had never faced a dire situation alone, so she immediately became flustered now that she faced danger.

However, when she saw Jian Chen’s calm, unflustered face, her heart actually calmed down slightly for some reason.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered as he stared at the shrouding mist up ahead. He said, “The mist covers far too great of an area, and it moves extremely quickly. It’s impossible for us to make our way around it with the time remaining. As a result, only two options remain for us. Apart from retreating back the way we came, we can only charge into the mist.”

“It’s extremely likely for us to encounter Qing Shan if we retreat, so we can only charge through the mist.”

Jian Chen made up his mind quickly, and in the next moment, he carried Donglin Yanxue and charged into the mist without a second thought.
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