Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2337: The Miniature World Opens
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2337: The Miniature World Opens

“Alright,” Jian Chen was overjoyed. A Grand Exalt’s cultivation method and one that specialised in Radiant Saint Force was basically a temptation he could not resist.

Immediately, Jian Chen left the hill alone. He condensed a pair of Radiant Wings and flew towards a region devoid of people.

The eight protectors opened their eyes slightly. They watched Jian Chen leave, but they did not stop him.

The eight of them were Donglin Yanxue’s retainers. Protecting Donglin Yanxue was their responsibility, so the eight of them could not leave like Jian Chen before they obtained Donglin Yanxue’s permission.

Jian Chen flew through the world within the sacred pavilion quickly. He no longer concealed his strength, erupting with his full speed. He could cross a thousand kilometres in a single instance, and he soon arrived in an empty region.

Along the way, he encountered many Radiant Godkings. He could detect their position in advance and avoid them easily.

He could now sense things within a range of several tens of thousand kilometres, while the Radiant Godkings were only at the peak of mid Godking at most. Under the influence of the mist, they could only sense several thousand kilometres away.

As a result, Jian Chen was not detected by anyone along the way.

Before long, Jian Chen finally arrived in a location that rarely saw any people. It was a barren mountain range. The Radiant Saint Force in the area was thin, so very few people set foot here.

Jian Chen stopped in a valley within the depths of the mountain range. The mountains around him stood like a basin. Hence, even if there were some disturbances from the opening of the miniature world, he could use his surroundings to cover it slightly.

“Artifact spirit, open up the miniature world here,” Jian Chen secretly called out to the artifact spirit. He was no longer able to sense the artifact spirit’s existence, but since the artifact spirit had gained a rudimentary control over the Tower of Radiance, he was equivalent to the world here. It would sense everything that happened within the Tower of Radiance.

As expected, the space in the valley began to pulse violently. As if a great, invisible power had suddenly descended, the space there twisted.

In that instance, the barren mountain range where Jian Chen stood became enveloped by the great power of space. The space there constantly shook as the landscape twisted. It was all reduced to a blur.

Jian Chen secretly frowned at this sight. He stared at the distorting space that spread over towards him, and with a single movement, he appeared a thousand metres away like he had teleported.

However, a huge boulder which stood where he was before became enveloped by the twisted space. It crumbled into pieces silently.

“Why have you created such a great disturbance?” Jian Chen’s heart sank slightly. The disturbance was just too great. If this continued, Radiant Godkings would be drawn over before long.

“Master, the gateway to the miniature world is just too difficult to open. I’ve only just gained a basic grasp over the Tower of Radiance, so I can only use a tiny portion of its power. I- I- I still need some time…” At the same time, the strained voice of the artifact spirit rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Clearly, the difficulty of opening the miniature world was far greater than the artifact spirit had expected. With his current ability, it was clearly extremely strenuous for him to open up the miniature world.

After all, the memories he had inherited were incomplete. They were only a few fragments, so he obviously had no idea how much power he needed to open up this gate.

Gradually, the disturbance grew greater and greater. The pulses of energy and power of space spread beyond the range of the mountain uncontrollably.

Several tens of thousand kilometres away, there happened to be a few Radiant Godkings travelling together. They conversed and laughed along the way.

At this moment, their faces changed. They suddenly looked in the direction of the mountain range and cried out.

“What great powers of space. What’s happening there?”

“This energy really is powerful. Let’s go and have a look…”

As a result, these Radiant Godkings hurried towards the mountains.

“Strange. Why would space pulse within the Tower of Radiance? It’s impossible for any of us to grasp the Laws of Space…”

“Is the Tower of Radiance undergoing something unrecorded in the books again…”

“Ignore the ancient imprints. The space inside the Tower of Radiance has suddenly become abnormal. Something else is going to happen here again. Let’s go and quickly have a look…”

“During the first time, dense Radiant Saint Force and the fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed suddenly appeared. Now that it’s the second time, a great fortuitous encounter must be involved…”

As time went on, more and more Radiant Godkings sensed the disturbances from the mountains. Immediately, they all stopped what they were doing and hurried over with lightning speed.

The entire valley was filled with distorted space, causing the space there to become extremely chaotic.

Jian Chen had already left the valley. He stood in an inconspicuous location ten kilometres away, paying close attention to the disturbances in the valley. He would glance around the surroundings of the valley indifferently from time to time.

Radiant Godkings arrived in the surroundings of the valley group after group. These people all gathered around the valley, maintaining a certain distance as they stared at the distorted space and discussed.

“It’s my miscalculation this time. I never thought it would be this difficult to open up the miniature world…” Jian Chen thought. The gathering of the Radiant Godkings basically made it impossible for him to receive the Grand Exalt’s legacy silently.

“It looks like a spatial gate is about to open up in the valley…” To another side, Donglin Qiushui stood on a mountain with over thirty Radiant Godkings behind her.

“It is indeed the sign of a spatial gate opening. However, this spatial gate is clearly extremely stable, making it extremely difficult to open. That’s why this has happened. There’s actually another space hidden within the sacred pavilion. This has never been recorded in the history of our Radiant Saint Hall…” A middle-aged man stood with his hands behind his back to another direction. Over twenty Radiant Godkings stood behind him.

This middle-aged man was the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak, the same person who had bestowed the Thousand Leaf Lotus upon Jian Chen in the past!

Radiant Godkings constantly hurried over to the mountains, so more and more Radiant Godkings gathered there. They reached over a thousand in number. They stood in a fan-like shape, surrounding the valley as they paid close attention.

Moreover, there were quite a few Radiant Saint Masters with five or six-colored soulcores as well. Jian Chen did not stand out at all among them. He even failed to garner much attention.
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