Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2412: Pursuit in Outer Space
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2412: Pursuit in Outer Space

Yi Jianping and the other Primordial realm experts from the Float Empire looked over as well. Their eyes narrowed slightly.

They had not been paying much attention earlier, but now that Fa Yun had brought it up, they realised that the Elder of Mountains and Seas had really travelled off in the same direction as Yang Yutian, who had a mysterious background.

At that moment, all the Primordial realm experts on the spatial battleship thought of the same time. That terrifying Grand Prime was chasing Yang Yutian.

Moreover, he did not seem to have good intentions. He was cold. This chase was very likely to be chasing to kill.

“This has nothing to do with us. Let’s all go back and start up the battleship so that we can continue on our way…” At this moment, Yi Jianping swung his hand and left.

With his departure, the Primordial realm experts from the Float Empire and the people of various peak organisations gathered on the deck returned to the cabins.

“Yang Yutian, I wish you luck!” Fa Yun roughly gazed in the direction that Jian Chen had left in. After a soft prayer, he left the deck as well.

Jian Chen had sold a god artifact to him for a lower price, and Fa Yun had used this god artifact to successfully exchange for the two-handed sword in the Darkness clan’s possession. As a result, he finally owned a low quality god artifact that suited him. He felt some gratitude towards Jian Chen.

Now, it was extremely likely that Jian Chen faced the pursuit of a Grand Prime, so he could only pray for him secretly.

At this moment, a tiny spaceship only several dozen metres long tore through the pitch-black outer space as a streak of silver light, moving with great speed.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya were grim as they piloted the spaceship, moving forwards as quickly as they could.

A metre-wide piece of supreme grade divine crystal was placed on a formation in the spaceship. The tremendous energy within the supreme grade divine crystal was rapidly drained away by the formation, propelling the spaceship forwards.

A block of supreme grade divine crystal was equivalent to a million standard sized divine crystals.

In the eyes of many Godkings, this block of supreme grade divine crystal was wealth that they could not afford to ignore, yet Jian Chen had used it as just a source of energy to propel the spaceship forwards.

“The sense of danger is becoming greater and greater. I wonder who’s chasing us,” Jian Chen muttered as he stared straight ahead.

Although he could not see who was chasing him, he firmly believed the sudden ill omen he felt.

“We’ve already left the spatial battleship, but the person still tails us closely. We can basically be certain that he has come for us, and he’s obviously not targeting me but you.” Kai Ya looked at Jian Chen. At this moment, her senses were even sharper than his. She could vaguely sense a powerful presence rapidly approaching them from an extremely distant region of space.

Moreover, she could even vaguely sense the person’s precise location.

It felt like her soul had fused with the cosmos such that her senses were even greater than Jian Chen’s.

However, she would not always possess this ability. It only happened from time to time.

Moreover, she discovered that her strength did not change at all even when her senses strengthened.

“But I’m wearing a mask that can completely conceal my presence. Even if peak experts stand before me, they won’t be able to tell who I am. How did the person behind us find me? Moreover, we’re already so far from the Desolate Plane.” Jian Chen was also in doubt. He could not understand this no matter how he thought about it.

After all, he had worn the mask for many years on the Desolate Plane, preventing the Grand Primes from finding him at all, so why did he suddenly catch someone’s eye now that he was off the Desolate Plane?

“These peak experts all have exceptional abilities and countless methods to achieve what they want. Even if you wear your mask, you won’t be able to achieve true flawlessness. Perhaps, they had some methods of bypassing your disguise and finding you among the sea of people,” said Kai Ya.

“Hmm?” At this moment, Kai Ya suddenly let out a sound of surprise. A strange light appeared in her eyes.

“What happened?” Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya.

Kai Ya said softly, “The person who’s chasing us is veering off in the wrong direction. He’s following the direction that we left the spatial battleship before, and he’s travelling straight. He hasn’t altered his direction.”

“You can sense his precise location?” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. He already knew Kai Ya’s senses were extremely powerful such that even the Anatta Tower was not enough to block them. However, he never expected them to be so astonishing.

Even he was unable to correctly sense the location of the expert behind him yet Kai Ya could. This ability was just too shocking.

Kai Ya nodded and said, “He has stopped.”

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. He did not say anything in response.

However, a short while later, Kai Ya’s face changed slightly. She cried out, “Oh no, he’s moving again. He’s moving towards our current location. He has located us precisely.”

With that, Jian Chen immediately controlled the direction of the spaceship, heading off in a different direction.

An hour later, Kai Ya said, “The person has passed by where we were before, but he did not stop. Instead, he kept flying. He’s getting further and further away from us.”

Jian Chen was secretly astonished. Kai Ya’s senses were so powerful that they were unimaginable. After all, even his soul that had fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force was unable to sense someone so far away.

“You’re right. That person indeed has a wondrous method to bypass the mask and find us,” Jian Chen growled. He was extremely stern.

“He has stopped again…”

“He’s heading in our current direction again…”

Afterwards, Kai Ya constantly reminded Jian Chen and paid attention to the location of the person. Jian Chen changed directions again and again.

After changing directions several times, Jian Chen was finally certain about one thing. The mysterious expert chasing them was unable to sense their locations at all times. Instead, he needed to stop once in a while and use some unknown secret technique to relocate them.

However, even with that being the case, the distance between them was gradually being closed. The mysterious expert was just too fast. The smaller spaceship could not match the larger spatial battleship in terms of speed, so he was obviously unable to shake the expert off.

“Why do I feel like this ability is similar to Hei Ya’s?” Jian Chen thought. Afterwards, with a thought, he immediately let out Hei Ya.

Hei Ya was a Primordial realm expert now. Obviously, he saw Jian Chen as soon as he emerged.

As Jian Chen wore a mask, both his appearance and stature were different, so Hei Ya failed to recognise Jian Chen immediately. He was slightly surprised.

“Hei Ya, immediately use your innate ability and see if you can sense my location.” Jian Chen cut right to the case.

“You’re master?” Hei Ya immediately determined Jian Chen’s identity from that.

“Alright, let me try.” Afterwards, Hei Ya closed his eyes and began using his innate ability.

Jian Chen stared directly at Hei Ya. He knew that Hei Ya’s innate ability allowed him to find anyone he had seen, no matter where they were.

“I wonder if senior Mo Tianyun’s mask can cover me from an innate ability like Hei Ya’s,” Jian Chen wondered.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》