Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2442: Scheming Against Anatta
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2442: Scheming Against Anatta

Jian Chen fell silent when he heard that. He had paid a lot of five-colored divine crystals for a single attack from an expert of the Myriad Bone Guild, and it was just to kill the Elder of Mountains and Seas and avenge Kai Ya.

In the end, when he returned to the Star Brilliance Plane to search for news about the Elder of Mountains and Seas, he learnt that his enemy was already dead. He was caught by surprise and was left feeling empty inside.

He was not able to avenge Kai Ya, so Kai Ya’s revenge was not complete. As a result, he felt extremely reluctant to drop the matter here.

“Then which organisation does the Elder of Mountains and Seas belong to?” Jian Chen continued to ask a while later.

The Point Cloud Venerable could obviously sense that the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ death did not reduce Jian Chen’s killing intent. As a result, he secretly sighed inside.

If the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ death had not alarmed the supreme Bloodtear Grand Exalt, he would have never treated Jian Chen so cautiously.

What happened on the Star Brilliance Plane last time allowed the Point Cloud Venerable to deeply understand that Jian Chen was nowhere near as simple as he seemed.

“The Elder of Mountains and Seas is the founding ancestor of the Gloomwater sect on the Aqua Plane,” said the Point Cloud Venerable.

“The Gloomwater sect of the Aqua Plane,” Jian Chen growled as he memorised the name.

Afterwards, he asked, “When senior destroyed the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ Heaven-obscuring Barrier of Flowing Water, you said that you would sever the ties of karma between you and me, but we don’t know each other at all. May I ask where this so-called karma came from? Was it because the teleportation formation of the Five Point sect was suddenly shut down?”

The Point Cloud Venerable only nodded.

Jian Chen stared at the Point Cloud Venerable for a while. He remained calm the entire time, showing no particular emotion. Afterwards, he clasped his fist towards the Point Cloud Venerable and said, “Thank you for the information on the Elder of Mountains and Seas. I bid you farewell.”

Jian Chen turned around to leave. The Point Cloud Venerable had suddenly passed the orders to shut down all the teleportation formations connected to other planes, causing Kai Ya to die on the Star Brilliance Plane. This tie of karma would not be severed so easily.

However, he also understood that the Point Cloud Venerable was far more powerful than the Elder of Mountains and Seas. He also grasped the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space, so the methods he had prepared for the Elder of Mountains and Seas might be ineffective against the Point Cloud Venerable. He could do nothing to him right now, so he could only be patient.

The Point Cloud Venerable stood with his arms behind his back. He looked at Jian Chen’s back as if he could tell what Jian Chen’s thoughts were. He sighed powerlessly inside and said, “Jian Chen, if you want to destroy the Gloomwater sect, it’ll be difficult with just the two of you.”

“That’s because the protective formation of the Gloomwater sect was cast down by the Elder of Mountains and Seas through a great price and many resources. It's so powerful that it can block attacks from Third Heavenly Layer Grand Primes. If you want to get through the formation, you need a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime at the very least.”

“If you insist on destroying the Gloomwater sect, I can help the two of you get through the formation.”

“Moreover, there’s a hell spring that produces hell water in the Gloomwater sect. Only a single droplet of hell water forms every million years. It has wondrous effects on even Grand Exalts, so it’s extremely precious. Its value is immeasurable. I believe the Gloomwater sect has at least ten droplets of hell water right now. As such, if you destroy the Gloomwater sect, there will definitely be many experts who will interfere with this and fight over the hell spring and hell water on the Aqua Plane. Moreover, the organisations on good terms with the Gloomwater sect may come to reinforce them during crucial times.”

“I can step forward and talk for you so that all the experts on the Aqua Plane won’t interfere with your grievances with the Gloomwater sect…” The Point Cloud Venerable guaranteed. He was extremely confident as if none of the experts on the Aqua Plane would dare to act up as soon as he stepped forward.

The Point Cloud Venerable did indeed possess such strength and prestige because the overall strength of the Aqua Plane was nowhere close to the Star Brilliance Plane. The Point Cloud Venerable was a renowned, peak expert on the Star Brilliance Plane, and his existence alone allowed the Five Point sect to stand as the ninth most powerful organisation on the Star Brilliance Plane.

In order to resolve his ties with Jian Chen, the Point Cloud Venerable was going to great lengths.

Jian Chen paused when he heard that, but he did not express what he thought. He left with Xu Ran.

After leaving the Five Point sect, they moved through the bustling streets. Jian Chen continued to ponder about why the Elder of Mountains and Seas had died.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas was a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Exalt after all. How could such a powerful person die so easily? Jian Chen found it rather difficult to believe this.

This was because all Grand Primes were very difficult to kill. Even against powerful opponents that they could not defeat, they could still flee through various secret techniques. As long as the difference in strength was not tremendous, it was basically impossible to stop them.

Despite that being the case, the Elder of Mountains and Seas was not even able to flee as a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, so just how powerful was the mysterious expert who killed him?

After pondering some more, he discovered that among all the experts he knew, probably only the Celestial Sword Saint and Mo Tianyun possessed such ability.

Moreover, when he met the Point Cloud Venerable this time, Jian Chen discovered that he behaved rather abnormally as well. He did not act like a peak expert talking to a weaker cultivator at all.

The Point Cloud Venerable tried to do everything he could to sever his tie with Jian Chen, which allowed Jian Chen to understand that he probably knew something, but he did not want to tell him.

The light in Xu Ran’s eyes constantly flickered with uncertainty as well. She heard the complete conversation between the Point Cloud Venerable and Jian Chen. The mysterious death of the Elder of Mountains and Seas, as well as the Point Cloud Venerable’s attitude towards Jian Chen, made her wonder.

Very soon, Jian Chen and Xu Ran departed from the Star Brilliance Plane. They arrived on the Aqua Plane through a teleportation formation.

However, both Jian Chen and Xu Ran failed to notice that a middle-aged man sitting on the highest mountain in the central region of the Star Brilliance Plane was constantly paying attention to all of their actions until they left the plane.

He was the supreme figure of the Star Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

“It looks like Jian Chen plans on destroying the Gloomwater sect on the Aqua Plane,” the Nine Brilliance Star Lord murmured to himself. The light in his eyes flickered. Then he stood up and left the Star Brilliance Plane.

The Nine Brilliance Star Lord stood politely in a blood-red divine hall on the Devour Plane that the Bloodtear Grand Exalt watched over. A figure shrouded by a bloody mist stood before him.

The figure was the Bloodtear Grand Exalt, a sovereign of the Saints’ World.

“Are you saying that we should let Jian Chen die accidentally on the Aqua Plane and sever Anatta’s possibility of comprehending the Way of Heartlessness through Jian Chen?” said the Bloodtear Grand Exalt coldly.

“Yes, master. The Anatta Grand Exalt was already very powerful. If she continues to comprehend the ways, the Anatta Grand Exalt will only become more and more powerful. She might even surpass the warring gods in the end. By then, probably the entire Saints’ World will be under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s control. I believe that if it’s possible, we should stop the Anatta Grand Exalt,” said the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.
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