Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2414: From the Moon God Hall?
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2414: From the Moon God Hall?

Within the spatial crack, the damaged Anatta Tower had already shrunk to the size of a fist. They travelled as quickly as they could in a zigzagging fashion. No matter how powerful the streams of energy were, no matter how terrifying the temporal vortices were, the Anatta Tower would not try to avoid them. It flew as a faint golden streak of light.

It specially travelled towards the more dangerous places.

The Anatta Tower was truly able to rampage about fearlessly like a bull in this chaotic space where even Primordial realm experts had to be cautious. Nothing could stop it.

The laws within the spatial cracks were incomplete; the five elements were reversed, and yin and yang were a mess. A sense of time did not exist.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya had charged through many dangerous regions for who knows how long, but the sense of danger remained in Jian Chen’s heart.

This allowed Jian Chen to understand that he had not managed to shake off the peak expert behind him. Instead, the distance between them gradually lessened.

“Let’s leave this place!”

Jian Chen knew that he could not continue on like this. He immediately made a decision and emerged from the Anatta Tower. Wielding the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, he slashed out as hard as he could under the illumination of countless stars.

Immediately, the space before him twisted violently, and a crack was ripped open. Powerful pulses of energy scattered out in the surroundings with sword Qi.

At that moment, the unstable space became affected and became even more chaotic. Many streams of energy surged out in the surroundings, ramming into Jian Chen with force that could make even Primordial realm experts pale.

However, Jian Chen’s body only shook a little. The terrifying streams of energy did not harm him at all.

The fourteenth layer of the Chaotic Body had gifted Jian Chen with unimaginable toughness. Even though the streams of energy were very powerful and could even heavily injured some Infinite Primes, it was nowhere close to harming Jian Chen.

Jian Chen ignored the streams of energy that battered him. He just grabbed the fist-sized Anatta Tower. Without any hesitation, he entered the crack with a flash and returned to the Anatta Tower.

Afterwards, he took out the small spaceship again, entered it, and continued on his way. Kai Ya emerged from the Anatta Tower and stood within the spaceship with Jian Chen, constantly paying attention to the expert behind them.

“The person behind us should catch up very soon. He has a secret technique to sense my position, so we can’t shake him off. All we can do now is find a teleportation formation as quickly as possible and venture to the Prosper Plane,” Jian Chen said sternly before immediately taking out a star chart. He looked for the closest teleportation formation that could take him to other planes.

The star chart was clearly labelled with the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World. Some regions in space occupied by powerful space beasts were noted as well. Even though it was incomplete, it was like a guiding lantern in the dark. It was extremely useful.

“The place closest to us is actually the Star Brilliance Plane. It’s only slightly closer than other places,” Jian Chen found their current location very quickly and immediately changed directions, charging off in a straight line.

The peaceful period was very short. After three days of peaceful travel, Kai Ya warned him again, and Jian Chen felt an ill omen as well. He knew the expert had locked onto their direction.

Immediately, he used the same trick as before, fleeing into a spatial crack and moving through it in the Anatta Tower.

“Jian Chen really is a slippery little worm.” A while later, the Elder of Mountains and Seas appeared where Jian Chen had vanished. He stared at the space before him as he ground his teeth.

He could not understand how Jian Chen was able to sense him when he concealed his presence and purposefully covered all of his traces.

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t lock onto you with the senses of my soul, or it would have been impossible for you to run for so long with your strength,” said the Elder of Mountains and Sea resentfully. Although he was a Grand Prime, and the senses of his soul were extremely powerful, Jian Chen maintained a distance that was beyond his range the entire time.

Moreover, all secret techniques that could peer into matters were useless when it came to Jian Chen, forcing the Elder of Mountains and Seas to rely on his innate ability. He was unable to locate Jian Chen.

However, when he arrived at Jian Chen’s previous location with the use of his innate ability, Jian Chen would have changed directions already. If he continued onwards in a straight line, it would be extremely likely for him to deviate from Jian Chen, widening their distance as a result.

As a result, he was forced to sense for Jian Chen’s position again every once in a while.

It became several times more arduous for him, a Grand Prime, to catch up to Jian Chen who was only an Infinite Prime in outer space.

Suddenly, space was ripped open, and the Elder of Mountains and Seas followed Jian Chen, entering a spatial crack again. Their chase continued in the horrible environment of the spatial crack.

Jian Chen sensed it soon after the Elder of Mountains and Seas entered the spatial crack. He was unable to locate the Elder of Mountains and Seas, but the danger he sensed grew in intensity.

This time, he was clearly much more composed. He piloted the Anatta Tower to continue on his way calmly.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He discovered a corpse slowly drifting over up ahead. Even though the corpse was completely lifeless, it still gave off a dense pressure.

Under Jian Chen’s control, the Anatta Tower stopped before the corpse. Jian Chen pulled the corpse into the Anatta Tower before continuing on his way.

The corpse that Jian Chen had pulled in laid on the ground stiffly. It was the body of a middle-aged man with four eyes. Clearly, he belonged to a separate race. There was a finger-sized hole between his eyes, piercing through his entire head. His soul had already been destroyed.

“Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime!” Jian Chen was slightly shocked when he studied the corpse. He immediately determined the man’s cultivation. He was actually on the same level as Yi Jianping from the spatial battleship.

What shocked him even more was that the man was seemingly killed with a single attack.

Even a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had been killed with a single attack. Just how powerful was his killer? Were they a Chaotic Prime? A Grand Prime?

However, Jian Chen was not concerned with this issue. He looked at one of the corpse’s fingers, specifically the Space Ring on his index finger.

Although the Primordial realm expert had died, his Space Ring was not taken away.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered, and he slowly removed the Space Ring. He checked its contents with the senses of his soul.

Immediately, a dazzling array of items were presented before Jian Chen. The dead man was extremely wealthy. He had countless God Tier pills and heavenly resources that were stacked up in a huge pile. He even had over three thousand five-colored divine crystals.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. With a flip of his hand, he removed a hand-sized medallion from the Space Ring.

The medallion was white and lustrous. It shone with a faint glow like the moon. A large moon was imprinted on it.

What caught Jian Chen’s attention were the three words carved fancily onto one side of the medallion, ‘Moon God Hall’.

“The Moon God Hall?” Jian Chen murmured. Fairy Hao Yue in snow-white clothes suddenly appeared in his head.

Fairy Hao Yue had left the Cloud Plane many years ago. She ventured to the Ice Pole Plane, and there had been no news of her ever since. Who knows how she was doing now.

For a moment, Jian Chen fell into a daze as he stared at the three large words on the medallion. He played around with it and unintentionally saw its back.

The back of the medallion also had three large words, ‘Nan Potian’.

“Nan Potian!” Jian Chen’s heart suddenly shuddered when he saw this. His eyes shone brightly.

He had heard of this name many times from fairy Hao Yue. He was the greatest enemy of fairy Hao Yue. He was even the person responsible for fairy Hao Yue’s soul arrival on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Now that Nan Potian’s name had actually appeared behind the medallion, Jian Chen completely understood what it represented. Nan Potian was now in charge of the Moon God Hall.

“Does this person come from the Moon God Hall? Who killed him? Was it fairy Hao Yue? Or was it someone else?” Jian Chen looked at the corpse once again, and his feelings immediately became mixed.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》