Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2413: The Fruit of Ways is Ripening
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2413: The Fruit of Ways is Ripening

A while later, Hei Ya stopped using his innate ability. He opened his eyes slowly. His gaze towards Jian Chen contained a sliver of hesitation. He said, “Master, I can only sense your position roughly, and it’s sometimes wrong. My innate ability seems to be under the influence of a mysterious power, making things seems hazy. It’s not as easy as finding others.”

“Perhaps my senses have become blurry due to master’s increase in strength. My innate ability isn’t actually effective against everyone. Once I encounter someone who’s far more powerful than me, my innate ability will become useless.”

“Hei Ya, then do you know any methods to avoid being detected by your innate ability?” Jian Chen asked. Now, he was basically certain that the mysterious expert who pursued him possessed a similar ability to Hei Ya.

Hei Ya’s senses were very blurry because of the difference in strength. The person who chased them was a peak expert, so sensing their position was obviously a piece of cake with his impressive level of cultivation.

Hei Ya furrowed his brows and pondered for a while before shaking his head to express that he did not know.

A sliver of disappointment appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. He let Hei Ya back into the divine hall. Although Hei Ya was also a Primordial realm expert, there was nothing he could do to help out given the current situation.

“Jian Chen, the mysterious expert is getting closer and closer to us. Once we enter the range of the senses of his soul, he’ll lock onto our position firmly. We’ll be caught up in a split second,” said Kai Ya. She was also worried.

Currently, they were located beyond the range of a regular Grand Prime’s senses of the soul, so the Elder of Mountains and Seas was unable to find their precise location. He could only constantly use his innate ability to sense for them.

However, if they were closer, and the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ senses of the soul had locked onto them, the Elder of Mountains and Seas would only need a single moment to stop Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

“We can only leave this place now and enter a spatial crack,” Jian Chen said coldly with determination.

Afterwards, he left the tiny spaceship and appeared in outer space. Wielding the shining Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, he ripped open a gash that was several metres long in space.

“Let’s go!” Jian Chen called out. He stowed the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways away and entered the crack with Kai Ya.

The spatial crack was filled with terrifying streams of energy and temporal vortices, making it extremely dangerous. Even Primordial realm experts would face life-threatening danger in here.

Jian Chen became cautious after he entered the spatial crack. Even after reaching the fourteenth layer of the Chaotic Body and possessing battle prowess that could match up to Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, he did not dare to act recklessly here.

“I hope we can shake him off here,” thought Jian Chen. Then he took out the Anatta Tower and entered it with Kai Ya. He moved through the spatial crack as quickly as he could by relying on the Anatta Tower’s toughness.

Probably only peak god artifacts as powerful as the Anatta Tower could move through somewhere as dangerous as a spatial crack fearlessly.

Soon after Jian Chen and Kai Ya entered the spatial crack, the Elder of Mountains and Seas appeared where they were before.

He closed his eyes and sensed for them for a while before becoming surprised. He murmured, “They’ve actually vanished. I can’t sense their location anymore. It looks like they really have sensed me, which was why they constantly changed directions. How did they find out?”

The Elder of Mountains and Seas gradually smiled coldly. “But that doesn’t matter. They definitely won’t be able to escape from me.” With that, the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ gaze immediately deepened. Laws interwove, and the ways changed in his eyes, becoming mysterious.

His gaze seemed to see through the source of time, allowing him to peer into the past and future and witness the supreme mysteries of the world. It seemed like the many secrets of the world were clearly presented before him.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas was a Grand Prime. He had comprehended the laws to an extremely deep level. Even though he was nowhere close to Grand Exalts, who had basically become the heavenly ways, he was still extremely powerful. He knew various unbelievable and exceptional techniques.

Very soon, the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ gaze returned to normal. As if he had discovered where Jian Chen and Kai Ya were when they left, he sneered and also ripped open space, entering a spatial crack.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas was still able to sense Jian Chen’s position within the spatial crack. However, the laws were chaotic, and the environment was horrendous, affecting his ability quite a lot. As a result, he needed a little more time to use his ability whenever he activated it.

Up ahead, Jian Chen and Kai Ya piloted the Anatta Tower to travel at full speed, constantly changing directions.

“This person definitely isn’t as fast as the Azure Peng King. Hopefully, we can shake him off here,” Jian Chen thought, but very soon, the sense of danger appeared again.

This made his heart sink. Clearly, they were being chased once again.

Immediately, he controlled the Anatta Tower to charge towards the most dangerous places. He headed towards the temporal vortices.

He could clearly remember that this was how he had managed to shake off the Azure Peng King last time.

Immediately, the Anatta Tower turned into a golden streak of light and passed through temporal vortex after temporal vortex.

It was a good idea, but the Elder of Mountains and Seas was not the Azure Peng King in the end. When he chased them and encountered the temporal vortices, he would avoid them cleverly. He did not charge through them recklessly like the Azure Peng King.

If he wanted to dodge, the temporal vortices would not be able to do anything to him with his cultivation as a Grand Prime.

Even if he could not avoid them, he could simply take a detour.

Even when he had to avoid the temporal vortices, it would not take up too much of his time. At most, he would just catch up to Jian Chen a little later.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas was evidently more careful than the Azure Peng King.

As a result, Jian Chen’s idea was not particularly effective. His distance from the Elder of Mountains and Seas closed bit by bit. If this continued, being caught was only a matter of time.

At the same time, a figure sat in the air within a majestic palace that stood at the very centre of the Prosper Plane.

The endless light from the ways surrounded and masked his figure, causing him to be blurry and hazy.

However, this person seemed to give off a terrifying presence enough to make the world tremble. Just by sitting in the air, it seemed like the entire world, the entire universe, knelt below his feet.

It was as if he was the supreme ruler of the world!

It was as if he was the only god in the world!

At this moment, he opened his eyes slowly. They were a pair of cold, emotionless eyes. He gazed ahead leisurely.

Right before him, the space suddenly twisted and turned into a mirror. Within the mirror was the scene of Jian Chen and the Elder of Mountains and Seas moving through the spatial crack.

Whether it be the Anatta Tower that constantly changed direction or the pursuing Elder of Mountains and Seas, they were all presented clearly.

The cold gaze landed on the Anatta Tower. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the Anatta Tower and see all the things going on in there.

“The fruit of ways is ripening…” He murmured. His voice seemed to possess all the sounds in the world, making it impossible to distinguish his gender.

Afterwards, he closed his eyes slowly, and the scene conjured before him vanished as well.
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