Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2366: Yielding
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2366: Yielding

It was fast, far too fast. The sword seemed to have crossed over from a completely different world. The moment it appeared, it shone with dazzling light, shooting towards the ground with unbelievable speed.

Immediately, sword intent permeated the surroundings. It was terrifying and boundless, enveloping the entire Nine Clouds Plane.

The ancient existences who cultivated in seclusion across the Nine Clouds Plane were all alarmed. They looked towards the sword Qi and became shocked.

“What terrifying sword Qi. I- it’s the Celestial Sword Saint of the Desolate Plane…”

“It’s the Celestial Sword Saint. The Celestial Sword Saint has actually attacked the Heaven-splitting clan. H- he’s insane…”

“The Heaven-splitting Ancestor is a peak expert only second to Grand Exalts. Has the Celestial Sword Saint reached a point where he doesn’t even fear the Heaven-splitting Ancestor…”

“The sword crossed through such a distance and directly attacked the Nine Clouds Plane from the Desolate Plane. The Celestial Sword Saint is even more terrifying than I imagined him to be…”

Various peak experts sighed in amazement in places across the Nine Clouds Plane. They hovered in the air, staring at the Heaven-splitting clan from afar.

A protective formation rose up from the Heaven-splitting clan, enveloping the entire place. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor had suddenly vanished from the pavilion as well. When he reappeared, he was outside the formations, standing in the path that the sword would pass through.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s bearing was otherworldly. Even though he did not give off any presence at all as he hovered in the air, he seemed like he controlled the world and could determine everything in the world.

It was as if he stood above the world, surpassing everything. It was like he had become a part of the ways of the world, enough to change how they functioned.

Of course, that was only a feeling, a bearing that appeared when one’s comprehension of the laws of the world reached an extremely profound level. He was only a step away from becoming a part of the heavenly ways.

The flow of time on the entire Nine Clouds Plane seemed to become abnormally slow. After the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s appearance in the air, the flow of time on the Nine Clouds Plane seemed to be affected. The laws of the world seemed to undergo some kind of change, making the Celestial Sword Saint’s sword seemingly slow down.

The laws where the Heaven-splitting Ancestor stood seemed to change with his existence. With a thought, he could affect the order of the world. With a thought, he could construct new laws. With a word, he could turn an entire region into his own territory. He was extremely powerful.

This was the power of someone only second to Grand Exalts.

However, the Celestial Sword Saint was not weak either. His sword bore his power and will, so it seemed like the Celestial Sword Saint had personally arrived. The Laws of the Sword condensed on the sword clashed with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.


Like a galaxy, the sword shot through the air, passing through all obstructions to arrive above the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s head.

No matter how the Heaven-splitting Ancestor controlled the ways of the world to interfere with it, it was futile.

A gleam of light flashed through the eyes of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. His face did not change, and he remained composed. He raised his hand slowly.

He seemed to perform this action slowly, but it was actually extremely fast. This was a phenomenon from the interfered Laws of Space and Time.

In a single instance, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor caught the Celestial Sword Saint’s sword. Power and laws condensed on the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s hand, surrounding the sword.

Afterwards, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor suddenly clenched his hand. Immediately, the light of the laws appeared, and all the power in the surroundings seemed to fuse into his hand. Devastating power condensed in a single instance as he wanted to clamp down on the Celestial Sword Saint’s sword.

The sword exploded with light at that moment. The Celestial Sword Saint’s figure seemed to appear, and the sword intent from the Three Lives Sword God suddenly erupted, engaging in an intense clash with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.


A deep rumble rang out in the air. Two supreme powers clashed together, causing the laws to tremor.

The sword Qi on the sword shattered, scattering into the surroundings as countless densely-packed streaks. They cut through space, raining down on the ground with a power that could seemingly annihilate everything.

“Crack!” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor called out, and it seemed to represent the will of the heavenly ways. Once he said that, spatial cracks appeared out of nowhere. They were dense, and they blotted out the sky. It was a shocking, frightening, and extremely grand sight. It seemed like the entire sky was collapsing.

Every crack appeared where the scattering sword Qi had to pass through like a huge, gaping mouth.

All the scattered sword Qi vanished after shooting into the cracks.

In the end, all the sword Qi was devoured. The devastating rain had been easily nullified just like that.

The Celestial Sword Saint’s sword flew out from the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s hand. It continued to shine blindingly and ripped open the space on the Nine Clouds Plane before vanishing.

The sword had retreated after a single strike. It did not launch a second attack.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor remained calm. He stared at the departing sword and did not take action. At a closer glance, one would notice that a faint, bloody mark had appeared on his hand.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor, someone only second to Grand Exalts, had actually been injured by the Celestial Sword Saint’s attack.

Even though it was nothing major, just a scratch, it was shocking enough.

“Celestial Sword Saint, since you’ve obtained the Three Lives Sword God’s legacy, I’ll give it to you. I’ll wait the three years,” said the Heaven-splitting Ancestor slowly and calmly as he stared at where the sword had vanished. He was emotionless.

As he said that, the huge figure condensed from the sea of clouds from when his will descended spoke the same words on the distant Desolate Plane.

Not only did the yielding of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor surprise all the peak experts on the Nine Clouds Plane, but even the peak experts who were about to watch how the Heaven-splitting Ancestor would overwhelm the Celestial Sword Saint on the Sword God Mountains became utterly astounded.

The Celestial Sword Saint had almost collapsed the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s body of clouds. Not only was this a provocation, but it was also a humiliating matter to the Heaven-splitting Ancestor who was one of the most powerful beings below Grand Exalts. However, he actually did not pursue the matter.

This surprised all of them.

“It looks like the Celestial Sword Saint has already become so powerful that he needs to be taken seriously by the Heaven-splitting Ancestor…”

“The Celestial Sword Saint has obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy. Although he might not be able to become a Grand Exalt himself, he’ll be able to reach the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s level at the very least. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor clearly doesn’t want to offend the Celestial Sword Saint over a small matter like this…”

“Indeed. Offending an expert like that over a small matter is indeed not a clever decision…”

Very soon, the peak experts of the two planes seemed to understand the hidden meaning behind the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s actions.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》