Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2441: Already Dead
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2441: Already Dead

The Five Point sect was a rather renowned peak organisation on the Star Brilliance Plane. When Jian Chen and Xu Ran arrived in the Five Point sect’s territory, they learnt the sect’s location after some slight investigation. With that, they headed there directly.

Before long, Jian Chen and Xu Ran arrived at the entrance of the Five Point sect.

The Five Point sect was established in a mountain range with extremely abundant origin energy. It shrouded the entire place as a dense, white mist.

The white mist was not actually mist but dense origin energy instead.

The Five Point sect would hold an acceptance ceremony once every hundred years. Many cultivators on the Star Brilliance Plane would surge over when that happened, wanting to join the Five Point sect. It was glorious for them to become a part of the Five Point sect.

It just happened to be the day of the acceptance ceremony, so the entrance of the Five Point sect was already packed. Various carriages and birds hurried over with young people of extraordinary origins riding them. All of them were gathering there.

Many of the cultivators who came possessed modest backgrounds. When they saw the shining carriages and powerful birds, they all showed fear and backed up far away.

At this moment, three streaks of light appeared on the horizon. It was three birds covered in golden feathers. They were quite powerful, all early Godkings.

A young man stood on the back of one of the birds. He had a striking face and bore undisguised arrogance.

As soon as the cultivators saw the three beasts, they all avoided them. These people definitely came from a clan with Primordial realm experts if they could have early Godking mounts.

“Move!” At this moment, someone on the third bird called out. The other two birds flapped their wings and descended within the crowd with powerful gusts of wind, creating a mess.

That was not it. Perhaps intentionally or purely accidentally, the wings of the two birds immediately swept towards the cultivators near them. Weaker people vomited blood and became heavily injured.

After all, the two birds were early Godkings. Even though there was no killing intent, the simple action could cause a lot of harm to weaker cultivators.

However, none of the cultivators gathered before the Five Point sect dared to say anything about the ruthless actions of the two birds.

The Five Point sect did not stop this either. Clearly, they did not care.

“Piss off!” At this moment, a cold call rang out. The third bird began to descend as it fluttered its wings.

Where it descended just happened to be the boulder where Jian Chen and Xu Ran stood.

Jian Chen and Xu Ran stood right where they were. They showed no intention of moving.

The young man on the bird was angered by this. He communicated with his golden bird, and a sliver of coldness immediately appeared in its eyes. It immediately swept its sharp talons towards Jian Chen and Xu Ran.

Jian Chen frowned. Kai Ya’s death had already filled him with killing intent, so he was like an unstable volcano right now; he would erupt violently from the slightest stimulation.

His eyes turned cold, and he swung his arm gently. The surroundings exploded with light, becoming filled with sword intent. A resplendent strand of sword Qi shot towards the golden bird.

As a streak of light, the sword Qi was as fast as lightning. With just a flash, the early Godking bird had been sliced into two. Blood rained down.

The young man on the bird directly fell from the sky. He was covered in blood and in horrible shape.

“Y- y-” He stood on the ground and pointed at Jian Chen, both surprised and angered. Originally, he wanted to curse and swear, but when he saw how composed Jian Chen was, he did not dare to say anything anymore.

“Primordial realm… He’s actually at the Primordial realm…” A series of serious cries rang out from the nearby carriages. The Godkings in there all realised Jian Chen’s strength and were shocked.

As soon as that was mentioned, all the cultivators gathered there were astounded. They all looked at Jian Chen.

People at the Primordial realm were impressive figures in the Saints’ World. In any peak organisation, existences like that would enjoy a certain level of status. It would be very difficult to come across them usually.

At this moment, a ruddy old man flew out from the entrance of the Five Point sect. He was a peak Godking and the person responsible for accepting disciples.

He directly arrived before Jian Chen and asked for the reason why he came with great politeness.

“I want to see the Point Cloud Venerable,” Jian Chen directly replied.

The old man was immediately stunned. He looked at Jian Chen blankly as he began to doubt what he just heard.

The Point Cloud Venerable was the ancestor of the Five Point sect, a renowned peak expert of the Star Brilliance Plane. It was impossible to meet him so easily.

Even some Primordial realm experts would struggle to see the Point Cloud Venerable unless they had reached his level of cultivation.

“T- that might be a little…” The old man was troubled.

“Sigh. I guessed you would come…” At this moment, an obscure voice rang out in the surroundings, making it impossible to find its origins.

“Ancestor…” The peak Godking of the Five Point sect immediately became stunned when he heard the voice.

“Come in.” The Point Cloud Venerable’s voice rang out again. With that, the space before Jian Chen twisted before forming a Space Gate in the end.

The space in the Saints’ World was extremely tough, and the laws were extremely powerful. Creating a Space Gate under these circumstances could only be achieved by peak experts who had comprehended the laws to an extremely profound level.

Looking at the Space Gate, Jian Chen stepped in without any hesitation at all. Xu Ran followed behind him.

In the blink of an eye, he and Xu Ran vanished from the entrance of the Five Point sect, leaving behind a large group of stunned cultivators.

Jian Chen and Xu Ran hovered in the air in the forbidden grounds of the Five Point sect. The white-robed, transcendent Point Cloud Venerable stood with his hands behind his back as he looked at Jian Chen with mixed feelings.

“Greetings to senior.” Jian Chen bowed to respect seniority, but his face was a completely different story. He did not show any particular politeness or rudeness.

“Jian Chen, tell me why you’ve come,” said the Point Cloud Venerable. His gaze was fixed on Jian Chen the entire time. He completely ignored Xu Ran who stood beside him. He did not even glance at her.

It was as if Xu Ran’s cultivation as a Chaotic Prime was nothing in the Point Cloud Venerable’s eyes.

“I want to know that person’s identity,” said Jian Chen.

“The person who chased you calls himself the Elder of Mountains and Seas. He reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime recently, making him one of the weakest among the Third Heavenly Layer.” The Point Cloud Venerable looked at Jian Chen deeply and continued, “If you want to seek revenge on the Elder of Mountains and Seas, save your efforts, as he’s already dead.”

“What? He’s already dead?” Jian Chen was stunned. Disbelief filled his face.

The Point Cloud Venerable nodded with absolute certainty. “That’s right; he’s indeed dead. Even I don’t know who killed him.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》