Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2374: Zhuo Feng’s Departure
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2374: Zhuo Feng’s Departure

When Mu Shui saw how Donglin Yanxue did not even care about the position of Chosen Saint for Jian Chen’s sake, she deeply understood that her proudest disciple held extremely deep feelings towards Jian Chen. This made her feel powerless. She could only sigh inside.

“Master, I will be dismissing myself…”

Donglin Yanxue bowed slightly and left.

On the Soaring Clouds Peak, Han Xin sat in a small wooden hut at the top of the mountain. He clutched a thumb-sized crystal in his hand.

The crystal was called a memory crystal. It could hold recordings of images and voices.

Han Xin’s hand trembled uncontrollably as he looked at the crystal in his hand. Even his face had paled unnaturally.

The crystal came from his clan. It recorded a personal message from the person in charge of the Han family. His words changed Han Xin’s identity and fate.

Undisguised grief filled Han Xin’s eyes as he stared at the crystal in his hand. His eyes had become bloodshot.

He refused to accept the contents of the crystal. He wanted to send the senses of his soul into the crystal again to check the message from the patriarch of the Han family again.

However, he lacked the courage.

“The Han family has abandoned me. My name has been removed from the family tree. From today onwards, I may still be surnamed Han, but I have nothing to do with the Han family anymore…” Han Xin murmured sternly. His heavy voice was extremely hoarse.

“All because Chang Yang was my disciple, because Chang Yang is Jian Chen of the Martial Soul lineage in disguise, my clan has expelled me…” Han Xin stood up slowly. He arrived outside the wooden hut and stared at the sea of clouds beyond the mountain. His bleak figure seemed lonely.

At the foot of the mountain was the white-robed Bai Yu. She climbed the steep, long steps in low spirits as well. She made her way up the Soaring Clouds Peak step by step.

Her eyes were red, hollow, and lifeless. She seemed like she had lost her soul. She did not choose to fly with Radiant Saint Force. Instead, she used her feet like a mortal, climbing the long steps like a machine.

The second senior brother she admired the most was actually a member of the Martial Soul lineage and had become a public enemy of everyone inside the Radiant Saint Hall. Even her master, Mu Shui, who had given her glory and status, had expelled her as a disciple. All these matters impacted Bai Yu greatly, harming her still-tender heart very much.

Even though she had been cultivating for quite some time already, the environment she grew up in allowed her to maintain the heart of a young lady. Her mind was extremely frail.

After a very long time, Bai Yu finally arrived at the end of the stone steps. Her white shoes were all muddy now.

Han Xin seemed to have been waiting at the end of the steps for a very long time. He stood there quietly and stared at Bai Yu in her soiled, white robes.

“Teacher, I’ve been expelled by my master,” Bai Yu choked back her tears as she looked at Han Xin’s haggard face.

“I already know. You might not be the disciple of an elder anymore, but you’re still the disciple of my Soaring Clouds Peak,” said Han Xin.

At this moment, a few Hallowed Saint Masters arrived around the Soaring Clouds Peak. The one leading them happened to possess a six-colored soulcore.

The six-colored soulcore was equivalent to Overgods among fighters.

“I am the disciple of the Blue Water Peak, Ge Han. Is disciple Zhuo Feng present?” The leading Hallowed Saint Master said loudly, ignoring Han Xin’s presence. His voice rang out across the entire Soaring Clouds Peak.

Zhuo Feng flew over from afar on the Soaring Clouds Peak.

“Are you Zhuo Feng? I’ve come under the orders of my teacher. The Soaring Clouds Peak is no longer suitable for you. Are you willing to leave the Soaring Clouds Peak and become a disciple of our Blue Water Peak?” asked the Hallowed Saint Master.

Zhuo Feng beamed when he heard that. Due to Jian Chen, the Soaring Clouds Peak had developed a very bad name within the Radiant Saint Hall now. Zhuo Feng had already wanted to break away from the Soaring Clouds Peak. Hence, now that the lord of another peak invited him, he immediately became tempted.

However, soon afterwards, he became troubled and looked at Han Xin.

Han Xin stood with his hands by his sides. He said emotionlessly, “Zhuo Feng, if you want to go, then go.”

“Thank you for allowing me, sir!” Zhuo Feng clasped his fist and left the Soaring Clouds Peak with no reluctance at all.

Before long, a travel-weary group of female Radiant Saint Masters arrived. The person at the front was a woman who roughly seemed to be in her thirties. She also had a six-colored soulcore, and she said softly, “Is disciple Bai Yu present? I have come under the orders of the lord of the Myriad Flowers Peak to invite you to join us.”

Han Xin sighed gently when he saw the people from the Myriad Flowers Peak. He seemed to age in that instance. The situation with the Soaring Clouds Peak was indeed hopeless now. Even the two remaining disciples were going to be taken away.

Han Xin waved his hand rather powerlessly and said, “Sigh, you should all go. Go find a new future. The Soaring Clouds Peak is no longer suitable for you to stay…”

With that, Han Xin turned around and left. He seemed slightly lonely.

“No, I won’t leave the Soaring Clouds Peak. No matter what happens to the Soaring Clouds Peak, I, Bai Yu, will always remain as a disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak…”

In the blink of an eye, it had already been a year since Jian Chen arrived in the Sword God Mountains. He had spent the entire time comprehending the Laws of Corrosion, but without the fortune jade, his rate of comprehension was significantly slower. He only made it to mid Overgod after an entire year.

“It looks like I can only comprehend the Laws of Corrosion to Godking in the remaining two years. I can only depend on Kai Ya for the Laws of Creation and Fire,” thought Jian Chen. Even though he had been cultivating through absorbing the golden cores of laws and would not encounter any bottlenecks at all, he simply did not have enough time.

“And the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall hasn’t come again after that time. I wonder if he has really made things tough for Donglin Yanxue and the Soaring Clouds Peak. It’s a pity that I don’t have the ability to help them,” Jian Chen sighed secretly inside. He sat within his dwelling and stared in the direction of the Radiant Saint Hall for a while before going to find the Celestial Sword Saint.

The Celestial Sword Saint had not changed at all since Jian Chen first saw him. He remained seated in the same position with his back towards Jian Chen. Like a meditating monk, he had not moved at all.

“I know why you’ve come. You don’t need to worry about the people you have ties with in the Radiant Saint Hall,” as if he knew everything, the Celestial Sword Saint answered Jian Chen’s question before he could even ask anything.

Jian Chen knew that with the Celestial Sword Saint’s strength, he was aware everything that happened on the entire Desolate Plane even if he remained here. He bowed towards the Celestial Sword Saint and asked, “Senior, may I ask about Donglin Yanxue’s current situation?”

“That little girl you’ve mentioned has been taken away by Donglin Ce before she was punished. Donglin Ce is the current ancestor of the Donglin clan, so you don’t need to worry about her.”

Jian Chen finally became relieved and stopped worrying a lot.
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