Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2339: Comprehending the Stele
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2339: Comprehending the Stele

Vice-leader Xuan Zhan silently appeared on the top floor of the sacred hall, outside the Tower of Radiance. He stood there with his hands behind his back with a steady presence. He stared at the entrance of the Tower of Radiance deeply.

“There are only five people who have not been investigated on the entire Desolate Plane now. I never thought Chang Yang would be one of them. Is he really Jian Chen in disguise?”

“Jian Chen is a fighter who possesses strength no less than the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne. If Chang Yang really is Jian Chen in disguise, he’s both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master. That means…”

Xuan Zhan thought to himself. All the information he knew about Chang Yang flashed through his head quickly. Afterwards, with a flip of his hand, the bottle that contained a droplet of Xuan Ming’s blood and the jade slip that recorded a message from Xuan Ming appeared.

Xuan Zhan’s gaze gradually deepened as he looked at the two items in his hands.

The space within the mountain range in the Tower of Radiance continued to distort. Powerful ripples of energy shook up the surroundings. The entrance to the miniature world still had not been opened completely.

Now, more and more Hallowed Saint Masters had gathered in the mountain range. Many of them received the news and hurried over as quickly as they could.

At least half of the Radiant Godkings in the Tower of Radiance were present now.

There were even more people below Radiant Godking. There were figures as far as the eye could see around the mountains. They either stood on the mountains or hovered in the air, all paying attention to the bottom of the valley.

At this moment, an even more powerful energy seemed to appear out of thin air. It suddenly descended with a tremendous, churning pressure, completely pouring into the bottom of the valley.

With the support of this energy, the gateway seemed to be ripped open by a pair of invisible hands. It immediately became wide open.

Immediately, an idyllic, heaven-like world of beauty appeared on the other side of the gateway. It was exposed before everyone without any disguise at all.

At that moment, the eyes of all the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there narrowed. They studied the miniature world with shining eyes, but they all did nothing as if they were afraid of entering it.

There had never been records of another miniature world hidden within the sacred pavilion throughout the history of the Radiant Saint Hall, so no one knew anything about it. As a result, they did not dare to act recklessly before confirming the place was safe. They were afraid it was a land filled with danger, which would doom them if they set foot inside.

However, there was one exception. Just as all the Radiant Godkings were hesitating, a white finger condensed a pair of Radiant Wings and suddenly shot over like an arrow from ten kilometres away, disappearing through the gateway as a streak of white light.

“Chang Yang, what are you doing? The situation inside is unknown. You can’t go in…” Donglin Yanxue’s worried voice rang out from behind. She also condensed a pair of Radiant Wings to chase after him, but she was already too late to stop him.

“What courage. He only has a two-colored soulcore, yet he’s so bold that he dares to do something we don’t…”

“Even a weaker disciple with a mere two-colored soulcore is so fearless, so what are we, lords of peaks, waiting for? We really are getting more and more cowardly…”

“Go in. You can’t forget this is a world within the Tower of Radiance. The Tower of Radiance is a consecrated item of our Radiant Saint Hall. It’s impossible for it to cause us any harm…”

Like the initial collapsing domino, Jian Chen’s actions urged on everyone else. Immediately, the Radiant Godkings in the surroundings called out and flew over as well, entering the miniature world.

But that was not everyone. A small number of Radiant Godkings continued to hesitate.

At this moment, the gateway began to shrink slowly as if it could not last for too long. After Jian Chen entered the gateway, the energy maintaining it had vanished, causing it to close up slowly.

At the sight of this, all the hesitating Radiant Godkings and Hallowed Saint Masters made up their minds and charged into the miniature world in a flash.

Donglin Yanxue and her eight protectors happened to be among them.

Ten seconds later, the gate had closed. There were still many Hallowed Saint Masters who had failed to enter the miniature world in time.

The miniature world possessed beautiful mountains and clear lakes and rivers. The landscape was breathtaking. It was brimming with life as well, drastically different from the barren world outside.

In the centre of the miniature world stood an extremely tall stone stele that plunged right into the clouds. Like a pillar that held up the sky, It stood there quietly, keeping heaven and earth separate. It gave off an illuminating, holy light.

As soon as Jian Chen entered the miniature world, he was immediately attracted by the huge stele. The light in his eyes flickered as he showed excitement.

At the same time, the Hallowed Saint Masters who had entered the miniature world as well appeared one after another. They all stared at the glowing stele in the distance.

“Chang Yang, you’re far too reckless,” at this moment, Donglin Yanxue’s voice rang out from beside Jian Chen. She did not pay too much attention to the stele once she entered the miniature world. Instead, she looked for Jian Chen first and seemed like she was lecturing him.

Jian Chen looked away from the stele and at Donglin Yanxue. He frowned slightly and said, “Be careful later. Don’t travel too far away from them. It’s best if you stay with your aunty.”

Donglin Yanxue’s heart immediately warmed up when she heard Jian Chen’s words. However, she maintained a stern expression and said, “The person who should be careful is you. You can’t forget that I already have a five-colored soulcore now, while you only have a two-colored soulcore.”

She paused and glanced around before continuing, “There are so many Radiant Godkings here. Once a conflict starts, you’ll struggle to protect yourself with your strength. Just the shockwaves will threaten your life. Don’t travel too far away from me. Stay with me.”

Jian Chen sighed inside from that. He glanced at Donglin Yanxue with mixed feelings and no longer said anything more aloud. Instead, he communicated with her secretly so that only she could hear him, “Donglin Yanxue, we are people who belong on separate paths in life. It’s best if you severe the relationship between us. Before, it was only a deal. Now that our deal has been completed, our relationship ends here as well. Everything will return to how it was before. Just treat it like you never knew me.”

As if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning, Donglin Yanxue jolted after hearing that. She stared at Jian Chen in some confusion and said with a rather trembling voice, “W- w- what did you say…” At that moment, Donglin Yanxue suddenly felt a stinging pain in her heart.

“This is the best for you. You will understand very soon.” With that, Jian Chen directly flew towards the stele in the distance.

“Master, this is the stele of ways left behind by the former master of the Tower of Radiance. His legacy imprint is suppressed beneath the stele of ways. Only by comprehending the stele and gaining its recognition can you call out the legacy.” At this moment, the artifact spirit’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

The artifact spirit had expended far too much energy, making him extremely feeble. Even his voice clearly sounded weak. He would stammer as if it was extremely difficult for him to say this.

“Master, I need to recover some power. I won’t be able to help you with the following…”

With that, the artifact spirit’s voice vanished completely.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》