Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2341: The Final Victor Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2341: The Final Victor Two

Chapter 2341: The Final Victor (Two)

“Seventy percent…”

“Eighty percent…”

Time passed silently in the quiet miniature world. When the second month passed by, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the stele had reached eighty percent.

He only had the last twenty percent to go before completely comprehending the diagram. Then he would gain the stele’s recognition and obtain the legacy it suppressed.

“Seventy percent. It’s already at seventy percent. Quick, I have to comprehend the last thirty percent as quickly as I can…” At the same time, Donglin Qiushui gritted her teeth secretly and did her best to comprehend the remaining mysteries within the diagram.

Donglin Qiushui was the same as Donglin Yanxue. She was also a genius and had been one of the dazzling rising stars in the Radiant Saint Hall. Her talent had also reached nine stars, but as she had been stuck at mid Radiant Godking the entire time, her past glory gradually faded away.

“I’ve already reached seventy percent. There’s only thirty percent left. I have to be the first one who comprehends the stele and obtain the Grand Exalt’s legacy…” The lord of the Sky Gazing Peak was frantic inside as well. The temptation of the Grand Exalt’s legacy was so great that let alone the Radiant Godkings, but even the eight vice-leaders or the very leader of the Radiant Saint Hall would not be able to resist it. They would all struggle to maintain their composure before the legacy.

These Radiant Godkings had accumulated over the past several tens of thousand years. Many of them possessed impressive talent and were nine star geniuses, and these people had comprehended seventy percent of the diagram.

Obviously, Donglin Yanxue was among them as well.

After all, comprehending the diagram tested one’s talent and affinity for comprehension. It had nothing to do with personal strength.

But no matter how they tried, they were still slightly slower than Jian Chen.

The further they comprehended the diagram, the more difficult it became. Jian Chen had used a month to reach fifty percent.

During the second month, he went from fifty percent to eighty percent.

During the third month, he only went from eighty percent to ninety percent.

He had only managed to advance by ten percent in the third month. This clearly demonstrated just how many times more difficult the comprehension became towards the end.

Moreover, after reaching ninety percent, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the last ten percent slowed to the speed of a snail.

The difficulty of comprehending the last ten percent increased once again.

Unknowingly, half a year had passed since the opening of the miniature world. After half a year of comprehension, Jian Chen remained stuck within the last ten percent.

The last ten percent was unimaginably difficult. Even with Jian Chen’s talent, he failed to make any significant progress in those three months.

Within that half a year, basically all the nine star geniuses had reached a comprehension of ninety percent. All of them were stuck on the last ten percent.

Some of the nine star geniuses had even stopped comprehending the diagram. The last ten percent was just too difficult that they lost confidence.

“The diagram is just too profound. It was already before like that before, but towards the end, I feel like I don’t understand it at all. I was completely clueless. If I forcefully try to continue, I’ll probably become lost…”

“The Grand Exalt’s legacy really isn’t something that we ordinary people can try to get our hands on. In the end, our affinity for comprehension is simply too poor…”

Some of the Hallowed Saint Masters opened their eyes. They stared at the stele before them as they seemed dispirited.

A huge fortune was placed before them, but they were incapable of obtaining it. They could only let their opportunity to rise up brush past them. The psychological impact and setback from this was almost fatal.

“Hmm? There’s actually a kid with a two-colored soulcore here. He’s actually still comprehending the diagram. Hehe, he only has a two-colored soulcore, so his talent goes without saying. Despite that being the case, he still wants to obtain the Grand Exalt’s legacy…” At this moment, a Hallowed Saint Master discovered Jian Chen nearby and immediately broke into laughter.

“I know this person. He’s a low level disciple called Chang Yang. Although his strength is nothing special, he has the support of vice-leader Xuan Zhan. It’s best if we don’t provoke him,” a Radiant Godking nearby glanced at Jian Chen and said rather cautiously.

“So what if he has vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s support? Is the vice-leader’s support enough for him to obtain the legacy? What a joke…”

“He only has a two-colored soulcore, yet he wants to get his hands on the Grand Exalt’s legacy. He really does think big of himself…”

“Most importantly, Chang Yang is only a one star genius. He still wants to gain the recognition of the legacy with talent like that? I think he can’t even comprehend fifty percent of the stele…”

“Even thirty percent would be difficult, let alone fifty percent…”

Many Hallowed Saint Masters looked at Jian Chen and scoffed. They all looked down on him and made fun of him.

None of them knew that Jian Chen was the person who comprehended the diagram the fastest out of all the Radiant Saint Masters present.

Very soon, another three months passed. Jian Chen had almost completely comprehended the entire stele. He only needed one last step.

However, Jian Chen encountered an obstruction with this one last step. He always felt like there was an invisible barrier blocking him at the final juncture, and he could not overcome it no matter how he tried.

Having run out of options, Jian Chen could only stop temporarily.

At the same time, the several dozen nine star geniuses followed Jian Chen closely. They had also reached the last ten percent. However, they were nowhere near as fast as Jian Chen. When Jian Chen had basically comprehended the ninety-ninth percent, they had only begun to comprehend the ninetieth percent.

“The last step doesn’t seem like it can be taken through comprehension alone. I feel like there needs to be some other condition,” Jian Chen wondered.

But at this moment, the Martial Soul Force within him jolted silently. An extremely weak strand of it seemed to experience some sort of suction, flowing away uncontrollably. It appeared within the diagram that Jian Chen had comprehended silently, charging towards the barrier blocking Jian Chen’s final step.

Before the Martial Soul Force, the barrier burst like a bubble, immediately clearing Jian Chen’s path for comprehension.

As soon as the barrier vanished, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the diagram reached completion. He had comprehended all of it. Immediately, he gained the recognition of the stele. Under the guidance of the power within the stele, a strand of the senses of his soul was brought below it. Jian Chen saw a dazzling imprint.

“The Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint!” Jian Chen immediately recognised the imprint.

In the instance Jian Chen established contact with the imprint, the diagram within the stele suddenly vanished. All the Hallowed Saint Masters who were still comprehending the diagram had been forced out by a power from the stele.

“What has happened? Why can’t I comprehend the diagram…”

“God dammit. I had already reached ninety percent. I was only ten percent away from success…”

“The diagram has actually vanished, and the senses of my soul are unable to enter the stele. What has happened…”

Everyone roused, and they cursed in regret. All of them were utterly furious.

“Look, there’s still a beam of light that hasn’t vanished…” At this moment, a cry rang out in disbelief and shock.

As the voice rang out, everyone immediately looked over, and their eyes narrowed at the sight before them.

All those who had been comprehending the stele were protected by its power, preventing any external interruptions.

When they had been forced out by the power of the stele, the beam of light that protected them had vanished. However, one still remained right now.

What did this mean?

It meant that there was still one person comprehending the stele and had not been pushed out by the power.

“Impossible. How is he still protected by the stele…”

“H- has he already comprehended the stele entirely?”

“H- how is that possible…”

Like a domino effect, all the Hallowed Saint Masters stood up and experienced a multitude of emotions. Many of their eyes turned bloodshot with burning envy as well as undisguised desire.
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