Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2367: Plan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2367: Plan

Even the Heaven-splitting Ancestor had yielded, so the peak experts gathered outside the Sword God Mountains no longer stuck around. All of them dispersed.

Most of them did not leave the Desolate Plane. Instead, they waited patiently across the Desolate Plane, waiting for Jian Chem to emerge from the Sword God Mountains in three years’ time.

However, Tu San of the Heaven-splitting clan chose to leave, returning to the Heaven-splitting clan on the Nine Clouds Plane through a teleportation formation.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor remained seated in the pavilion. His eyes were closed as he gave off the presence of laws. He seemed to have fused with the surroundings, affecting the operation of the laws there at all times.

Before him stood Tu San, who had just returned from the Desolate Plane. He reported everything that happened during his trip to the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.

He told the complete truth, without any exaggeration at all. He did not dare to tell a single lie before the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.

With the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s level of cultivation, he could see through the mysteries of the world and peer into the past and future with a single thought. Once Tu San told even half a lie or made a slight exaggeration, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor would be able to know instantly.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor opened his eyes after listening to Tu San’s report. His gaze was as deep as the cosmos as he said indifferently, “It’s not your fault that you weren’t able to bring back Jian Chen successfully. In the beginning, I only thought Jian Chen was an insignificant person. I never thought that he would actually be very extraordinary.”

“He’s a mere Godking, yet I can’t peer into anything that has to do with him. That rarely happens. I’ve developed some interest in him as well.”

“Master, this one will definitely bring back Jian Chen in three years’ time,” Tu San said politely.

“Alright,” nodded the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. After a slight pause, he said, “Originally, I didn’t take the Celestial Sword Saint seriously, but since he has obtained the Three Lives Sword God’s legacy, the situation has changed completely. Although it’ll be very difficult for him to become a Grand Exalt in the future, he’ll still be able to reach my current level through the legacy alone. There’s no need to gain a lurking enemy just because of three years.”

“Master is wise,” Tu San had already understood this.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor said after the slightest moment of hesitation, “Most importantly, his battle prowess has already far surpassed his current level of cultivation. Defeating him is nothing difficult, but I have no confidence in killing him. He knows the secret techniques of Grand Exalts. If he concentrates on running, it’ll be very difficult for me to capture him. Moreover, he already has the ability to harm me now.”

“What!” Tu San was in shock. He cried out, “Master, t- that’s impossible.”

“If he didn’t have the Three Lives Sword God’s legacy, he obviously wouldn’t be able to harm me. You can’t underestimate a Grand Exalt’s legacy.” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor looked at the distant outer space as his gaze deepened.

There was a slash that had almost cut through his entire right hand. Even though the wound had closed, a mark still remained.

“You are dismissed. Go to the Desolate Plane again in three years’ time. You have to bring me Jian Chen this time. I want to see exactly why he’s special and why I can’t peer into anything about him…”

Tu San bowed politely before backing away slowly.

Soon after Tu San’s departure, an ancient voice rang out.

“Heaven-splitting Ancestor, the little master wants me to ask you when Jian Chen will be brought here.”

It was the voice of the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace.

“Tell your little master not to worry. Jian Chen is very safe right now. She’ll be able to see him in three years’ time,” the Heaven-splitting Ancestor said indifferently.

Jian Chen looked at the Celestial Sword Saint who sat on the ground with his back towards him in the Sword God Mountains. He bowed deeply and said, “Thank you for assisting me, senior!”

Jian Chen understood that the Celestial Sword Saint had actually clashed with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor because of him earlier; this shocked him.

Even though he knew that this was all because of the Celestial Sword Saint’s natural pride, the matter had still arisen from him.

“You don’t need to thank me. Since I have agreed that you can stay on the Sword God Mountains for three years, you will definitely be spending those three years here. No more, no less. In three years’ time, leave by yourself. Your life will be in your own hands then,” the Celestial Sword Saint said calmly. However, his voice did seem to possess a sense of power that could not be defied.

It was as if his words were the edict of heaven, where no one could change his will or decisions.

“Be careful about the Heaven-splitting clan. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor has become interested in you. No matter what you hear in the future, never go to the Heaven-splitting clan. The Heaven-splitting is hell, not heaven for you,” the Celestial Sword Saint said mysteriously, as if he knew almost everything in the world.

Jian Chen’s heart sank slightly. “Junior understands!”

“You can go. You don’t need to worry about anyone launching a sneak attack on you in my Sword God Mountains. You can cultivated at ease. If there are any areas in cultivation that you don’t understand, you can come here whenever you like,” the Celestial Sword Saint said slowly. He closed his eyes, and he gave off a profound presence, resonating with the world and seemingly fusing with the entire mountain range.

It felt like he had become the Sword God Mountains, perfectly merging with every inch of the land there. They seemed inseparable.

Afterwards, Jian Chen entered seclusion at ease in the Sword God Mountains. Only the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Fire, and the Laws of Corrosion from the seven laws he had received from below the Desolate Plane required more comprehension.

“I have to raise my comprehension of these three laws to Godking in the three years that I have,” Jian Chen secretly made up his mind as he sat in the gloomy cave.

However, he could not use the fortune jade now, so his rate of comprehension was obviously much slower. As a result, he did not have complete confidence in completing the required comprehension in three years.

He temporarily tossed aside his thoughts about the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method he had obtained from the Tower of Radiance. His priority right now was to comprehend the three laws.

This was because only when the eight laws from the eight experts within the cavern had been comprehended to Godking could the final strands of vital energy within them be activated, allowing all of them to fuse their powers together and deliver an astonishing strike.

Jian Chen had no idea how powerful these eight experts were when they were still alive, but there was one thing he could be certain about, and that was the cavern definitely would not be able to endure a combined attack from the eight of them.

By then, the cavern would definitely collapse, and the corpse of the Ancient Great Apes’ expert would be exposed. The Desolate Plane would definitely plunge into chaos.
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