Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2340: The Final Victor One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2340: The Final Victor One

Chapter 2340: The Final Victor (One)

Jian Chen had already arrived before the stele that seemed to hold up the sky here. He studied it carefully.

The stele seemed to be made out of rock or jade. It was pure-white and flawless, illuminating the surroundings with holy light.

A profound power that seemed to represent the supreme laws of the world circulated within the stele, causing the people who stood before it to feel like they were facing a boundless world. They could not help but feel reverence.

“This stele actually isn’t made out of any physical material at all. Instead, it was condensed from tremendous Laws of the Hallowed by the past master of the Tower of Radiance, the terrifying existence who was on par with Grand Exalts. No wonder it’s called a stele of ways. It’s a form of the power of ways,” Jian Chen understood the origins of the stele very soon and was immediately amazed.

Using the ways of the world to condense a stele was so terrifying that superhuman could no longer describe it. Probably only Grand Exalts who had comprehended the laws to the limit could accomplish such an impossible task.

“Heavens, the entire stele is condensed from the power of the Laws of the Hallowed. This is just too unbelievable. Who was the one who created this stele? His grasp over the Laws of the Hallowed have actually reached such an unbelievable degree…”

“I understand now. The stele was actually left behind by the master of the Tower of Radiance, the senior recorded in the annals of the Tower of Radiance. He is someone who was on par with Grand Exalts.”

“Is this miniature world the place where the master of the Tower of Radiance resided…”

“There has always been a rumor that the Tower of Radiance possesses a Grand Exalt’s cultivation method, but no one has witnessed it in all these years. Do you think this Grand Exalt’s cultivation method is hidden in this miniature world…”

At this moment, many Hallowed Saint Masters gathered around the stele. They all studied it with burning interest. There were many clever people among them, so they guessed the secret of this place very soon.

Donglin Yanxue had approached the stele with her eight retainers as well. However, she did not go to find Jian Chen this time. Instead, she stood beside Donglin Qiushui, looking at Jian Chen from afar. She was dejected. Even the rumor of the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method was unable to interest her.

“Yanxue, it’s highly likely that an extremely impressive fortuitous encounter is hidden here. You have to make good use of this opportunity and do your best to obtain it.” Donglin Qiushui’s excited voice rang out. Her complete attention had been placed on the stele. She did not notice Donglin Yanxue’s abnormalities.

Jian Chen had already sat down now. His eyes were closed as he comprehended the stele with his full efforts.

He had already learnt from the artifact spirit that the Grand Exalt’s legacy was suppressed beneath the stele. Only by comprehending the mysteries of the stele and gaining its recognition could one take out the legacy.

Many of the Hallowed Saint Masters sat down around the stele too and started comprehending its mysteries.

They did not know that the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint was suppressed beneath it.They only knew the stele was completely condensed from the Laws of the Hallowed. It hid the endless truths of the world. As a result, even if they comprehended just a sliver of it, they would be able to benefit greatly.

Of course, not everyone gathered around the stele. A portion of the Hallowed Saint Masters were scattered throughout the miniature world. They searched it carefully, scouring every inch in search of a fortuitous encounter for themselves.

Jian Chen completely submerged himself in the comprehension of the stele. The power of laws hidden within the stele was like a tremendous ocean to him. It was boundless and immeasurable.

After all, this had been left behind by a Grand Exalt. It represented the limits of the Laws of the Hallowed. Its depth and level were far beyond what Jian Chen could touch upon.

As a result, Jian Chen became lost as soon as he began his comprehension. Like a lost child, he could not find his way.

Fortunately, the Laws of the Hallowed within the stele were extremely gentle. It did not possess any hostile power at all. It was like a benevolent mother who cared for her child. Hence, no matter how weak the Radiant Saint Masters were, they were not harmed at all.

As a result, Jian Chen found his way very soon as he was surrounded by a mysterious power.

After finding his way, Jian Chen immediately discovered that he could see a diagram containing the mysteries of the ways. It shone brightly, invoking everything in the world.

At the same time, an ancient consciousness suddenly appeared in Jian Chen’s head. It revealed a piece of information: comprehending the diagram would allow one to obtain the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint.

At the same time, the Hallowed Saint Masters who sat around the stele as they tried to comprehend its mysteries experience the same thing as Jian Chen. After becoming temporarily lost, they saw the diagram and received the ancient message as well, learning about the legacy.

Immediately, all of them were shocked by this discovery. They ravished with joy.

“Yanxue, comprehend the stele, quick. There’s a huge fortune hidden within the stele,” Donglin Qiushui said to Donglin Yanxue in a hurry before immediately comprehending the diagram.

Jian Chen also comprehended the diagram that had suddenly appeared. He began to compete with the various Radiant Godkings in the surroundings in a battle of comprehension.

At the same time, rays of light shone from the stele, enveloping all the people comprehending the diagram.

The light was protective. Anyone comprehending the diagram received its protection.

Time passed silently, and Jian Chen’s comprehension of the diagram rapidly deepened.

Ten percent…

Twenty percent…

Thirty percent…

A whole month had passed, and Jian Chen had comprehended fifty percent of the diagram.

Comprehending the diagram had nothing to do with personal strength. The mysteries within the diagram truly tested the talent and potential of a person. The greater their talent and potential, the faster they could comprehend the diagram.

During this time, all the Hallowed Saint Masters who were originally scattered across the miniature world discovered the secret behind the stele one after another. They all gathered around the stele, comprehending the stele to the best of their abilities.

As a result, all the Hallowed Saint Master who had entered the miniature world had gathered around the stele. Without any exception, all of them were in a state of comprehension, contending for the Grand Exalt’s legacy.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》