Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2345: Targeted by All
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2345: Targeted by All

As soon as those words rang out, the faces of everyone changed drastically. Afterwards, their gazes towards Jian Chen became filled with intense surprise and hatred.

Some of them even staggered backwards uncontrollably. They immediately paled, and their eyes became filled with fear.

The Martial Soul lineage was piercing to everyone’s ears, as not only were they composed of an extremely small group of different Radiant Saint Masters, but they also had deep grievances with the Radiant Saint Hall.

This grievance was so deep that they could no longer reconcile with each other. It had already reached the point where they would be at each other’s throats at every encounter.

Moreover, Qing Shan of the Martial Soul lineage had intruded on the World of Moon and Star during the first trial for the selection of the Chosen Saint. He hunted down everyone there in a devastating manner. Not only did he claim elder He Tian’s life, but many other protectors had died to his hands as well. It was a heavy loss for the Radiant Saint Hall.

As a result, all the Radiant Saint Masters felt very deep fear towards the people of the Martial Soul lineage along with their hatred.

The Martial Soul lineage had a total of seven people, but every single one of them was extremely powerful. Not only were they invincible among the same level of cultivation with their Martial Soul Force, but they could also challenge or even kill those at higher cultivation levels. It was extremely terrifying.

Not only was Jian Chen a Radiant Saint Master with a two-colored soulcore, but he had also exposed his great strength as a fighter right now.

He was both a Radiant Saint Master and a fighter. If he did not possess Martial Soul Force, what did he possess?

As a result, as soon as Jian Chen exposed his identity as part of the Martial Soul lineage, he immediately scared away the Radiant Saint Masters who feared the Martial Soul lineage.

“Qing Shan! He’s Qing Shan! We’ve all been tricked. Chang Yang is only his disguise. His true identity is actually Qing Shan of the Martial Soul lineage…” At this moment, another terrified cry rang out.

These words shocked everyone. Even the eyes of Donglin Yanxue widened as she stared at Jian Chen’s back in disbelief.

“What! Chang Yang is actually Qing Shan in disguise? H- how is this possible…” The lord of the Sky Gazing Peak and Donglin Qiushui were stunned as well.

“The Martial Soul lineage only has seven people, and Qing Shan is the only one at Godking among the seven of them. The rest of them have all reached the Primordial realm. Chang Yang’s strength completely matches Qing Shan’s, so who else can he be?” said Radiant Godking coldly. A god artifact hovered above his head, shining with light as it gave off a great pressure.

He was very powerful. After learning Jian Chen’s identity, not only did he feel no fear, but he even surged with battle intent instead.

“No, Chang Yang is not Qing Shan. I saw the real Qing Shan in the World of Moon and Star. Chang Yang and Qing Shan are clearly two different people,” Donglin Yanxue explained for Jian Chen loudly.

However, the Radiant Godking with the god artifact snorted coldly in response, “You’ve been tricked. Maybe when you saw Chang Yang and Qing Shan, it was only Qing Shan’s original body and a clone. With Qing Shan’s strength, you obviously won’t be able to see through his tricks if he got a clone to fool you.”

“Moreover, the place where the trial was held was so obscure. Even among our Radiant Saint Hall, barely anyone knew about it. How did Qing Shan locate the World of Moon and Star with such precision as an outsider? But it all makes sense now. He was clearly working with a clone of his. That was how he found the World of Moon and Star accurately.”

The Radiant Godking argued and gained the secret agreement of many Radiant Godkings nearby. Even some people who had doubts about Jian Chen’s identity gradually believed that he was Qing Shan.

“That makes sense. So many Radiant Godkings died in the trial last time. Only a single Chosen Saint was left alive. Donglin Yanxue and Chang Yang were actually able to return alive despite such weak cultivations. That’s already suspicious. Now that you look at it, it’s clearly a show that Chang Yang put on. He’s Qing Shan,” someone else said loudly.

None of the people present had considered the possibility of Jian Chen being the eighth person to possess Martial Soul Force. After all, far too few people belonged to the Martial Soul lineage.

“I- i- impossible…” Donglin Yanxue struggled to accept this. As if she had been struck by something, she rapidly retreated while shaking her head in dejection. She pulled away from Jian Chen.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m Qing Shan or not. What is important is that I hold no ill intentions towards any of you, or you wouldn’t still be standing around right now. I’ve only come for the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint,” Jian Chen said at this moment. He was very indifferent, but his words were believable.

He did not try to explain his identity. After all, there was no doubt about his possession of Martial Soul Force. As long as he possessed Martial Soul Force, he belonged to the Martial Soul lineage, and the Martial Soul lineage had always opposed the Radiant Saint Hall. As a result, he had no need to continue explaining.

No matter what he said, he would remain as the greatest enemy in the eyes of these Radiant Saint Masters; he was a target that they had to kill.

“The Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint is the greatest fortune of our Radiant Saint Hall. We can’t let it end up in the hands of the Martial Soul lineage no matter what…”

“Once the Martial Soul lineage obtains the Grand Exalt’s legacy, the outcome will be unthinkable. Everyone attack together and kill Chang Yang…”

“This is directly related to the survival of our Radiant Saint Hall. We can’t be selfish. Everyone stand together and take back the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint…”

“That’s right. Our Radiant Saint Hall faces the greatest threat yet. We must stand together. We can let anyone take the Grand Exalt’s legacy, but we can’t let the Martial Soul lineage take it, or we’re doomed…”

Righteous and encouraging calls rang out from the crowd. The unyielding spirit to stand and fight within the Radiant Saint Masters seemed to be awakened. They all overcame their fears and radiated with battle intent. They charged towards Jian Chen without any fear of death.

In the distance, the god artifacts that Jian Chen had knocked away returned. The ten god artifacts united once again, hurling towards Jian Chen with soaring power.

“A member of the Martial Soul lineage has snuck into the most sacred place of our Radiant Saint Hall, the Tower of Radiance. If we don’t kill this person, we’ll never be able to redeem ourselves from the humiliation. No one hold back. Unleash your full strength…”

With that, a few more presences that belonged to god artifacts appeared among the group. Another six people drew their god artifacts, sending them towards Jian Chen aggressively.

Donglin Qiushui happened to be one of those people. Her god artifact was a faint blue sword.

The sword had been bestowed upon her by a senior within the Donglin clan.

The attack this time was even more violent than the last. People before were only contending for the Grand Exalt’s legacy, so they did hold back slightly. But now, they used all their strength to kill. They were merciless.

As a result, the attacks this time were several times greater than before.

The sixteen low quality god artifact cut open a path as streaks of light. Terrifying energy shook up the surroundings as the killing intent became almost tangible. It all targeted Jian Chen.

Behind the sixteen god artifacts were the Radiant Artes from the various Radiant Godkings. The attacks came in all kinds of shapes and sizes, merging together into a wall of white that engulfed Jian Chen.

Moreover, many Radiant Godkings had fallen into a formation, powering it together. They launched attacks towards Jian Chen that were far more powerful than anything they could unleash alone.

At this moment, Jian Chen was truly surrounded. He faced attacks from all sides. Alone, he faced the most violent attacks from all the Radiant Godkings.

Moreover, they were Hallowed Saint Masters. They had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed, making their battle prowess even greater than fighters at the same level.
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