Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2497: An Astonishing Demonic Tune
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2497: An Astonishing Demonic Tune

The tune was extremely strange. It was not pleasant at all and was hair-raising instead. It sounded like the howls of a million demons, the shrieks of countless ghosts, bale to pierce anything and stun the souls of people. It was a terrifying feeling.

The Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Ge Tong experienced this to the greatest intensity. Shangguan Mu’er’s control over music had approached perfection, so the special tune targeted only Ge Tong.

As a result, although Shangguan Mu’er’s tune rang through the entire Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, no one apart from Ge Tong found it particularly horrible apart from being quite unpleasant and hair-raising.

Ge Tong, who had been specially targeted by Shangguan Mu’er, did not have it as easy. As soon as he heard the tune, he immediately felt a piercing pain from his soul. It was as if countless ghosts had wormed into his mind, gnawing away at his soul.

A sliver of pain appeared on Ge Tong’s face. The piercing pain of the soul did not come from the body, so it was very difficult to endure it through willpower alone. Affected, his hand reaching towards Shangguan Mu’er slowed down slightly as well.

“It’s the Demonic Tune of the Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine!”

“It’s the Demonic Tune of the two great tunes. I never thought Mu’er’s comprehension of the Demonic Tune would have reached such a level. She’s only a Godking right now…”

“What talent, what talent! Mu’er is basically a reincarnation of the Third Ancestor…”

Deng Wenxin, Lian Qi, and Gu Na were all shocked at that moment.

The three of them knew that since Shangguan Mu’er had inherited the Third Ancestor’s legacy, she would comprehend the Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine sooner or later, as they were the famed technique of the Third Ancestor. The Third Ancestor had used those two tunes to stand supreme in the Saints’ World and strike fear into the hearts of all the peak experts.

However, they had never thought that Shangguan Mu’er’s talent would be so great. Her deep comprehension of the two tunes allowed her to affect Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes as a Godking.

The tune was faint and never-ending. Each note possessed a wondrous charm, penetrating through space and all other obstructions to reach Ge Tong’s mind.

At this moment, Ge Tong could not help but pull his hand back. His presence fluctuated as he tottered about in the air like he was drunk, staggering around.

The Demonic Tune that Shangguan Mu’er played was simply too powerful. Even though she was nowhere close to the level the Third Ancestor reached in the past, she was able to threaten some Primordial realm experts with the Zither of the Demonic Cry.

Ge Tong was no longer in the state to worry about Shangguan Mu’er. He clutched his ears tightly as a deep howl rang out from his throat.

Not only did the Demonic Tune cause piercing, unendurable pain to his soul, but it also had a power that could stun the soul. As a result, Ge Tong became dizzy. It was as if he was no longer in control of himself.

“Ge Tong, what’s wrong with you?” The expression of the other Primordial realm expert from the Dao family, Ba Bu, changed, and he arrived before Ge Tong in a flash.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened. Ge Tong actually sent a palm strike towards Ba Bu. Energy surged in the hand as the laws condensed around it. It was a merciless attack.

Ba Bu was stunned. He had never thought that Ge Tong from the same clan as him would actually turn on him.

However, Ba Bu’s cultivation exceeded Ge Tong’s greatly. As such, even though he had been caught off-guard by Ge Tong’s sudden attack, injuring him would not be easy.

With a thought, a low quality god artifact appeared on him. Ba Bu used the supreme defence of the god artifact to easily receive Ge Tong’s palm strike.

“Mu’er’s Demonic Tune can actually control Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. T- this…” The eyes of the three ancestors who stood to one side widened. Shock was plastered across their faces.

The strength that Shangguan Mu’er displayed had upheaved their understanding and knowledge of her again.

“Shangguan Mu’er, stop!” After receiving Ge Tong’s attack, Ba Bu no longer paid any more attention to him. Instead, he arrived before Shangguan Mu’er with a flash and sent a palm strike towards her.

He knew that Ge Tong was already under Shangguan Mu’er’s control. The only way to save Ge Tong was to deal with Shangguan Mu’er.

As long as the Demonic Tune was stopped, Ge Tong would return to normal.

Shangguan Mu’er continued playing her Demonic Tune as her body floated backwards in retreat. At the same time, a layer of light shone from the Zither of the Demonc Cry, enveloping her as a barrier.


Ba Bu’s hand struck the barrier of light with terrifying force. A power that belonged to a mid Infinite Prime erupted, turning into a storm that wreaked havoc in the surroundings. It caused the mountains to tremble.

The screen of light around Shangguan Mu’er shook before shattering with a gentle sound.

Shangguan Mu’er staggered backwards. Her face had become rather pale. Blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. Even the fingers that she used to play her zither were broken and were covered with blood.

Ba Bu was a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, while Shangguan Mu’er was only a Godking. The disparity in strength was far too great, so even the Zither of the Demonic Cry could not make up for it.

The power of the Zither of the Demonic Cry could only be unleashed gradually once Shangguan Mu’er’s cultivation reached a certain level.

Besides, the artifact spirit of the zither had only awakened recently. It was still weak and was nowhere close to its peak condition.

Disturbed, Shangguan Mu’er’s Demonic Tune stopped as well.

Ge Tong immediately returned to normal with that. As soon as he considered the fact that he, a mighty Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, had his soul controlled by a mere Godking, he felt both humiliated and utterly furious. His face darkened from anger.

This would definitely be a huge stain to his name, completely embarrassing him.

He bellowed out furiously as his killing intent surged. His gaze was utterly shocking as a low quality god artifact appeared in his hand.

Clearly, Ge Tong had been completely angered as well, so he was planning to use his full strength.

Ba Bu shook his head gently when he saw how Ge Tong had almost lost all rationality. He placed his hand on Ge Tong’s shoulder to stop him. He opened his mouth slightly, and just when he was about to say something, a loud voice suddenly rang out from outside the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

“I am Jian Chen. I’ve come to visit the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound…”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》