Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2380: An Astonishing Strike Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2380: An Astonishing Strike Two

Chapter 2380: An Astonishing Strike (Two)

“Thank me? Really?” Jian Chen stood on the back of the beast’s corpse and smiled strangely. His face gradually turned cold, and he said slowly, “It’s just a pity that I don’t need it!” With that, Jian Chen poured the power of the final law into the corpse before him without any hesitation at all.

“Oh no, stop him!” A ruddy old man in the group seemed to understand the secrets of this place at that moment, and his face immediately changed.

However, it was already too late. With the input of the power of the last law, the vital energy sealed within the beast before Jian Chen suddenly surged. It radiated outwards in a tremendous manner, merging with the vital energies from the other experts and filling the entire cavern.

At the same time, an extremely well-hidden formation abruptly appeared. As the formation spun, it enveloped all eight corpses of the experts.

At this moment, the vital energies in the bodies of the eight experts fused under the assistance of the formation.

These were all arrangements that the eight experts had prepared when they were still alive. Even though their powers completely differed from one another, they fused together perfectly with their arrangements, becoming something even more powerful and terrifying.

The formation of the power caused the earth to rumble. The entire cavern shook as the space in there twisted violently.

If the cavern was not protected by powerful formations, it probably would have collapsed long ago.

“This is a trap! He has purposefully led us here! What a scheming brat. Everyone retreat!”

The expressions of all the peak experts who had followed Jian Chen here changed drastically as they became extremely pale. They staggered backwards in retreat.

The power from the fusion of the eight experts’ vital energies had reached an unbelievable level. It made them shiver from the depths of their hearts.

At this moment, the terrifying power from the eight experts suddenly turned into a sharp sword that shot towards Gusta’s corpse submerged in the pool of blood with might seemingly capable of destroying everything.

The strike was extremely frightening. It had surpassed the strength of any single one of the eight experts. Wherever the sword passed by, space collapsed, and the laws pulsed and fell into disorder.

The invisible barrier around the pool of blood rose up once again, engulfing the entire pool.

The defences of the barrier were extremely great, but it was as fragile as a sheet of paper before the sword condensed from the vital energies of the eight experts.

With a boom, the barrier shattered. As violent energy wreaked havoc, the sword passed through the various obstructions with unbelievable power and landed on Gusta’s body.


Immediately, a sound loud enough to shake up the souls of regular Infinite Primes erupted. Terrifying energy exploded loudly. The pool of blood collapsed, and blood splayed out in all directions. An indescribably powerful storm of energy swept out devastatingly.

The peak experts who failed to leave in time were blown away by the shockwave. The protective light around them flickered with great instability, but it only lasted for a few seconds before shattering. Many of them paled as blood oozed out from the corner of their lips.

Even their protective god artifacts dimmed.

Moreover, the blood from the pool struck their bodies heavily like high-speed shrapnel with powerful pulses of energy. It pushed back the peak experts uncontrollably as they struggled to withstand it.

Their cultivation levels were extraordinary, but the strike from the eight experts was even more terrifying. It was so powerful that the shockwave from the attack was enough to harm them.

With a great rumble, the cavern collapsed. Powerful energy punched through the roof of the cavern, reaching the outside world. It formed a huge pit on the surface that the endless pulses of energy used as an exit, surging out from underground and rampaging through the skies of the Desolate Plane.

The body of the strongest king of the Ancient Great Apes, Gusta, had already been ripped to pieces. His fragments and the blood from the pool were all taken out from the cavern with the energy, gushing into the sky and appearing outside.

Among it all was a fist-sized, extremely damaged tower.

The tower was unbelievably tough. The storm of energy that could destroy Gusta’s body and strike fear into the hearts of all the peak experts was actually unable to do anything to the tiny tower. It could only blow the tower away like a fallen leaf in the wind.

Just like that, the tiny tower hid in the storm of energy, following the flow to charge out from underground through the collapsed cavern.

The entire Desolate Plane rumbled violently. The five regions that were extremely distant from one another seemed to experience extremely powerful earthquakes. Mountains collapsed, the earth cracked, and tsunamis roared. Even many cities collapsed, alarming every expert.

At this moment, the entire Desolate Plane tilted ever-so-slightly in outer space.

The astonishing strike from the eight experts actually moved the entire plane.

“What is happening…”

“What terrifying pulses of energy. W- what is happening…”

The entire plane was thrown into chaos. People panicked as all the experts on the Desolate Plane stared off into the distance in shock.

All seven people on the illusionary projection of the Martial Soul Mountain stood up. They all stared at the Desolate Plane in shock.

They personally witnessed the formation of a huge pit on the Desolate Plane. It plunged into the earth and grew larger and larger, as if it would never stop.

The eyes of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor who sat within the Heaven-splitting clan on the Nine Clouds Plane suddenly snapped open. His eyes shone as he directly peered through space and looked in the direction of the Desolate Plane.

Moreover, the power of laws circulated through him, making him seem like he had completely fused with the world, where he represented the heavens and possessed supreme power.

“It’s a corpse of a dark gold ape king of the Ancient Great Apes, and it’s not the other two who were slain by the Spiritsages. It seems like it’s the one known as their strongest king who died even earlier, Gusta.”

“Gusta’s cultivation level in the past was the same as mine. Coupled with the special bloodline of the Ancient Great Apes, his battle prowess is even greater. His body and blood is extremely useful to me.” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor suddenly vanished. This time, he personally set off for the Desolate Plane.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》