Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2379: An Astonishing Strike One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2379: An Astonishing Strike One

Chapter 2379: An Astonishing Strike (One)

The eyes of the peak experts narrowed when they heard that, and they immediately paid close attention.

Very soon, they discovered the strange phenomenon thanks to their cultivation. It was just like that person had said. The terrifying presence that originated from the depths of the tunnel did indeed seem powerful on the surface, but it was weaker underneath.

They became much less fearful with this discovery. After some slight hesitation, they continued their way down. However, they moved much slower. Clearly, they had worries now.

By now, Jian Chen had reached the huge, underground cavern. He saw Kai Ya waiting there with a single glance.

He stared at the colossal ancient beast who had passed on the golden core of laws for the Laws of Fire to him and said, “Kai Ya, continue with your Laws of Creation and awaken the vital energy within them. It’s time for us to complete their final wish.”

Time was tight, so they had no time to talk. With that, Jian Chen flew off, approaching the corpses of the eight experts.

Kai Ya also understood that danger was rapidly approaching. Without any hesitation, she moved towards the expert who had given Jian Chen the golden core of laws for the Laws of Creation.

At the same time, Qing Yixuan sat on the fortune jade on the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower. Sword Qi surged from her as her presence became even more powerful.

In all these years, her cultivation had risen like a rocket through swordmaster Yun Chi’s golden core of laws and the fortune jade. She had reached late Overgod and was on the boundary now. She was already approaching Godking.

At this moment, Qing Yixuan’s presence suddenly swelled. She shone brightly as all of her vital essences underwent a transformation, advancing to a new level.

She had finally broken through to Godking!

After becoming a Godking, Qing Yixuan did not continue to cultivate. After stabilising her current level of cultivation, she slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes shone extremely brightly as powerful sword Qi gathered within them. They were extremely dangerous such that people weaker than her would never dare to look her in the eyes.

The sword Qi in her eyes lasted for a while before slowly dispersing, returning her to normal.

Godking had once been a cultivation realm that Qing Yixuan dreamed of, but she showed no joy at all now that she had broken through to Godking. Instead, she remained extremely calm.

“I’ve obtained swordmaster Yun Chi’s legacy, but this legacy came from Chang Yang. Just who is Chang Yang? He didn’t take such a great legacy for himself and gave it to me instead…” Qing Yixuan thought back to what she went through when she inherited swordmaster Yun Chi’s legacy, and she became filled with doubt.

But very soon, her attention was drawn to the fortune jade beneath her. She was surprised and thought, “And what kind of treasure is this jade? When I sit on it, the complicated, profound laws of the world become much clearer all of a sudden, allowing my comprehension of laws to speed up by several times over…”

“Whatever. I better keep cultivating. Although I’ve already become a Godking, it’s nowhere near enough. The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance and the Solitary Sword Ancestor who have been hunting down Jian Chen are both Grand Primes. I wonder if Jian Chen is still alive.”

“However, if Jian Chen is dead, I must personally avenge him once I become powerful enough…”

With that, Qing Yixuan remained on the fortune jade and continued her comprehension of the Laws of the Sword.

The powerful vital energies were awakened in the underground cavern. As they churned in a terrifying manner, the great pulses they emitted shook up the entire space there. The shackles that restrained the corpses of the eight experts danced around and shook wildly. The clanking of chains rang out.

The vital energy in six of the eight experts had been awakened now.

The tremendous vital energies swept through the air like dragons, resonating with one another. It seemed to create a formation, demonstrating astonishing might.

However, the formation was still incomplete, so the six portions of vital energy struggled to connect with one another and fuse.

Jian Chen continued to the next corpse.

Very soon, he arrived before swordmaster Yun Chi’s corpse. Without any hesitation, he controlled the power of the Laws of the Sword and poured them into swordmaster Yun Chi’s body.

The vital energy sealed within swordmaster Yun Chi’s body was no different from the other experts. A layer of inscriptions existed around it, protecting the vital energy.

However, when Jian Chen’s Laws of the Sword approached the inscriptions, something happened.

The inscription suddenly erupted with terrifying power, easily nullifying Jian Chen’s Laws of the Sword. At the same time, it sent a portion right towards Jian Chen.

This power had been left behind by swordmaster Yun Chi when he was still alive. Even after countless years, it remained as terrifying as ever. It possessed enough power to kill.

The sudden occurrence took Jian Chen by surprise. However, before he could think about it, the seven golden core of laws in his soul began to bob up and down.

The power that surged towards Jian Chen seemed to sense something. The killing intent vanished, and it gave up on attacking Jian Chen.

Jian Chen pulled back his hand from swordmaster Yun Chi’s body as the light in his eyes flickered in surprise and doubt.

“I understand now. The vital energy within the eight experts cannot be awakened by just anyone. Only those who inherit their legacy can awaken the power. As for other people, even if they comprehend the same kind of laws, they will be mercilessly slain by this power as soon as they touch on the power that protects the vital energy…” Jian Chen understood everything very soon. Immediately, he looked in Kai Ya’s direction as he felt doubt. Why were Kai Ya’s Laws of Creation and Fire unaffected?

However, now was not the time to consider that. He took out the Anatta Tower and grabbed Qing Yixuan, who had just become a Godking.

“Young master Chang Yang, what are you doing?” With her cultivation interrupted, Qing Yixuan felt very displeased. She stared at Jian Chen with a frown.

Jian Chen still wore Mo Tianyun’s mask, so Qing Yixuan failed to recognise him.

Jian Chen cut right to the chase, immediately ordering Qing Yixuan to awaken the vital energy within swordmaster Yun Chi’s body.

Qing Yixuan did not dare to disobey Jian Chen. She immediately followed his instructions and awakened the vital energy within swordmaster Yun Chi very soon. Right after that, she was tossed back into the Anatta Tower.

“Just the last one left!” Jian Chen’s eyes became extremely bright, and they even contained a sliver of craziness. He was extremely curious about how terrifying the strike from the fusion of the eight expert’s vital energies would be.

Moreover, what state would the Desolate Plane be left in after this astonishing strike?

“Although it’s impossible for this strike to destroy the Desolate Plane, it’ll definitely be able to shave off a layer of skin from the peak experts who want my Anatta Tower. And before long, the experts of the Ancient Great Apes should arrive. Although I will be the one who destroys this place, the people who desire the Anatta Tower will be at fault as well.” Jian Chen arrived before the corpse of the final beast as a crazy light shone in his eyes.

“So it’s past experts who have already died. Jian Chen, you’ve actually brought us to a place like this. It looks like we really have to thank you properly…”

At this moment, the peak experts had all arrived as well. They appeared in Jian Chen’s view and looked at the corpses of the eight experts in joy.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》