Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2467: Martial Soul Rock
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2467: Martial Soul Rock

Although Jian Chen’s strength did not rise at all during the time he spent within the sacred grounds, his understanding of Martial Soul Force had advanced to a completely new level.

Moreover, he had finally learnt the true way of using Martial Soul Force.

As a result, even though his current Martial Soul Force remained at the same level as before, its power was on a completely different level. It had become far, far stronger.

After sending out the strand of Martial Soul Force, Jian Chen stared straight at the divine hall before him. He wanted to see the effects.

“Hmm? What’s this? Martial Soul Force? It’s actually the stuff of legends, Martial Soul Force? Hahaha, you call this Martial Soul Force? Jian Chen, your Martial Soul Force isn’t even enough to scratch an itch of mine. If you want to harm me with your Martial Soul Force, you’re dreaming.” The artifact spirit laughed aloud. He scoffed, “Come, come again. Continue. Look at how you pose no threat to me with your current strength.”

Jian Chen was not angered at all. Instead, he smiled faintly. He knew that his Martial Soul Force was still very weak, nowhere near strong enough to harm the artifact spirit of a medium quality god artifact. His main purpose of coming here was to test whether Martial Soul Force could bypass the defences of the god artifact and directly reach the artifact spirit like what the legacy imprints mentioned.

From what it seemed right now, Martial Soul Force did not disappoint him. This was a joyous matter for him.

This was because if his opponents in the future possessed a god artifact, it would drastically increase their strength. Once his Martial Soul Force was powerful enough, he would be able to reduce the advantages brought on by the god artifact.

“Eighth junior, you should probably strengthen your Martial Soul Force. If you can reach my level of Martial Soul Force, you’ll be able to toy around with the artifact spirit of the divine hall properly.” Qing Shan walked over from afar and smiled mysteriously as he stared at the divine hall.

“Just like this…” Qing Shan said softly. In the next moment, Jian Chen immediately sensed powerful Martial Soul Force shoot out from between Qing Shan’s eyes, stabbing straight into the divine hall.

Immediately, the entire divine hall shuddered gently. The artifact spirit cried out, “If you have the courage, come fight me in here! What skills do you have by launching sneak attacks with Martial Soul Force outside?”

“I can make him suffer with just a casual strike of mine. The artifact spirit isn’t particularly powerful. But that does make sense. Although he’s a medium quality god artifact, he’s one of the weaker medium quality god artifacts,” Qing Shan said indifferently.

“I need to properly strengthen my Martial Soul Force,” said Jian Chen. The divine hall before him contained the tremendous resources of the Gloomwater sect as well as over ten droplets of hell water. He was eager to make the artifact spirit yield.

Once the artifact spirit yielded, he would be able to take whatever he wanted from the divine hall.

However, the artifact spirit was just too stubborn, unwilling to accept him. Right now, he did not have the ability to forcefully subdue a medium quality god artifact either.

Although the Chaotic Primes of the Martial Soul lineage could achieve that, Jian Chen did not want help from others. He needed to subdue the god artifact himself.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the place where you collect Martial Soul Rock. Martial Soul Rock is crucial for strengthening your Martial Soul Force.” Qing Shan led Jian Chen away.

Before long, Qing Shan had brought Jian Chen to a cave.

The cave was very deep. There were signs of digging in the surroundings. It seemed more like a mine.

Very soon, Jian Chen reached the very depths of the cave under Qing Shan’s lead. There was an extremely large, circular room there. The surrounding walls were covered with dazzling, violet crystals. They shone with blinding light.

“This is Martial Soul Rock. Only our Martial Soul Mountain produces Martial Soul Rock across the entire Saints’ World. All members of our Martial Soul lineage rely on Martial Soul Rock to increase our strength.”

“That’s because Martial Soul Rock holds pure Martial Soul Force. Not only will absorbing the Martial Soul Force in the rocks allow our own Martial Soul Force to grow, but it can also recover Martial Soul Force. Condensing Martial Soul Force without the Martial Soul Rocks will lead to extremely slow progress.” Qing Shan looked at the violet crystals in the rock and explained to Jian Chen in detail, “Martial Soul Rock is extremely special. When it’s fused with the Martial Soul Mountain, its Martial Soul Force won’t decrease, but once it has been collected, the Martial Soul Force inside will rapidly drain away and return to the Martial Soul Mountain. As a result, Martial Soul Rocks cannot be stored indefinitely like divine crystals. Once they’re mined, it’s best if you absorb as much of the Martial Soul Force in there as possible before it all leaks away.”

“Isn’t there a way to take away the Martial Soul Rock?” Jian Chen asked.

Qing Shan shook his head, “There’s none. Martial Soul Rock cannot be taken away because once it leaves the Martial Soul Mountain, all the Martial Soul Force inside will leak away and return to the Martial Soul Mountain. As a result, you have to absorb the Martial Soul Rocks here.”

Afterwards, Qing Shan told Jian Chen about aspects he needed to be aware of before patting his shoulder and saying, “Eighth junior, just cultivate here in peace. If there’s anywhere that confuses you, you can ask your seniors.”

Qing Shan left the cave, and Jian Chen arrived before the stone wall. He condensed sword Qi at the tip of his finger and stabbed it into the wall, collecting the Martial Soul Rock.

Martial Soul Rock was not difficult to collect. Very soon, a fist-sized piece of violet crystal fell onto the ground.

Jian Chen picked up the violet crystal and sensed it quietly.

As expected, there was extremely pure Martial Soul Force within the violet crystal. However, it all leaked away at an extremely vigorous rate.

At this rate, all the Martial Soul Force inside the Martial Soul Rock would be gone in less than half a day, having all returned to the Martial Soul Mountain.

Jian Chen did not absorb it immediately. Instead, he came up with all sorts of methods to try and stop the flow.

But in the end, he was unable to stop the leakage of Martial Soul Force. He just watched the Martial Soul Rock disappear from his hands.

“It really can’t be stored for long periods of time. I can’t take it away,” Jian Chen sighed inside and gave up on the idea of collecting some Martial Soul Rock. He chipped off another piece and sat down on the ground to cultivate.

The Martial Soul Force in the rock turned into a thin strand of energy that trickled into Jian Chen’s forehead. Jian Chen used the Method of the Exalted Saint and formally began to practise the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method.

The cultivation methods of Grand Exalts were formally recognised as the supreme legacies in the world. They took from the fortunes of the world and contained the secrets of the ways. They were extremely profound, and their efficacy went without saying.

As he practised cultivation method, the trickle of energy from the Martial Soul Rock immediately widened several times. The flow of Martial Soul Force from the Martial Soul Rock immediately rose, becoming a stream of energy connected to Jian Chen’s forehead.

At that moment, Jian Chen’s absorption rate of Martial Soul Force rapidly increased.
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