Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2375: I am a Sword Immortal
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2375: I am a Sword Immortal

Time passed silently. Over two and a half years had passed since Jian Chen arrival at the Sword God Mountains.

On this day, a faint, grey mist suddenly permeated Jian Chen’s cave, radiating outwards.

The grey mist was extremely corrosive. Wherever it passed by, the ground was eaten away, and the vegetation withered. Even the origin energy in the surroundings fused with the great mist, becoming a part of it, allowing the mist to become even more powerful.

But that was all. As the grey mist gradually ate away at the vegetation, a hazy light suddenly appeared. Powerful sword intent permeated the surroundings and flooded the grey mist.

Even from the ground, the same light appeared, forcing back the grey mist.

After all, the Sword God Mountains was the Celestial Sword Saint’s territory. Every single leaf and pebble there had become extraordinary under the perpetual influence of the Celestial Sword Saint’s sword intent. They possessed power that could not be underestimated.

At this moment, the grey mist completely receded into the cave. Afterwards, Jian Chen walked out from the cave.

“I’ve finally comprehended the Laws of Corrosion to Godking after two and a half years. I need the Laws of the Sword, Creation, Destruction, Fire, Strength, Curses, and Corrosion to activate the lingering power within the eight experts. I’ve already grasped the Laws of the Sword, Destruction, Strength, Space, Curses, and Corrosion out of the eight. Coupled with Kai Ya’s Laws of Creation and Fire, they all happen to be at Godking.”

Having achieved his objective, Jian Chen no longer wanted to stay in the Sword God Mountains. Immediately, he went to find the Celestial Sword Saint to bid farewell to him. He wanted to leave early and take everyone by surprise.

“I said that I would let you stay in the Sword God Mountains for three years, not one day more or less…” said the Celestial Sword Saint in a forceful manner.

Helpless, Jian Chen could only stay in the Sword God Mountains for the remaining half of a year.

Jian Chen planned on comprehending the Laws of the Sword with the remaining time.

Although he had obtained the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method for Radiant Saint Force, allowing him to reach an even higher level, it was impossible for the increase in just half a year to have any impact on his battle prowess.

As for the method of using Martial Soul Force he had obtained from Hun Zang, it was only the basics. The true core of the entire legacy remained on the Martial Soul Mountain. It was impossible for these mere basics to bring him any assistance against the peak experts in half a year’s time.

As a result, Jian Chen could only spend this remaining time comprehending the Laws of the Sword.

When Jian Chen attempted the Path of Swords, he had become enlightened to the bearing of a Sword Immortal. As such, he basically had a foot planted in the Sword Immortal realm.

The Sword Immortal realm was equivalent to the Primordial realm.

“Sword Immortal is about the immortal bearing, and the sword Qi must hold the essence of ‘immortal’. Although I’ve already understood it, my sword Qi still hasn’t transformed completely…” Jian Chen did not return to his dwelling. Instead, he found a mountain and began meditating on its peak, comprehending the bearing of ‘immortal’ so that his sword Qi could transform completely.

Although this seemed like a simple process, it was anything but easy to actually achieve it.

One month…

Two months…

Time passed bit by bit. Jian Chen sat there for four months. During that time, he was like a statue. He did not move at all. The only change was the sword Qi that would surge out from him from time to time, rampaging in the surroundings.

The sword Qi was either tough or soft, either powerful or weak. It constantly changed, but Jian Chen never took the final step, becoming an immortal of the sword.

Jian Chen finally ended his meditation after four months and went to seek guidance from the Celestial Sword Saint.

Although he was confident that this final step would not take him too long with his talent, he clearly had no confidence in taking the step in the remaining two months.

“If you want to become a Sword Immortal, you must first understand the word ‘immortal’. The understanding of ‘immortal’ varies from person to person.”

“In the eyes of mortals, ‘immortals’ possess great power. They can fly in the skies and burrow through the ground. They are beings of eternal life…”

“In the eyes of some cultivators who have quite the accomplishment in cultivation, ‘immortals’ is only a division of cultivation realms…”

“However, in my eyes, ‘immortals’ represent the natural way of change in the world…”

The Celestial Sword Saint’s vigorous voice boomed out in Jian Chen’s head like a bell, immediately making him feel enlightened. In a trance, he seemed to understand something. He seemed to grasp something.

“Every single person has a different view on ‘immortals’. It holds different meanings to them. But what are ‘immortals’ to me?” Jian Chen left where the Celestial Sword Saint cultivated. He was in a trance as he returned to the mountain where he had meditated for four years. He pondered that question thoroughly.

“My understanding of ‘immortals’ is that they’re free, liberated, and untainted. They have surpassed the world and are unshackled. However, that’s only a portion of my understanding towards ‘immortals’ right now. I haven’t found its entirety…”

“No wonder, no wonder I had only taken a single step when I understood the bearing of Sword Immortal. My understanding towards ‘immortals’ is incomplete. Only by filling this in can I reach completion and truly reach the Sword Immortal realm.”

Jian Chen began to meditate again. This time, he did not use any power at all. Instead, he was just like a mortal. He sat on the peak of the mountain, enduring the natural elements. In just a month, he became covered by a thin layer of dust. Additionally, his white robes had lost their original colours, having darkened.

During the last three days that Jian Chen stayed in the Sword God Mountains, a stormy night had arrived. There was a heavy downpour as thunder boomed through the skies. Lightning danced like dragons and snakes.

At this moment, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky with an intense flash. However, the bolt of lightning was like a flash through Jian Chen’s head. In that instance, he immediately understood what an ‘immortal’ was to him.

He suddenly stood up. He stared at the stormy sky and pointed at it. He called out, “My ‘immortal’ is the world, and the world is the universe, the endless galaxies. It holds everything and is boundless.”

“My way can hold everything, can devour galaxies, can make everything underneath me become a part of my way…”

“From today onwards, I am a Sword Immortal, an immortal of the sword…”

Jian Chen’s voice was like the first sounds of the universe. It contained a mysterious power, booming through the entire sky.


A bolt of lightning fell, but the electricity gathered on the tip of Jian Chen’s finger. It flickered and dispersed. However, in the next moment, the electricity on Jian Chen’s fingertip turned into a resplendent strand of sword Qi.

At the same time, the storm silently changed. Unknowingly, the rain that fell from the sky was no longer just rain. It had turned into strands of sharp sword Qi.

The sword Qi was densely packed and blotted out the entire sky. It produced a never-ending series of spurts as it fell on the Sword God Mountains.

Jian Chen had used his will as a Sword Immortal to change the power of nature here.
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