Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2381: The Bloodtear Grand Exal
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2381: The Bloodtear Grand Exal


The Heaven-splitting Ancestor strode through outer space. He seemed to be on a leisurely stroll and was not particularly fast, but the space around him would change with his every step.

A step a galaxy, a step a world.

The concept of distance did not seem to exist to him as he moved through the tremendous outer space. He travelled at an unbelievable speed, as if he was teleporting, hurrying towards the distant Desolate Plane.

The forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World were tremendous planes of land that hovered in outer space. Every single plane was extremely distant from the next. Normally, the journey would be completed through spaceships or interplanar teleportation formations.

However, once an individual’s cultivation reached the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s level, they could control a portion of the heavenly ways. The distance between planes would be nothing before the eyes of such an expert.

He even moved through space faster than teleportation formations!

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor was not the only peak expert to sense the events on the Desolate Plane.

At this moment, a few ancient relics who always focused on cultivating and never bothered with worldly affairs roused from their cultivation. These old experts had already been forgotten by people.

Their gazes contained age. They had seen through life, death, and samsara, having grown indifferent towards wealth and fame and surpassed the worldly affairs. They wholeheartedly devoted themselves to cultivation.

“It’s the strongest one out of the three dark gold ape kings of the Ancient Great Apes, Gusta. Gusta’s body and essence blood is actually on the Desolate Plane…”

“The bloodline of a dark gold ape king is extremely rare and noble, and Gusta was also the greatest out of all the Ancient Great Apes. He was only a step away from Grand Exalt. His essence blood might contain his past memories…”

“Gusta’s body and essence blood is enough for me to personally set out…”

All these ancient relics that hid in various places across the Saints’ World emerged. They crossed through space and hurried towards the Desolate Plane.

On the Desolate Plane, the Celestial Sword Saint remained seated in the same position during the entire affair in the Sword God Mountains. His eyes pierced through space, and he looked at pieces of Gusta’s body and blood that had been thrown into the air. His face was cold, and he remained indifferent to it all.

However, invisible sword intent radiated from his body, enveloping the entire Sword God Mountains, causing the mountain range to remain completely unaffected as the entire Desolate Plane shook.

Within the imperial capital of the Violet Wind Empire of the southern region, one of the five everlasting empires of the Desolate Plane, a disheveled, messy, unkempt old man in old clothes leaned against a seat with a group of soldiers from the empire. He laid there lazily with his eyes closed.

The unkempt old man seemed to be an Infinite Prime. He held an important position in the Violet Wind Empire, guarding the teleportation formation that could take people across planes.

At this moment, the entire ground shook violently, and the old man who sat on the cane chair suddenly stood up. He looked in the direction of the War Grand Empire, and a sliver of surprise appeared in his old eyes. He said to himself, “Gusta’s body is actually buried on the Desolate Plane. I knew nothing about it in the several hundred years I’ve stayed here…” The unkempt old man’s eyes became extremely deep. Just when he was about to head over, he seemed to sense something, and his face changed slightly. He immediately became cautious and murmured, “I sense a sliver of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s presence. So that’s how it is. That place was actually secretly arranged by the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. This… I cannot… I cannot…”

“This brat called Jian Chen is just too crazy. He has actually destroyed the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s arrangements. It looks like no one can save him now…”

At the same time, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor who traversed through outer space seemed to sense something as well and suddenly stopped. He looked at the distant Desolate Plane with a frown.

“There’s a sliver of the bloodtear Grand Exalt’s presence…” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor murmured. The endless ways weaved in his pupils as he began peering into the heavenly secrets.

A while later, he gave up on venturing to the Desolate Plane without any hesitation at all. He turned around and returned to the Heaven-splitting clan.

At the same time, all the ancient relics who headed towards the Desolate Plane came to a stop. After pausing for a while, they all gave up on the Desolate Plane. They sighed and returned to where they came from, all feeling that it was a pity.

Many experts approached the explosion on the Desolate Plane. They hurried over from everywhere. There were Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes among them. Over half of all the Primordial realm experts on the Desolate Plane had basically gathered over.

“Whose corpse is this? It’s actually so powerful that just the energy in a single droplet of blood gives me chills…” An Infinite Prime looked at the sky full of blood as he paled in fright.

“The blood contains extremely pure energy at an extremely high level. It’s priceless…” An Infinite Prime cried out. Greed filled his eyes, and he immediately got to work, placing a droplet of blood nearby into a jade bottle.

The other Primordial realm experts no longer hesitated after they saw someone move. With burning joy and excitement, they began collecting Gusta’s blood and fragments. Their attention was completely drawn away by the blood in the sky, and they failed to notice a fist-sized tower silently fly off into the distance along the ground.

The tiny damaged tower stopped somewhere hidden after travelling far away from this. Afterwards, it vanished, and Jian Chen and Kai Ya appeared out of nowhere.

“Let’s go. Let’s leave this place!” Jian Chen said. He no longer used the Anatta Tower to travel because he would stand out far too much and would be easily discovered. He chose to fly with Kai Ya instead.

He chose to travel with Kai Ya because the peak experts had personally witnessed that he was alone. If he traveled all by himself, there was a very great chance that he would arouse suspicion even if he changed his appearance and concealed his presence through Mo Tianyun’s mask.

Only a few people knew about Kai Ya’s existence, so they could avoid standing out and reduce suspicion by travelling together.

As for the blood medallions for checking identity widespread across the Desolate Plane, they had vanished during the three years Jian Chen spent cultivating in the Sword God Mountains.

After all, the blood medallion was only a temporary item for finding Jian Chen. It was not a rule that existed on the Desolate Plane, so it obviously would not exist for long.

At this moment, several dozen furious, powerful presence suddenly appeared from underground. The peak experts who had been led down there by Jian Chen all surged out furiously in horrible shapes. They hovered in the air and roared out angrily.

They were all peak experts and possessed great cultivations. The terrifying shockwaves had only caused them a certain degree of harm. It had reduced them to horrible shapes, but it could not truly kill them.

After all, they only endured the shockwave, not the actual strike from the eight experts.

“Jian Chen, I will never spare you…” Tu San hovered in the air, bloodied. His face was pale as he ground his teeth.

Afterwards, terrifying senses of the souls swept out from the peak experts. All of them searched for Jian Chen.

At this moment, Jian Chen and Kai Ya flew at a steady pace a million kilometres away from the scene. When the senses of the souls swept past them, the peak experts failed to discover any problems.

This was because Jian Chen had used the mask to create a new appearance. Even his body shape and stature had changed.

Even the people who knew him the best would not be able to recognise him right now, let alone these peak experts who were not exactly familiar with him.
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