Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2466: Dealing with the Artifact Spiri
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2466: Dealing with the Artifact Spiri


Next, she glanced at her body with a mixed gaze. After a while of thought, she looked at the wooden hut that had disintegrated because of her. She began to hesitate.

“Although you’re from the Saints’ World, I’m unable to achieve heartlessness. Whatever, whatever…” Fang Jing murmured. She hovered across the ground and extended a slender finger gently.

With that gesture, the space before her rippled like a pebble had been tossed into a lake. In the next moment, a mysterious power appeared out of nowhere, and the small, wooden hut that had disintegrated actually condensed back together in its original position.

In a split second, the wooden hut returned to its previous state. It seemed no different.

Fang Jing entered the wooden hut. She clenched her hand gently, and the origin energy in the surroundings gathered, condensing into a paper and pen in her hand.

Fang Jing left behind a message on a piece of paper in the wooden hut before leaving without any reluctance. As soon as she stepped out, she vanished.

There were no pulses of energy, no power of laws, and no ripples in space. Fang Jing just vanished into thin air like that, leaving no traces behind.

The Red Flame sect was a rather renowned sect on the Aqua Plane because they possessed three Infinite Primes. They ruled over a region on the Aqua Plane.

The Demonic Orchid Mountains was a place that the Red Flame sect placed great importance on. Not only was the entire place protected by formations cast down by the Red Flame sect, but there were even several Godking elders stationed in the mountains all year round.

This was because a high grade divine crystal mine existed beneath the Demonic Orchid Mountains. Disciples of the Red Flame sect would collect the divine crystals day and night, providing a large quantity of divine crystals to the Red Flame sect. It had already become one of their avenues of wealth.

On this day, a young lady arrived outside the Demonic Orchid Mountains. She had come silently, hovering above the ground. She stopped outside the Demonic Orchid Mountains and stared at the protective formations before her silently.

None of the Godhood experts in the mountains sensed her arrival, including the Godking elders.

She was Fang Jing.

However, whether it be Fang Jing’s deep gaze or her unfamiliar and cold bearing, all of it made her seem like a completely different person from before. If it were not for the fact that her appearance remained the same, she really could be misidentified as a different person.

Suddenly, Fang Jing began to form a set of hand seals. As she formed them one after another, her body gradually faded. In the end, she turned into a gust of wind and floated towards the Demonic Orchid Mountains steadily.

The gust of wind directly approached the protective formation around the Demonic Orchid Mountains. However, the formation personally cast down by the ancestors of the Red Flame sect that could stop even Infinite Primes seemed completely non-existent before Fang Jing. They were completely useless.

Fang Jing passed through the formation smoothly without setting it off, entering the Demonic Orchid Mountains.

“It’s time to hand up your harvest. Everyone, hand over the divine crystals you’ve mined. The sect will reward you with merit depending on the amount and grade of the divine crystals you hand up…” A God called out loudly outside a tunnel in the Demonic Orchid Mountains.

Bare-chested, burly cultivators emerged from the tunnel in a straight line. They all handed over the Space Rings that were especially used to hold divine crystals.

Nearby, there were two Overgod disciples of the Red Flame sect who enveloped the surroundings with the powerful senses of their souls. They watched over everything to prevent anyone from taking divine crystals for themselves.

These miners were not disciples of the Red Flame sect. Instead, they had been recruited by the sect for extremely low prices or were slaves that they had captured from various places. They focused on mining the divine crystals.

“There’s still half a month before we have to hand over these divine crystals to the sect. However, we’ve managed to collect far more divine crystals in the past year compared to other years. It looks like we can complete the sect’s mission with more than the quota…”

“Once we exceed the quota, the sect should reward us with quite a lot…”

The two Overgod disciples stood with their arms crossed on a rock as they conversed leisurely.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over. It ruffled their clothes and made their hair dance. However, they did not care about it at all.

This was because gusts of wind would blow past constantly in the Demonic Orchid Mountains. They had already adapted to it.

However, the gust of wind directly approached the tunnel after passing the two Overgod disciples.

Miners constantly walked out from the tunnel. All of them sensed the gust of wind, but no one paid attention to it.

In the end, the gust of wind directly reached the very depths of the mine. The wind condensed and turned into a young lady. She was Fang Jing.

“This high grade divine crystal mine should allow me to recover quite a lot of strength,” Fang Jing studied the surroundings, and with a thought, the power of laws immediately descended. It crushed the rocks, causing many of them to fall down and block the passageway.

Fang Jing sat down and began to cultivate. She directly absorbed the energy in the high grade divine crystal mine.

Her absorption of energy was an extremely shocking sight. Endless, pure energy condensed into visible streams of light and gathered in from all directions. As more and more light appeared, it gradually formed a huge cocoon that wrapped around Fang Jing.

The huge cocoon was completely condensed from pure energy.

Inside the cocoon, Fang Jing swallowed the energy like a whale, refining it within her. It allowed her strength to grow rapidly. It was terrifying and shocking.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed. Jian Chen had used these three years to view all the notes left by people of the past in the sacred grounds of the Martial Soul Mountain. Although he had not cultivated Martial Soul Force for a long time, he possessed rich knowledge and experience from what the past seniors had left behind. It allowed his understanding of Martial Soul Force to reach a whole new level.

Across the Saints’ World and even the Immortals’ World, only the successors of the Martial Soul lineage could enjoy such great fortune.

This was because all the legacy imprints outside were not eternal. Whenever they were used, the power within the legacy imprint would decrease. Once it completely ran out, the legacy imprint would become useless.

Due to the protection and replenishment from the mysterious power of the Martial Soul Mountain, all the legacy imprints there were truly everlasting. Their power would never run out.

“Martial Soul Force can bypass all obstructions and directly attack the artifact spirits of god artifacts. I only learnt that Martial Soul Force possesses such a property now…” Jian Chen arrived in an open area on the Martial Soul Mountain after leaving the sacred grounds.

The medium quality god artifact divine hall from the Gloomwater sect happened to be placed there. Hun Zang and the others did not pay any attention to it after bringing it back.

Although the artifact spirit could control the divine hall, it had lost the ability to escape after it was brought to the Martial Soul Mountain.

This was because the power of the Martial Soul Mountain was greater than the artifact spirit. The artifact spirit was unable to escape from the range of the Martial Soul Mountain with its abilities alone.

“Jian Chen, don’t even think about making me yield and accepting you as my master. It will never happen…” The artifact spirit of the divine hall held great resentment towards Jian Chen. He immediately called out when he saw Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was completely unaffected by those words. He arrived before the divine hall, and a black light suddenly flashed through his eyes. A strand of Martial Soul Force directly shot out and attacked the divine hall.

Martial Soul Force could bypass the defences of the divine hall, easily breaking through. Like a sharp sword, it directly struck the artifact spirit’s body.
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