Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2465: Fang Jing
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2465: Fang Jing

“Then what is preventing our breakthrough?” Jian Chen asked. This matter related to his future, so he clearly cared about it very much.

Hun Zang’s expression became rather mixed. After a soft sigh, he stood up and arrived at the edge of the cliff a hundred metres away. He stood there with his hands behind his back, looking at the sea of stars beyond the Martial Soul Mountain. After a moment of silence, he said, “The thing preventing us from breaking through to Grand Prime are the laws that this world operates under, in other words, the laws of the world.”

“The laws of the world?” Jian Chen was at a loss. Clearly, this had caught him by surprise.

“That’s right; it’s the supreme laws of the world. The restrictions of the laws left our past seniors helpless. That’s because whenever you try to break through under the restrictions, there’s a hidden, mysterious, and terrifying power that suppresses the whole process. Before the power, no matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to resist.” Hun Zang’s face was filled with deep fear. “The hidden power is beyond all of our imaginations. Even with my current level of strength, I feel even more insignificant than an ant before it.”

Jian Chen’s interest was piqued. Hun Zang’s description made him think of how Saint Emperors could not reach the Origin realm back on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Although the Tian Yuan Continent had lost its origin energy due to the Yinyang Saint Rock back then, there was still a chance for some talented prodigies to reach the Origin realm.

For example, the path lord of carnal desires.

In reality, the reason why Saint Emperors could not breakthrough was not just because of origin energy. There was another extremely important reason, and that was the formation that protector Shui had cast down on the lower world.

It was the formation that prevented all Saint Emperors from reaching the Origin realm. Forceful breakthroughs like what the path lord of carnal desires attempted would result in death.

Did the Martial Soul lineage suffer from something similar?

“Did some supreme figure use a curse to change the laws of the world against our Martial Soul lineage?” Jian Chen asked carefully. Sovereigns of the world were existences who had become a part of the ways. They represented the heavenly ways. It would not be difficult for such an expert to do something along the lines of preventing people from breaking through.

Hun Zang shook his head. “Many of our past seniors have considered this possibility. Our previous generation even managed to get a hold of senior Ancient Paths of the seven Grand Exalts in hopes of finding a way to overcome this. However, in the end, even the knowledgeable, wise senior Ancient Paths discovered nothing.”

“Some past seniors even tried breaking through before senior Ancient Paths, but even senior Ancient Paths failed to sense the mysterious power preventing our breakthrough.”

Jian Chen was shocked. The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths was an existence who had become part of the ways. They could use their will to interfere with the order of the world, making them a true sovereign of the world.

However, even someone as terrifying as that was unable to do anything. This left Jian Chen utterly shocked.

At the same time, Jian Chen understood that something unknown must have happened after the Radiant Saint Hall’s Grand Exalt passed away, preventing members of the Martial Soul lineage from breaking through to Grand Prime.

Jian Chen was absolutely certain that the Grand Exalt, the master of the Tower of Radiance, was a member of the Martial Soul lineage from the Method of the Exalted Saint.

After thinking it over, Jian Chen realised that he was in no hurry to tell Hun Zang about the secret regarding the Method of the Exalted Saint, as the matter was just too shocking. He needed to spend some time considering whether he should disclose the information or not.

“It’s just a pity that I can’t pass on the cultivation method, or I would be able to leave a part of it here,” Jian Chen thought. A Grand Exalt’s cultivation method touched on the deepest truths of the world. The entire cultivation method had not been recorded with words. Instead, it was a memory, a thought. He could not leave behind the cultivation method with his current strength.

In reality, some legacies that belonged to Grand Primes or even Chaotic Primes had already deviated from recordings of words. They were either thoughts, inscriptions of various shapes, or diagrams that could be passed on and inherited.

They all touched on the secrets of the ways in the world. It was impossible to achieve without a certain level of cultivation.

Jian Chen bid farewell to Hun Zang before returning to the sacred grounds by himself. This time, since he already had the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method, he no longer looked at the cultivation methods. He directly looked at the notes on cultivation and the various abilities and secret techniques.

“These notes on cultivation have enlightened me. I never had any experience with cultivating Martial Soul Force, but my knowledge has increased quite a lot after viewing their notes on cultivation…” Jian Chen completely forgot about everything else as he remained in the sacred grounds alone. He greedily absorbed the various comprehensions and notes on cultivation left behind by past seniors.

At the same time, a young lady sat on the ground as she cultivated in a small city on the distant Aqua Plane.

She held several mid grade divine crystals in her hands. As she cultivated, the energy within the mid grade divine crystals would constantly pour into her body, strengthening her cultivation at all times.

Clearly, the young lady’s talent was extremely great. Even though she was only a Saint Ruler, her rate of absorption matched or even surpassed some Origin realm experts.

As a result, the young lady’s cultivation grew rapidly as she used the divine crystals. It was astonishing.

She was Fang Jing’er.

Back then, under Jian Chen’s assistance, not only did Fang Jing’er’s grandfather completely recover from his wounds, but his cultivation increased drastically as well. As soon as he roused, he left the Scarlet Water City with Fang Jing’er and settled down in a smaller city.

Fang Jing’er did not continue to sell maps outside either. Instead, she used the resources Jian Chen had given her to focus on cultivating and increasing her strength.

Her rate of growth was unbelievable. She did not encounter any bottlenecks at all when she went from Heaven Saint Master to Saint Ruler. It was basically smooth passage.

Now, she was already a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

At this moment, Fang Jing’er’s presence swelled, and the energy in her body reached a whole new level in an instant. She had broken through again, becoming a Saint King.

However, at this moment, her body quivered. In the depths of her mind, a mysterious door seemed to open, and a tremendous amount of memories surged forth.

Fang Jing’er’s presence and even her entire bearing changed silently with the appearance of the memories. She began to resemble herself less and less.

After sitting there for three days, Fang Jing’er opened her eyes.

The moment her eyes snapped open, an invisible pressure appeared. Extremely profound truths of ways shot out from her eyes, causing the space before her to tremble violently.

At the same time, the small wooden hut she used for cultivation crumbled to dust and dispersed in the wind.

Immediately, Fang Jing’er was exposed to the outside world.

Fortunately, she stayed in an extremely remote region of the small city. There was no one around, so she failed to raise anyone’s attention.

“I’ve finally awakened. I’m Fang Jing, the elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance. I never thought that I would actually come to the Saints’ World…” Fang Jing’er stood up slowly. Her gaze was extremely deep as if a whole universe evolved in them. They were filled with the truths of the ways.
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